The following is a listing of all items in Research Online with the 'book' document type. They may range from booklets and reports through to bona fide academic books. Items from this list that utilise the Research Online book module are also available here: UOW Books.

Books from 2000

Journeys Between Nature and Culture, Diana Wood Conroy, Lesley M. Head, and Jennifer Lamb

Books from 1999

Imagining Australian Space: Cultural Studies and Spatial Inquiry, Ruth Barcan (ed.) and Ian M. Buchanan

A Deleuzian Century, Ian M. Buchanan

Teaching for Flexible Learning: Learning to Apply the Technology; MOLTA, Richard Caladine

Random Selection in Politics, Lyn Carson and Brian Martin

The Presence of Mind, Daniel D. Hutto

Technology and Public Participation, Brian Martin

The Whistleblower's Handbook: How to Be an Effective Resister, Brian Martin

Books from 1998


Proceedings of the 1998 Coal Operators' Conference, E. Baafi, K Cram, G Gibson, and P Hanna

Multiple-choice questions in clinical gastroenterology, Malcolm C. Bateson, R Barton, Denis Burke, P Cann, J Cox, Graham Curry, S Ghosh, W Hislop, D Hopwood, D Johnston, Alison Jones, Sarah Jowett, A Macklon, K Matthewson, J O'Donohue, K Palmer, T Reilly, J Rose, Nurani Sivaramakrishnan, Heather Smith, J Stephen, Peter Trewby, John Wilson, and R Wood

Accounting for Managers, John Glynn, John Perrin, and Michael Murphy

Mastery scale 1: meisterung interpersoneller knoflikte, Brin F. S Grenyer, R.W. Dahlbender, and G Reichenauer

Cultural Politics in Cyberspace, Kwang Suk Lee

Information Liberation, Brian Martin

Tied Knowledge: Power in Higher Education, Brian Martin


White Aborigines: Identity Politics in Australia Art, Ian A. McLean

Appreciating Difference: Writing Postcolonial Literary History, Wenche Ommundsen and B. Edwards

Foreign Dialogues, Mary Zournazi

After the Revolution - On Kristeva, Mary Zournazi and J. Letche

Books from 1997

Suppression Stories, Brian Martin


Challenging Bureaucratic Elites, Brian Martin, Sharon Callaghan, C. Fox, R Wells, and Mary Cawte


A Sociology of Educating, Roland Meighan and Iram Siraj-Blatchford

Outline of criminal law, Ranjit Murugason and Luke McNamara

Books from 1996

Achieving Value for Money, J J. Glynn, David Perkins, and S Stewart


Marijuana: A guide to quitting, Brin F. S Grenyer, Nadia Solowij, and Richard Peters

Confronting the Experts, Brian Martin

The Art of Gordon Bennett, Ian A. McLean

From a Distance: Australian Writers and Cultural Displacement, Wenche Ommundsen and H. Rowley

Books from 1995

Refractions: Asian/Australian Writing, Wenche Ommundsen and M. Borland

Atlas of the human brain stem, George Paxinos and Xu-Feng Huang

Content analysis scales of psychosocial maturity (CAPSM) scoring manual., Linda L. Viney, M Rudd, Brin F. S Grenyer, and A Tych


Recent Foraminiferida and Ostracoda from Estuarine and shelf environments on the southeastern coast of Australia, Iradj Yassini and Brian G. Jones

Books from 1994


Early Land Settlement in Illawarra 1804-1861, Benjamin Lindsay, Michael K. Organ, and A. P. Doyle


Conrad Martens : journal of a voyage from England to Australia aboard HMS Beagle and HMS Hyacinth 1833-35, Michael K. Organ


The Menzies Family of Minamurra House, Jamberoo, Michael K. Organ and Arthur Cousins

Books from 1993


The Bulli Mining Disaster 1887 : Lessons from the Past, Don Dingsdag

Public Sector Financial Control and Accounting, John J. Glynn

Diglossia Revisited: The Case of Singapore. Centre for Language in Social Life, David Y. W. Lee

Social Defence, Social Change, Brian Martin

Metafictions? Reflexivity in Contemporary Texts, Wenche Ommundsen

Books from 1992

Labour Economics: Focus on Economics Series, Robert Castle

De l'utopie au Pragmatisme? (Le mouvement occitan 1976-1990), Henri A. Jeanjean

Personal and Community Health - Book 1, John W. Patterson

Books from 1991

Focus on Economics Series


University of Wollongong : an illustrated history 1951-1991, Josie Castle

The Evolution of Economic Ideas: Focus on Economics Series, Robert Castle

Statistics for Spatial Data, Noel A. Cressie

Scientific Knowledge in Controversy: The Social Dynamics of the Fluoridation Debate, Brian Martin

Strip the Experts, Brian Martin

Clinical Pragmatics: Unravelling the Complexities of Communicative Failure, Benita R. Smith and Eeva K. Leinonen

Books from 1990


Illawarra and South Coast Aborigines 1770-1850, Michael K. Organ

Books from 1989

The Snowy - The People Behind The Power, Siobhan A. McHugh


Old Pioneer's Reminiscenses of Illawarra, Frank Young, William Piper, Michael K. Organ, and A. P. Doyle

Books from 1988

Financial and Treasury Management, Paul A. Collier, Terence E. Cooke, and John J. Glynn


The Paulsgrove Diary: Illawarra 1833-34, W. G. McDonald


The Illawarra Diary of Lady Jane Franklin, 10-17 May 1839, Michael K. Organ

Goodness-of-fit statistics for discrete multivariate data, Timothy R. Read and Noel A. Cressie

Books from 1987

The Development of Performance Auditing in Australia, John J. Glynn


Reminiscences of Illawarra by Alexander Stewart, Michael K. Organ

Books from 1986

Work, Leisure and Technology

Intellectual Suppression: Australian Case Histories, Analysis and Respones, Brian Martin, C.M Ann Barker, Clyde Manwell, and Cedric Pugh

An Initial Investigation of the 'Utilization of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Modules' by Family Medicine Residents, John W. Patterson

Capital Defence: Social Defence for Canberra, Jacki Quilty, Lynne Dickins, Phil Anderson, and Brian Martin

Mary Wade to Us : A Family History 1778-1986, The Mary Wade History Association

Books from 1985

The clinician’s health promotion handbook, R A. Fried, Donald C. Iverson, and J P. Nagel

Books from 1984

Unemployment in the Eighties

Uprooting War, Brian Martin


Growing up in the Illawarra, Winifred Mitchell and Geoffrey Sherington


Pioneers of the Illawarra - a history of the family of Elias Organ in Wollongong, 1839-1869, Michael K. Organ and Robert Hardy


Faith of Steel - A history of the Christian Churches in Illawarra, Australia, Stuart Piggin

Books from 1983


Art & Working Life - Cultural Activities in the Australian trade union movement 1983, Australian Council of Trade Unions and Community Arts Board of the Australia Councl

An evaluation handbook for health education programs in alcohol and substance abuse, Walter J. Gunn, D Orenstein, Donald C. Iverson, and P D. Mullen

Books from 1982


The International Aboriginal Cricketers v. Illawarra - A record of "The Grand Cricket Matches" played at Wollongong, N.S.W., April and November 1867, A. P. Fleming

Books from 1980


Nuclear Knights, Brian Martin

Books from 1979

Australia and the World in the Twentieth Century, Josephine Castle, Robert Castle, Chris Fisher, Allan Healy, and Jim Hagan

Changing the Cogs: Activists and the Politics of Technology, Brian Martin

The Bias of Science, Brian Martin


The Oldest Road, W. G. McDonald

Books from 1978


History of Berkeley, New South Wales, Kathleen H. Barwick

Books from 1977


The first five land grantees and their grants in the Illawarra, B. T. Dowd

Books from 1976


Old Market Square - Historic Heart of Wollongong, A. P. Fleming


Nineteenth-Century Dapto, W. G. McDonald

Books from 1975


Port of Wollongong, C. W. Gardiner-Garden


The First Footers - Bass and Flinders in Illawarra, W. G. McDonald

Books from 1972


Captain Waldron Deceased, W. G. McDonald

Books from 1971


A Squint Down Under, Bill Hornage


It Must Be Art - Big O Posters Limited in 1971, Peter Ledeboer


Catalog No.3, Martin Sharp

Books from 1969


Brighton Beach, Wollongong, A. P. Fleming

Books from 1967


The Albert Memorial Hospital, Wollongong, N.S.W., 1864-1908, A. P. Fleming


The Story of Austinmer, Norman S. King

Books from 1966


Earliest Illawarra by its explorers & pioneers, W. G. McDonald


Murder at the Hell Hole 1826, W. G. McDonald

Books from 1965


Cornelius O'Brien - Pioneer of Bulli, N. S. King

Books from 1964


History of Austinmer and Robert Marsh Westmacott in Australia, N. S. King

Books from 1909


The Mines of the Bellambi Coal Co. Ltd, Southern Coal District, New South Wales, Bellambi Coal Company

Books from 1903


Mount Kembla Colliery Disaster 31 July 1902 - Report of the Royal Commission, together with minutes of evidence and exhibits, Royal Commission of Inquiry Respecting the Mount Kembla Colliery Disaster