The following is a listing of all items in Research Online with the 'book' document type. They may range from booklets and reports through to bona fide academic books. Items from this list that utilise the Research Online book module are also available here: UOW Books.

Books from 2012

Terahertz physics, R A. Lewis

A guide to understanding annual reports: listed companies, Jeffrey Luckins, Indra Abeysekera, Tong-Gunn Chew, Thomas Egan, Amir Ghandar, David Hardidge, Piotr Jakubicki, Alan Lee, Denis Pratt, Meg Richards, Carmen Ridley, Veronique Row, Mark Shying, and Ram Subramaniam

Promoting improved transparency, accountability, and economic policy for governments: the Australian experience, Jeffrey Luckins, Indra Abeysekera, Tong-Gunn Chew, Thomas Egan, Amir Ghandar, David Hardidge, Piotr Jakubicki, Alan Lee, Denis Pratt, Meg Richards, Carmen Ridley, Veronique Row, Mark Shying, and Ram Subramaniam

History and Becoming: Deleuze's Philosophy of Creativity, Craig A. Lundy


Backfire Manual: Tactics Against Injustice, Brian Martin

Management: A Focus on Leaders, Annie Mckee, Travis Kemp, and Gordon Spence

Tax havens: will they survive?, John McLaren

Love, Sex and Democracy in Japan during the American Occupation, Mark J. McLelland

Werewolves and Other Shapeshifters in Popular Culture: A Thematic Analysis of Recent Depictions, Kimberley McMahon-Coleman and Roslyn Weaver

Is the West Special? World History and Western Civilisation, Gregory Melleuish

Tourism and Australian Beach Culture: Revealing Bodies, Christine Metusela and Gordon R. Waitt

Places of refuge for ships in distress: Problems and methods of resolution, Anthony P. Morrison

Flood Country: An Environmental History of the Murray-Darling Basin, Emily O'Gorman

Nursing and Midwifery: Student's Clinical Midwifery Survival Guide, Kerry Reid-Searl, Trudy Dwyer, Lorna J. Moxham, Meredith Lovegrove, and Judith Applegarth

Nursing & Health Survival Guide: Clinical Skills, Ann Richards, Kerry Reid-Searl, Trudy Dwyer, Jackie Ryan, and Lorna Moxham

Abandoning leadership for a better way of being for women and men, Diann M. Rodgers-Healey

Coaching insights for coaches - listening to the inner game, Diann M. Rodgers-Healey

Principles of taxation law, Kerrie Sadiq, Cynthia Coleman, Rami Hanegbi, Geoffrey Hart, Sunita Jogarajan, Richard Krever, John McLaren, Wes Obst, and Antony Ting


Transformations and self discovery: Stories of women returning to education, Cathy Stone and Sarah O'Shea

Advanced Analysis in Steel Frame Design, Andrea E. Surovek, Bulent Alemdar, Dinar R. Z Camotim, Jerome F. Hajjar, Lip Teh, Donald W. White, and Ronald D. Ziemian

Arab-Jewish Activism in Israel-Palestine, Marcelo Svirsky

Agamben and Colonialism, Marcelo G. Svirsky and Bignall S

Feature Writing - Telling the Story, Stephen J. Tanner, Molly J. Kasinger, and Nick Richards

Organic Bionics, Gordon G. Wallace, Simon E. Moulton, Robert M. I Kapsa, and Michael J. Higgins


An Ecosystem Approach to Management of Seamounts in the Southern Indian Ocean. Volume 3 - Legal and Institutional Gap Analysis, Robin M. Warner, Philomene Verlaan, and Gail Lugten

Persuasive recommender systems: conceptual background and implications, Kyung-Hyan Yoo, Ulrike Gretzel, and Markus Zanker

Books from 2011

Reputation Building, Website Disclosure and the Case of Intellectual Capital, Indra Abeysekera

Psychological recovery: beyond mental illness, Retta Andresen, Lindsay G. Oades, and Peter Caputi


Proceedings of the 2011 Coal Operators' Conference, Naj Aziz

Aircraft Carrier in the 21st Century, C. Uday Bhaskar and Shishir Upadhyaya

Brown, Farrier, Neal and Weisbrot's criminal laws: materials and commentary on criminal law and process in New South Wales, David Brown, David Farrier, Sandra Egger, Luke McNamara, Alex Steel, Michael Grewcock, and Donna Spears

Maximum likelihood estimation for sample surveys, Raymond L. Chambers, David G. Steel, Suojin Wang, and Alan Welsh

Principles of taxation law, Cynthia Coleman, Rami Hanegbi, Geoffrey E. Hart, Sunita Jogarajan, Richard Krever, John McLaren, Wes Obst, and Kerrie Sadiq

Australian tax analysis: cases, commentary, commercial applications and questions, Cynthia Coleman, Geoffrey Hart, Brett Bondfield, Margaret Mckerchar, John McLaren, Kerrie Sadiq, and Antony Ting

Statistics for Spatio-Temporal Data, Noel A. Cressie and Christopher Wikle

A new grammar companion for teachers, Beverly M. Derewianka

The body divided: human beings and human 'material' in modern medical history, Sarah Ferber and Sally Wilde


installation art - Frenzy Episode | Contact | Raising the Dead, Agnieszka Golda, Martin V. Johnson, and Ruth Fazakerley

Marine resources management, Warwick Gullett, Clive Schofield, and Joanna Vince

Transfigured Stages: Major Practitioners & Theatre Aesthetics in Australia, Margaret M. Hamilton


Interest and Influence - A Snapshot of the Western and Central Pacific Tropical Tuna Fisheries, Quentin A. Hanich

Getting to Know... La Casa de Bernarda Alba, Alfredo Herrero de Haro

Advanced Rail Geotechnology - Ballasted Track, Buddhima Indraratna, Wadud Salim, and Cholachat Rujikiatkamjorn

On the Reception of Aboriginal Art in German Arts Space. Art Historical and Anthroplogical Perspectives, Friederike Krishnabhakdi-Vasilakis

Lawyers in Australia, Ainslie Lamb and John Littrich

Business information systems and technology: A primer, Brian Lehaney, Phil Lovett, and Mahmood Shah

Medical-Surgical Nursing: Critical Thinking in Client Care, Priscilla Lemone, Karen Burke, Trudy Dwyer, Tracy Levett-Jones, Lorna J. Moxham, Kerry Reid-Searl, Kamaree Berry, Keryln Carville, Majella Hales, Nicole Knox, Yoni Luxford, and Debra Raymond


Food Culture in Colonial Asia: A Taste of Empire, Cecilia Y. Leong-Salobir


Doing Good Things Better, Brian Martin


Doing Good Things Better, Brian Martin


Exercise and breast support: A guide to understanding breast support during physical activity and how to determine correct bra fit, Deirdre McGhee

Law of investments, John McLaren, Melissa Naylor, and Mary Toohey

The world art artworld, Ian A. McLean

Developing Emotionally Intelligent Leadership in Higher Education, Dominique Parrish

Concepts and trends in medical radiation dosimetry, Anatoly B. Rosenfeld

Measurement for the Social Sciences: The C-OAR-SE Method and Why It Must Replace Psychometrics, John R. Rossiter

From Disputed Waters to Seas of Opportunity: Overcoming Barriers to Maritime Cooperation in East and Southeast Asia (NBR Special Report no.30), Clive H. Schofield, Ian Townsend-Gault, Hasjim Djalal, Ian Storey, Meredith Miller, and Tim Cook

Sedition and the Advocacy of Violence: Free Speech and Counter-Terrorism, Sarah Sorial

Criminal Law for Common Law States, Donna Spears, Julia Quilter, and Clive Harfield

Oceania under steam: sea transport and the cultures of colonialism, c.1870-1914, Frances M. Steel

Advances in Supply Chain Management: Concepts, Methodologies and Applications, Balan Sundarakani

Combating Piracy in the Indian Ocean, Shishir Upadhyaya


Giftedness from an Indigenous Perspecitve, Wilma Vialle

6am in the Universe: Selected Poems by Benjamin Frater, Alan Wearne

Now and Rome: Lucan and Vergil as Theorists of Politics and Space, Ika Willis


The power of role-based e-learning, Sandra Wills, Elyssebeth Leigh, and Albert Ip

Korea's Occupied Cinemas, 1893-1948, Brian M. Yecies and Ae-Gyung Shim

Books from 2010


Proceedings of the 2010 Coal Operators' Conference, Naj Aziz

Good Medical practice: Professionalism, Ethics and Law, Kerry J. Breen, Stephen M. Cordner, Colin J. H. Thomson, and Vernon D. Plueckhahn

A Dictionary of Critical Theory, Ian Buchanan

Radical Sydney: Places, Portraits and Unruly Episodes, Rowan Cahill and Terence H. Irving

Netwerkleren in het onderwijs: Professionaliseren in de praktijk, Marc Coenders and Maarten F. de Laat

Principles of taxation law, Cynthia Coleman, Rami Hanegbi, Geoffrey Hart, Sunita Jogarajan, Richard Krever, John McLaren, Wes Obst, and Kerrie Sadiq

Illumination invariant face detection using classifier fusion, Alister Cordiner, Philip Ogunbona, and Wanqing Li


The Middle Class Novels of Arnold Bennett and Marie Corelli: Realising the Ideals and Emotions of Late Victorian Women, Sharon Crozier-De Rosa

Recrystallization, A mechanism to control the microstructure during and following hot deformation of steels, A Dehghan-Manshadi

Love under occupation: A personal journey through war, marriage and White Australia, Christine M. De Matos and Noel Huggett

Promoting Sustainable Fisheries: The International Legal and Policy Framwork to Combat Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing, William R. Edeson, Ben M. Tsamenyi, and Mary Ann Palma

Fiduciary Finance: Investment Funds and the Crisis in Financial Markets, Martin L. Gold


Bollywood in Australia: Transnationalism and Cultural Production, Andrew Hassam and Makand Maranjape

AQA A2 Spanish Practice Exam Papers - Listening, Reading and Writing - Speaking (Unit 3-4), Alfredo Herrero de Haro

Human Rights, Politics and Corrupton in Indonesia: A Critical Reflection on the post Soeharto Era, Nadirsyah Hosen


Breathing Space, Liz Jeneid, Diana Wood Conroy, and Stephen Ingham

Guidelines for the Use of the Digital Acknowledgement of Dharawal Country: And Other Appropriate Ways to Recognise Country, Jade E. Kennedy, Theresa Hoynes, and Susanne H. Pratt

Patent rights in pharmaceuticals in developing countries: major challenges for the future, Jakkrit Kuanpoth

The clinical placement : an essential guide for nursing students, Tracy Levett-Jones and Sharon R. Bourgeois

Linking an Asian transregional commerce in tea: overseas Chinese merchants in the Fujian-Singapore trade, 1920-1960, Jason Lim

Journalism in Good Faith: Issues and Practices in Religion Reporting, Eric Loo and Mustafa K. Anuar

Randomness and Recurrence in Dynamical Systems, Rodney Nillsen

Society Building - Welfare, Time and Social Capital, Roger Patulny

Who rules the waves?: Piracy, overfishing and mining the oceans, Denise Russell

Vortex-induced motion of nonlinear offshore structures: a study of catenary moored system fluid-elastic instability, Brad Stappenbelt


Representing Epilepsy: Myth and Matter, Jeannette Stirling

Nanyo-Orientalism: Japanese Representations of the Pacific, Naoto Sudo

I lettori di ossa, Claudio Tuniz, Richard Gillespie, and Cheryl Jones


Diagnosing the Potential of Learning Disabilities: Understanding and Expectations of Students with Learning Disabilities, Stuart Woodcock


Diagnosing the Potential of Students with Learning Disabilities, Stuart Woodcock


The SInet 2010 eBook, Heather Yeatman

Books from 2009

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: Contemporary Theory, Research, and Practice

Bank Credit and Development: A Study of Uttar Pradesh, India, Rashmi U. Arora