The GeoQuEST Research Centre represents an interdisciplinary team from the Faculties of Science and Engineering that has a focus on environmental and climate change research under the overall theme of Earth System Science and Technology. The centre brings together outstanding researchers studying the atmosphere (Atmospheric Chemistry), earth (Geography and Geology), and water (Environmental Science and Environmental Engineering) who share central interests in environmental processes and climate change.


Papers from 2006

Flood magnitude-frequency and lithologic controls on bedrock river incision in post-orogenic terrain, John D. Jansen


Investigation of large-scale washover of a small barrier system on the southeast Australian coast using ground penetrating radar, Brian G. Jones, C Bristow, and Adam D. Switzer

Holocene stratigraphic and morphological evolution of the Wandandian Creek delta, St Georges Basin, New South Wales, Brian G. Jones and Carl Hopley


The geomorphological evolution of a wave-dominated barrier estuary: Burrill Lake, New South Wales, Australia, Brian G. Jones, Craig R. Sloss, David M. Price, C.E. McClennen, and John de Carli


Cyclicity in the nearshore marine to coastal, Lower Permian, Pebbley Beach Formation, southern Sydney Basin, Australia: a record of relative sea-level fluctuations at the close of the late Palaeozoic Gondwanan ice age, Brian G. Jones, Stuart C. Tye, James A. Maceachern, Kerrie L. Bann, and Christopher R. Fielding

Spectral line finding program for atmospheric remote sensing using full radiation transfer, Nicholas B. Jones, David W. Griffith, G C. Toon, Thorsten Warneke, and Justus Notholt

Seasonal variation of carbon monoxide in northern Japan: Fourier transform IR measurements and source-labeled model calculations, Nicholas B. Jones, Y Zhao, Y Matsumi, Paul Palmer, H Matsui, Makoto Koike, H Tanimoto, and Y Kondo

The source of pedogenic carbonate associated with gold-calcrete anomalies in the western Gawler Craton, South Australia, M J Lintern, M J Shead, and Allan Chivas

The amino acid and stable isotope biogeochemistry of elephant bird (Aepyornis) eggshells from southern Madagascar, Colin V. Murray-Wallace, Allan Chivas, G H Miller, Marilyn L. Fogel, and Simon J. Clarke

Aminostratigraphy of two Holocene wave-dominated barrier estuaries in southeastern Australia, Colin V. Murray-Wallace, Brian G. Jones, and Craig R. Sloss


Aeolian-fluvial interaction: evidence for Late Quaternary channel change and wind-rift linear dune formation in the northwestern Simpson Desert, Australia, Gerald C. Nanson, Brian G. Jones, David M. Price, Tim Pietsch, C Bristow, and Cameron B. Hollands


Antiquity of the Oceans and Continents, Allen Phillip Nutman


Comment on ‘‘Zircon Thermometer Reveals Minimum Melting Conditions on Earliest Earth’’ II, Allen Phillip Nutman

Petrography and geochemistry of apatites in banded iron formation, Akilia, W. Greenland: Consquences for oldest life evidence, Allen Phillip Nutman and Clark R L Friend


743 ± 17 Ma granite clast from Jurassic conglomerate, Kamiaso, Mino Terrane, Japan: the case for South China Craton provenance (Korean Gyeonggi Block?), Allen Phillip Nutman, Y Sano, K Terada, and H Hidaka

Infrared spectra of Cl-_(C6H6)mM=1, 2, Christopher D. Thompson, Berwyck L. J Poad, Corinna Emmeluth, and Evan J. Bieske


Observation of nondegenerate cavity modes for a distorted cavity modes for a distorted polystyrene microsphere, Adam J. Trevitt, Philip J. Wearne, Evan J. Bieske, and Michael D. Schuder

Integration of ice-core, marine and terrestrial records for the Australian Last glacial Maximum and Termination: a contribution from the OZ INTIMATE group, Christian Turney, S Haberle, David Fink, A Peter Kershaw, M Barbetti, T T. Barrows, M Black, Timothy J. Cohen, T Correge, P P Hesse, Q Hua, R Johnston, V Morgan, P Moss, Gerald C. Nanson, T Van Ommen, S Rule, N J. Williams, J -X Zhao, D D'Costa, Y -X Feng, M Gagan, S Mooney, and Q Xia


First detection of meso-thermospheric Nitric Oxide (NO) by ground-based FTIR solar absorption spectroscopy, Aldona Wiacek, Nicholas B. Jones, K Strong, J R. Taylor, Richard L. Mittermeier, and Hans Fast

Identification of the permian-triassic boundary in the Southern Sydney Basin, Megan Williams, Paul F. Carr, and Brian G. Jones


The Cape Grim Scanning UV Spectrometer, Stephen R. Wilson

Geomorphological evolution of Lord Howe Island and carbonate production at the latitudinal limit to reef growth, Colin D. Woodroffe, David Kennedy, Brendan Brooke, and Mark Dickson


Landscape variability and the response of Asian megadeltas to environmental change, Colin D. Woodroffe, Robert J. Nicholls, Yoshiki Saito, Zhongyuan Chen, and S L. Goodbred

New genera of Early Devonian calceoloid corals from Australia and France, Anthony J. Wright

Papers from 2005

A connection between the Neoproterozoic Dom Feliciano (Brazil/Uruguay) and Gariep (Namibia/South Africa) orogenic belts - evidence from a reconnaissance provenance study, M S Basei, H E Frimmel, Allen Phillip Nutman, F Preciozzi, and J Jacob

Knickpoint recession rates and catchment area: the case of uplifted rivers in eastern Scotland, P. Bishop, T. B. Hoey, John D. Jansen, and I. L. Artza

The geomorphological setting of some of Scotland's east coast freshwater mills: a comment on Downward and Skinner (2005) 'Working rivers: the geomorphological legacy...', P. Bishop and John D. Jansen

Towards better prediction of water quality in Ungauged Basins, John M. Bradd

Sea Level, Storm, or Tsunami: Engimatic Sand Sheet Deposits in a Sheltered Coastal Embayment from Southeastern New South Wales, Australia, Edward A. Bryant, Brian G. Jones, Kevin Pucillo, Rabea Haredy, and Adam D. Switzer

Gaseous nitrogen losses from acid sulfate sugarcane soils on the coastal lowlands, Glenn W. Bryant, David W. Griffith, O T Denmead, I. White, W. Stainlay, B.C.T. Macdonald, M.D. Melville, and R.J. Reilly

Tritton Copper Deposit, Girilambone District, NSW, Allan Chivas and Benjamin Ackerman

Discussion on detachment faulting and bimodal magmatism in the Palaeoproterozoic Willyama Supergroup, south-central Australia: keys to recognition of a multiply deformed Precambrian metamorphic core complex, C H H Conor, W V Priess, R W Page, B P J Stevens, I R Plimer, P Ashley, G M Gibson, and Allen Phillip Nutman


Comparisons between SCIAMACHY and ground-based FTIR data for total columns of CO, CH4, CO2 and N2O, B Dils, M De Maziere, T Blumenstock, M Buchwitz, R de Beek, Nicholas B. Jones, David W. Griffith, P Demoulin, A G Frankenberg, H Duchatelet, and Hans Fast


Structure, detrital zircon U-Pb ages and 40Ar/39Ar geochronology of the Early palaeozoic Girilambone Group, central New South Wales: subduction, contraction and extension associated with the Benambran Orogeny, Christopher L. Fergusson, C M Fanning, D. Phillips, and Benjamin Ackerman


Structure of the Early Palaeozoic Cape River Metamorphics, Tasmanides of north Queensland: evaluation of the roles of convergent and extensional tectonics, Christopher L. Fergusson, R A Henderson, K. J. Lewthwaite, D. Phillips, and I. W. Withnall

Late Cenozoic evolution of the Nankai trench-slope system: evidence from sand petrography and clay mineralogy, Christopher L. Fergusson and Michael B Underwood


A survey of Martian dust devil activity using Mars Global Surveyor Mars Orbiter Camera images, Jenny A. Fisher, Mark I. Richardson, Claire E. Newman, Mark A. Szwast, Chelsea Graf, Shabari Basu, Shawn P. Ewald, Anthony D. Toigo, and R. John Wilson

Managing landslide hazards on the Illawarra Escarpment, Phillip N. Flentje and Robin N. Chowdhury


Complex 3670-3500 Ma Orogenic Episodes Superimposed on Juvenile Crust Accreted between 3850 and 3690 Ma, Itsaq Gneiss Complex, Southern West Greenland, Clark R L Friend and Allen Phillip Nutman


New pieces to the Archaean terrane jigsaw puzzle in the Nuuk region, Southern West Greeland: steps in transforming a simple insight into a complex regional tectonothermal model, Clark R L Friend and Allen Phillip Nutman

Fourier transform spectrometer instrument lineshape (ILS) retrieval by Fourier Deconvolution, David W. Griffith and C. Bernardo

The 13C and D Kinetic Isotope Effects in the Reaction of CH4 with Cl, David W. Griffith, Karen Feilberg, Claus Nielsen, and M.S. Johnson

Accelerated erosion and sedimentation in Southeast Asia, Avijit Gupta

Landforms of Southeast Asia, Avijit Gupta

Rivers of Southeast Asia, Avijit Gupta

Water in cities, Avijit Gupta


A Study on Solid Waste Management System of Dhaka City Corporation: Effect of Composting and Landfill Location, Faisal Ibney Hai and M. Ashraf Ali


Different fouling modes of submerged hollow-fiber and flat-sheet membranes induced by high strength wastewater with concurrent biofouling, Faisal I. Hai, Kazuo Yamamoto, and Kensuke Fukushi


Evidence for Altitude-dependent photolysis-induced 18O isotopic fractionation in stratospheric ozone, Vanessa E. Haverd, Geoffrey C. Toon, and David W. Griffith


Spring tidal pumping, Jon Hinwood, Errol McLean, and Mark Trevethan


Radiocarbon in corals from the Cocos (Keeling) Islands and implications for Indian Ocean circulation, Q Hua, Colin D. Woodroffe, Scott Smithers, M Barbetti, and David Fink

Ground-based measurement of strato-mesopheric CO by a FTIR spectrometer over Poker Flat, Alaska, Nicholas B. Jones, Y. Murayama, T. Koshiro, M. Endo, and Y Kasai


Seasonal variations of CO and HCN in the troposphere measured by solar absorption spectroscopy over Poker Flat, Alaska, Y Kasai, A. Kagawa, Nicholas B. Jones, A. Fujiwara, K. Seki, Y. Murayama, and F Murcray


Metasedimentary complexes of the Tuva-Mongolian Massif: age, provenances and tectonic position, I K Kozakov, E B Sal'nikova, Allen Phillip Nutman, V P Kovach, A B Kotov, V N Podkovyrov, and Yu V Plotkina

Estimates of Australian dust flux into New Zealand: Quantifying the eastern Australian dust plume pathway using trace element calibrated 210Pb as a monitor, Samuel K. Marx, Balz S. Kamber, and Hamish A. McGowan

Provenance of long travelled dust determined with ultra-trace-element composition: A pilot study with samples from New Zealand glaciers, Samuel K. Marx, Balz S. Kamber, and Hamish A. McGowan

Dust transport and deposition in a superhumid environment, Samuel K. Marx and Hamish A. McGowan

Holocene sea level fluctuations and the sedimentary evolution of a barrier estuary: Lake Illawarra, New South Wales, Australia, Colin V. Murray-Wallace, Brian G. Jones, Craig R. Sloss, and C.E. McClennen

Rivers turned to rock: Late Quaternary alluvial induration influencing the behaviour and morphology of an anabranching river in the Australian monsoon tropics, Gerald C. Nanson, Brian G. Jones, David M. Price, and Tim Pietsch


Measurements of Trace Gas Emissions from Australian Forest Fires and Correlations with Coincident Measurements of Aerosol Optical Depth, Clare Paton-Walsh, N. B. Jones, Stephen R. Wilson, V Haverd, A. Meier, and D. W. Griffith


A new Early Silurian species of Trimerella (Brachiopoda: Craniata) from the Orange district, New South Wales, Ian G. Percival and Anthony J. Wright

Estimation of the age of a pre-industrial iron site in Korea, David M. Price, T. Nakamura., and J.S. Park


Silurian graptolites from the Barnby Hills Shale and the Hanover Formation, New South Wales, R B. Rickards, J R. Farrell, Anthony J. Wright, and E J. Morgan


Llandovery (Early Silurian) graptolites from the Quidong Basin, NSW, R B. Rickards, R A. Parkes, and Anthony J. Wright


High Spectral resolution solar absorption measurements of ethylene (C2H4) in a forest fire smoke plume using HITRAN parameters: Troposheric vertical profile retrieval, Curtis P. Rinsland, Clare Paton-Walsh, Nicholas B. Jones, David W. T Griffith, Aaron Goldman, Stephen W. Wood, Linda Chiou, and Arndt Meier


Macrochannels and their significance for flood-risk minimisation, West Dapto, New South Wales, E. L. Roper, Ivars Reinfelds, and Gerald C. Nanson

Late Quaternary landscape evolution in the Keep River region, northwestern Australia, Ingrid Ward, Gerald C. Nanson, Lesley M. Head, Richard L. Fullagar, David M. Price, and David Fink

Isotope systematics of secondary minerals from the Prospect Intrusion, New South Wales, Megan Williams and Paul F. Carr

Trace gas emissions from Melbourne, Australia, based on AGAGE observations at Cape Grim, Tasmania, 1995-2000, S. R. Wilson, Paul Krummel, L P Steele, Bronwyn Dunse, and P.J. Fraser


Channel Pattern and Deltaic-Estuarine Process in the Indo-Pacific Region, Colin D. Woodroffe

Late Quaternary sea-level highstands in the central and eastern Indian Ocean: A review, Colin D. Woodroffe

Southeast Asian deltas, Colin D. Woodroffe

Rock Coast morphology in relation to lithology and wave exposure, Lord Howe Island, southwest Pacific, Colin D. Woodroffe and Mark Dickson

Episodes of reef growth at Lord Howe Island, the southernmost reef in the southwest Pacific, Colin D. Woodroffe, Mark Dickson, Brendan Brooke, and David Kennedy

Papers from 2004

Experimental reintroduction of woody debris on the Williams River, NSW: geomorphic and ecological responses, Andrew P. Brooks, Peter C. Gehrke, John Jansen, and Tim B. Abbe


Silicified early devonian trilobites from Brogans Creek, New South Wales, Gregory D. Edgecombe and Anthony J. Wright


Minimum energy as the general form of critical flow and maximum flow efficiency and for explaining variations in river channel pattern, He Qing Huang, Howard H. Chang, and Gerald Nanson

Pool-fills: a window to palaeoflood history and response in bedrock-confined rivers, John Jansen and Gary J. Brierley


Anabranching and maximum flow efficiency in Magela Creek, northern Australia, John D. Jansen and Gerald C. Nanson


Western Pacific coral delta18O records of anomalous Holocene variability in El Nino-Southern Oscillation, Helen V. McGregor and M Gagan


Trace Gas Emissions from Biomass Burning inferred from Aerosol Optical Depth, Clare Paton-Walsh, N. B. Jones, Stephen R. Wilson, A. Meier, N. Deutscher, D. W. Griffith, R. Mitchell, and S. Campbell


Determining rotational temperatures from the OH(8-3) band, and a comparison with (OH96-2) rotational temperatures at Davis, Antarctica, Frances Phillips, G B. Burns, W J R French, P F B Williams, A R. Klekociuk, and R P. Lowe

Assessment of downstream trends in channel gradient, total and specific stream power: a GIS approach, Ivars Reinfelds, Timothy J. Cohen, Paul Batten, and Gary J. Brierly

Enigmagraptus n. gen., a new graptoloid (Pridoli, Silurian, New South Wales, Australia), Barrie Rickards and Anthony J. Wright


Early Silurian graptolites from Cadia, New South Wales, R B. Rickards and Anthony J. Wright


Litho- and chronostratigraphy of holocene sedimentary successions preserved in Lake Illawarra, NSW, Australia, Craig R. Sloss, Brian G. Jones, and Colin V. Murray-Wallace


Recent sedimentation and geomorphological changes, Lake Illawarra, NSW, Australia, Craig R. Sloss, Brian G. Jones, Colin V. Murray-Wallace, and Bryan E. Chenhall

Geomorphology and Late Quaternary development of Middleton and Elizabeth Reefs, Colin D. Woodroffe, David Kennedy, Brian G. Jones, and C V G Phipps


Wenlock (Early Silurian) Brachiopods from the Orane District of New South Wales, Anthony J. Wright and Des L. Strusz

Papers from 2003

Quaternary calcarenite stratigraphy on Lord Howe Island, southwestern Pacific Ocean and the record of coastal carbonate deposition, Brendan P. Brooke, Colin D. Woodroffe, Colin V. Murray-Wallace, H Heijnis, and Brian G. Jones


Geochronology of coal measures in the Sydney basing from U-Pb shrimp dating of airfall tuffs, Paul F. Carr, M Fanning, Brian G. Jones, and Adrian C. Hutton


Anthropogenic trace metal contamination of Port Kembla Harbour sediments, Bryan E. Chenhall, Mark O'Donnell, D Garnett, Helen Waldron, and Brian G. Jones


Intercomparison of NDSC ground-based solar FTIR measurements of atmospheric gases at Lauder, New Zealand, D W. T Griffith, Nicholas Jones, B McNamara, Clare Paton-Walsh, W. R. Bell, and Cirilo Bernado


Heavy minerals in modern sediments of the Minnamurra estuary and shelf environment, NSW, Australia, Rabea Haredy, Brian G. Jones, and Adrian C. Hutton

Geochemical comparisons between estuaries with non-industrialised and industrialised catchments: the Huon and Derwent River estuaries, Tasmania, Brian G. Jones, Bryan E. Chenhall, F Debretsion, and Adrian C. Hutton

Anthropogenic effects in a coastal lagoon: geochemical characterization of Burrill Lake, NSW, Australia, Brian G. Jones, Hannah Killian, Bryan E. Chenhall, and Craig R. Sloss


Diagenesis and geochemistry of Porites corals from Papua New Guinea: implications for Paleoclimate reconstruction, Helen V. McGregor and M Gagan

Fluvial architecture of the Hawkesbury sandstone (Triassic), near Sydney, Australia, Andrew D. Miall and Brian G. Jones

Alluvial evidence of major Late-Quaternary climate and flow-regime changes on the coastal rivers of New South Wales, Australia, Gerald C. Nanson, Timothy J. Cohen, Chris J. Doyle, and David M. Price

Dendroid and tuboid graptolites from the Llandovery (Silurian) of the Four Mile Creek Area, New South Wales, R B. Rickards, A J. Chapman, Anthony J. Wright, and G H. Packham