Science, Medicine and Health was formed in 2013 following an organisational restructure. It comprised an amalgamation of the former Faculty of Science, Graduate School of Medicine and Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences. Related series: Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health - Papers.


Papers from 2001

Measuring plasma paracetamol concentrations in all patients with drug overdose or altered consciousness: Does it change outcome?, Paul I. Dargan, Shamez Ladhani, and Alison L. Jones

Antidotes, Robert J. Flanagan and Alison L. Jones


Linking cardiovascular theory to practice in an undergraduate medical curriculum., Judith N. Hudson, P Buckley, and I C. McMillen

Churchill's Pocketbook of Toxicology, Alison L. Jones and Paul I. Dargan

What's new in toxicology?, Alison L. Jones and Paul I. Dargan

How feasible is it to conform to the European guidelines on administration of activated charcoal within one hour of an overdose?, A Karim, S Ivatts, Paul I. Dargan, and Alison L. Jones

Ein mit Zoliakie assoziiertes jejunales adenokarzinom bei einer 41-jahrigen patientin, M Liebold, V Rosenthal, and Hans D. Dahl

Mercury contamination incident, R MacLehose, G Pitt, S Will, Alison Jones, L Duane, S Flaherty, D Hannant, B Stuttard, A Silverwood, K Snee, V Murray, Q Syed, Ivan House, and M Bellis


Paracetamol poisoning: can it be prevented? , E Norman, R Dhairiwan, Paul I. Dargan, Craig I. Wallace, and Alison L. Jones

Drugs for personal fulfilment in the elderly, L F. Prescott and Alison L. Jones

A case of hypomagnesaemia due to malabsorption, unresponsive to oral administration of magnesium glycerophosphate, but responsive to oral magnesium oxide supplementation, J Ross, Paul Dargan, Alison Jones, and A Kostrzewski

Von Hippel-Lindau tomour suppressor gene is not involved in sporadic human breast cancer, George Sourvinos, Spyridon Miyakis, Triantafyllos L. Liloglou, J Field, and Demetrios A. Spandidos

Helping families of patients with a mental illness., Ian G. Wilson

Medications are more heavily promoted than psychotherapies, Ian G. Wilson

The impact of mental illness on family members, Ian G. Wilson

Papers from 2000

A case of lead poisoning due to snooker chalk, Paul I. Dargan, P H. Evans, Ivan House, and Alison L. Jones

Antidotes 1. Introduction, Robert J. Flanagan and Alison L. Jones

Antidotes 2. Sulphydryl donors (N-acetylcysteine, methionine), Robert J. Flanagan and Alison L. Jones

Gut reactions, Alison L. Jones

Management of self-poisoning: Authors' reply, Alison L. Jones

Recent advances in the management of late paracetamol poisoning, Alison L. Jones

Pesticides and other agrochemicals, Alison L. Jones and A T. Proudfoot


Managing self poisoning: "Gastric lavage is perhaps more important in developing countries", Alison L. Jones and Glyn Volans


Improving the debate on cannabis: "The effects of cannabis on driving are difficult to evaluate", Sarah Levy and Alison L. Jones

The Von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) tumor-suppressor gene is not mutated in sporadic human colon adenocarcinomas, Spyridon Miyakis

Severity scores for poisoned patients: reasons and rationale, A T. Proudfoot and Alison L. Jones

General practitioners' views on patient care research., Ian G. Wilson, B B. Mcgrath, G G. Russell, C C. Bridges-Webb, and C C. Hogan

Papers from 1999

Is there room for general practice in penitentiary institutions: screening and vaccinating high-risk groups against hepatitis, Marios Chatziarsenis, Spyridon Miyakis, Tomas Faresjo, Erik Trell, Jan Vlachonikolis, and Christos Lionis

A case of severe mercuric sulphate ingestion treated with 2,3-kimercaptopropane 1 sulphonate (DMPD) and hi-flow hemodiafiltration, Paul I. Dargan, Lucy J. Giles, Ivan House, N Murphy, Craig I. Wallace, Alison L. Jones, and Richard J. Beale

Drugs of abuse in the intensive care, Alison L. Jones

Immediate GP strategies in cases of poisoning, Alison L. Jones

Use of an IVC filter in the management of IVC thrombosis - "letter", Alison L. Jones

Multiple logistic regression analysis of plasma paraquat concentrations as a predictor of outcome in 375 cases of paraquat poisoning, Alison L. Jones, R Elton, and Robert J. Flanagan

Review article: Mechanisms and management of hepatotoxicity in ecstasy (MDMA) and amphetamine intoxications, Alison L. Jones and K J. Simpson


Management of self poisoning, Alison L. Jones and Glyn Volans

Papers from 1998

Multiple-choice questions in clinical gastroenterology, Malcolm C. Bateson, R Barton, Denis Burke, P Cann, J Cox, Graham Curry, S Ghosh, W Hislop, D Hopwood, D Johnston, Alison Jones, Sarah Jowett, A Macklon, K Matthewson, J O'Donohue, K Palmer, T Reilly, J Rose, Nurani Sivaramakrishnan, Heather Smith, J Stephen, Peter Trewby, John Wilson, and R Wood


Evidence of multiple mechanisms of avermectin resistance in haemonchus contortus--comparison of selection protocols, Jennifer H. Gill, Caroline A. Kerr, Wesley L. Shoop, and Ernest Lacey

Initial management of poisoned patients in the out-of-hospital environment, Alison L. Jones

Mechanism of action and value of N-Acetylcysteine in the treatment of early and late acetaminophen poisoning: A critical review, Alison L. Jones


Comparison of assays for measuring plasma paracetamol. Possibility of calibration error needs evaluation, Alison L. Jones, D R. Jarvie, D Simpson, and L F. Prescott

Fulminant hepatic failure due to diclofenac treated successfully by orthotopic liver transplantation, Alison L. Jones, T Latham, T M. Shallcross, and K J. Simpson

Fellows and members survey of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, Alison L. Jones, S Lewis, D Doyle, R Agius, and D H. Lawson

Progres recents dans le traitment des intoxications au paracetamol, Alison L. Jones and P H. Lheureux

Use of an IVC filter in the management of IVC thrombosis occurring as a complication of acute pancreatitis, Alison L. Jones, D Ojar, D Redhead, and A T. Proudfoot

Features and management of poisoning with modern drugs used to treat epilepsy, Alison L. Jones and A T. Proudfoot

Drug abusers and poisoned patients: A potential source of organs for transplantation?, Alison L. Jones and K J. Simpson

The effects of two UVB radiation-absorbing sunscreens on UV radiation-induced carcinogenesis, suppression of the contact hypersensitivity response and histological changes in the hairless mouse, Caroline A. Kerr

Pathogenesis of diabetes in Pima Indians: The disease of prosperity, Stephen Lillioja

Differential expression and mutation of the ras family genes in human breast cancer, Spyridon Miyakis, George Sourvinos, and Demetrios A. Spandidos


Paracetamol (acetaminophen) poisoning: no need to change current guidelines to accident departments, P Routledge, J Allister Vale, D Nicholas Bateman, G. Denis Johnston, Alison L. Jones, Alan Judd, Simon Thomas, Glyn Volans, L F. Prescott, and A T. Proudfoot

Haemodynamic parameters predicting variceal haemorrhage and survival in alcoholic cirrhosis, A J. Stanley, I Robinson, E H. Forrest, Alison L. Jones, and P C. Hayes

Interleukin- 10 Inhibits the In vitro proliferation of human activated leukemic CDS B-Cells, Stuart G. Tangye, Kathryn M. Weston, and Robert L. Raison

In vivo binding of mouse IgG via polyreactive surface IgM abrogates progressive lymphocytosis in prolymphocytic leukemia, Kathryn M. Weston, Stephen P. Mulligan, and Robert L. Raison

Interaction of melittin with a human lymphoblastoid cell line, HMy2., Kathryn M. Weston and Robert L. Raison

Searching the literature - a beginners' guide, Ian G. Wilson

Papers from 1997

Methionine risks not established, Alison L. Jones

"To guard is better than to heal" - the prevention of accidental poisoning and injury to children, Alison L. Jones


Should methionine be added to every paracetamol tablet?, Alison L. Jones, P C. Hayes, A T. Proudfoot, J A. Vale, and L F. Prescott

Pharmacokinetics of N-acetylcysteine are altered in patients with chronic liver disease, Alison L. Jones, D R. Jarvie, D Simpson, P C. Hayes, and L F. Prescott

Unusual complications of paracetamol poisoning, Alison L. Jones and L F. Prescott

The features and management of poisoning with drugs used to treat Parkinson's disease, Alison L. Jones and A T. Proudfoot


Skeletal muscle triglyceride levels are inversely related to insulin action, D A. Pan, S Lillioja, A D. Kriketos, M R. Milner, L A. Baur, C Bogardus, A B. Jenkins, and L H. Storlien

Cytokines and cross-linking of sIgM augment PMA-induced activation of human leukaemic CD5+ B cells, Stuart G. Tangye, Kathryn M. Weston, and Robert L. Raison

General practitioners and euthanasia: strong opinions and unexpected views, Ian G. Wilson, B Kay, and I Steven

Papers from 1996

Antigen binding and cytotoxic properties of a recombinant immunotoxin incorporating the lytic peptide, melittin, Rosanne Dunn, Kathryn Weston, Terrence Longhurst, Glenn Lilley, Donald Rivett, Peter Hudson, and Robert Raison

The association of hepatitis C viral infection with porphyria cutanea tarda in the Lothian region of Scotland, I Hussain, N C. Hepburn, Alison L. Jones, K O'Rourke, and P C. Hayes

Thiophosphate induces apoptosis in human leukemia cell lines, Lele Jiang, Kathryn M. Weston, and Arthur D. Conigrave

Hepatotoxicity, Alison L. Jones

What's your poison?, Alison L. Jones, A M. Good, and A T. Proudfoot

Eye drops - The hidden poison, Alison L. Jones, J E. Keighley, W Gold, and A M. Good

Selective IgA deficiency, hypothyroidism and congenital lymphoedema, Alison L. Jones and D J. Webb

Interrelationships between muscle morphology, insulin action, and adiposity, A Kriketos, D Pan, Stephen Lillioja, G J. Cooney, L A. Baur, M R. Milner, J R. Sutton, A B. Jenkins, C Bogardus, and Leonard H. Storlien

Impaired glucose tolerance in Pima Indians, Stephen Lillioja

Protection from ultraviolet radiation pathology by topical and systemic agents, V E. Reeve, R B. Cope, M Bosnic, Caroline A. Kerr, and C Boehm-Wilcox

Papers from 1995

The effect of nitric oxide synthase inhibition on portal pressure and azygos blood flow in patients with cirrhosis, E H. Forrest, Alison L. Jones, John R. Dillon, James Walker, and P C. Hayes

Portal and systemic haemodynamic response to acute and chronic administration of low and high dose isosorbide-5-mononitrate in patients with cirrhosis, Alison L. Jones, I H. Bangash, James Walker, K J. Simpson, N D.C Finlayson, and P C. Hayes

Growth hormone-binding protein in human lymph, H Maheshwari, Stephen Lillioja, C Castillo, M Mercado, and G Baumann


Skeletal muscle membrane lipid composition is related to adiposity and insulin action, David A. Pan, Stephen Lillioja, Michael R. Milner, Adamandia D. Kriketos, Louise A. Baur, Clifton Bogardus, and Leonard H. Storlien

Soluble adhesion molecules and interleukin-2 receptor concentrations in patients with autoimmune chronic hepatitis, K J. Simpson, Alison L. Jones, A. Howie Forbes, and P C. Hayes

In vivo beta-cell function at the transition to early non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, B Swinburn, R Gianchandani, M Saad, and Stephen Lillioja

Phorbol ester activates CD5+ leukaemic B cells via a T cell-independent mechanism, Stuart G. Tangye, Kathryn M. Weston, and Robert L. Raison

Papers from 1994


Interstitial insulin concentrations determine glucose uptake rates but not insulin resistance in lean and obese men, Charles Castillo, Clitton Bogardus, Richard Bergman, Pam Thuillez, and Stephen Lillioja

Glycemic response to stress is altered in euglycemic Pima Indians, A Esposito-Dul Puente, S Lillioja, C Bogardus, J McCubbin, M Feinglos, C M. Kuhn, and R Surwit

Portal and systemic haemodynamic action of N-acetylcysteine in patients with stable cirrhosis, Alison L. Jones, I H. Bangash, I.A.D Bouchier, and P C. Hayes

Organic nitrates in portal hypertension, Alison L. Jones and P C. Hayes

Hepatocellular damage following amphetamine intoxication, Alison L. Jones, D R. Jarvie, G Mcdermid, and A T. Proudfoot

Analysis of serial serum alpha-fetoprotein concentrations in patients with cirrhosis, Alison L. Jones, J Plevris, C H. Shearing, I.A.D Bouchier, and P C. Hayes


Depletion of Glutathione and enhanced lipid peroxidation in the CSF of Acute Psychotics following haloperidol administration., B. Nagesh Pai, N. Janakiramaih, B. N. Gangadhar, and Vijayalakshmi Ravindranath

A cell-surface opsonic receptor on leucocytes from the phylogenetically primitive vertebrate, Eptatretus stouti, Robert L. Raison, Jennifer Coverley, Jeffrey W. Hook, Peter Towns, Kathryn M. Weston, and David A. Raftos

Hyperinsulinemia is associated with menstrual irregularity and altered serum androgens in Pima Indian women, D Weiss, M Charles, A Dunaif, D Prior, Stephen Lillioja, W C. Knowler, and W Herman


Audit on myocardial infarction in a district general hospital: Is there room for improvement in diagnostic accuracy?, Wilson Wong, Adam Jones, and Timothy J. Goodwin

Papers from 1993

A patient with neurosyphilis presenting as chorea, Alison L. Jones and I.A.D Bouchier


Insulin resistance and insulin secretory dysfunction as precursors of non- insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus: Prospective studies of Pima Indians, Stephen Lillioja, David M. Mott, Maximilian Spraul, Robert Ferraro, James E. Foley, Eric Ravussin, William C. Knowler, Peter H. Bennett, and Clifton Bogardus

Linkage of chromosomal markers on 4q with a putative gene determining maximal insulin action in Pima Indians, M Prochazka, S Lillioja, J F. Tait, W C. Knowler, P M. Mott, M Spraul, P H. Bennett, and C Bogardus

Papers from 1992

Pima Indians as a model to study the genetics of NIDDM, C Bogardus and S Lillioja


A new taql allele detected by the CRI-R227 (D4S101) probe in Pima Indians, M G. Choi, M Prochazka, P Thuillez, and Stephen Lillioja


Lower sedentary metabolic rate in women compared with men, Robert Ferraro, Stephen Lillioja, Anne-Marie Fontvieille, Russell Rising, Clifton Bogardus, and Eric Ravussin

Twenty-four-hour energy expenditure in Pima Indians with Type 2 (non-insulin-dependent) diabetes mellitus, A M. Fontvieille, S Lillioja, R Ferraro, C O. Schultz, R Rising, and E Ravussin

Papers from 1991


Pathogenesis of NIDDM in Pima Indians, Clitton Bogardus, Stephen Lillioja, and P H. Bennett

Peripheral lymphatic cannulation for physiological analysis of interstitial fluid compartment in humans, C E. Castillo and Stephen Lillioja

Studies of the etiology of obesity in Pima Indians, B Howard, C Bogardus, E Ravussin, J E. Foley, Stephen Lillioja, D Mott, P Bennett, and W C. Knowler

Basal and insulin-mediated carbohydrate metabolism in human muscle deficient in phosphofructokinase 1, A Katz, M Spencer, Stephen Lillioja, Z Yan, D Mott, R Haller, and S Lewis

Exaggerated early insulin release and insulin resistance in a diabetes-prone population: A metabolic comparison of Pima Indians and caucasians, Stephen Lillioja, Bulangal Nyomba, M Saad, R Ferraro, C Castillo, P Bennett, and C Bogardus

Normal coding sequence of insulin gene in Pima Indians and Nauruans, two groups with highest prevalence of type II diabetes, N Raben, F Barbetti, A Cama, M Lesniak, Stephen Lillioja, P Zimmet, S Serjeantson, SS Taylor, and J Roth


Racial differences in the relation between blood pressure and insulin resistance, Mohammad F. Saad, Stephen Lillioja, B Nyomba, Castillo C, R Ferraro, M De Gregorio, E Ravussin, W C. Knowler, P H. Bennett, B Howard, and C Bogardus


Insulin resistance associated with lower rates of weight gain in Pima Indians, Boyd A. Swinburn, Bulangu L. Nyomba, Mohammad F. Saad, Francesco Zurlo, Itamar Raz, William C. Knowler, Stephen Lillioja, Clifton Bogardus, and Eric Ravussin

Papers from 1990

Non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus: what we have learnt from studies carried out among Pima Indians, P H. Bennett, D J. Pettitt, M F. Saad, C Bogardus, Stephen Lillioja, and W C. Knowler


Where all the glucose doesn't go in non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, C Bogardus and Stephen Lillioja

The pathogenesis of obesity in man: Results of studies on Pima Indians, Clitton Bogardus, Stephen Lillioja, and E Ravussin

The amino acid sequence of the insulin receptor is normal in an insulin-resistant Pima Indian, A Cama, A P. Patterson, T Kadowaki, H Kadowaki, G Siegel, D D'Ambrosio, Stephen Lillioja, J Roth, and S I. Taylor

Brain glucose metabolism in noninsulin-dependent diabetes mellitus: A study in Pima Indians using positron emission tomography during hyperinsulinemia with euglycemic glucose clamp, R Eastman, R Carson, M Gordon, G Berg, Stephen Lillioja, S Larson, and J Roth

Low ratio of fat to carbohydrate oxidation as predictor of weight gain: Study of 24-h RQ, Francesco Zurlo, Stephen Lillioja, Puente Esposito-del, Bulangal Nyomba, Itamar Raz, Mohammad S Saad, Boydia Swinburn, William C. Knowler, Clifton Bogardus, and Eric Ravussin

Papers from 1989

Clinical aspects of insulin action in skeletal muscle, S Lillioja and C Bogardus

Adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate-dependent protein kinase activity decreases in human muscle after insulin infusion, M Okubo, Clitton Bogardus, Stephen Lillioja, and D Mott

Papers from 1988


Obesity and insulin resistance: lessons learned from the Pima Indians, S Lillioja and C Bogardus

Impaired glucose tolerance as a disorder of insulin action. Longitudinal and cross-sectional studies in Pima Indians, S Lillioja, D M. Mott, B V. Howard, P H. Bennett, H Yki-Jarvinen, D Freymond, B Nyomba, F Zurlo, B Swinburn, and C Bogardus

Insulin resistance in Pima Indians. A combined effect of genetic predisposition and obesity-related skeletal muscle cell hypertrophy, Stephen Lillioja and C Bogardus

Reduced rate of energy expenditure as a risk factor for body-weight gain, E Ravussin, S Lillioja, W C. Knowler, L Christin, D Freymond, W G H Abbott, V Boyce, B V. Howard, and C Bogardus

Energy expenditure and body-weight gain, P Visentin, F Fabris, L M. Green, J H. Prystowsky, E Ravussin, Stephen Lillioja, W C. Knowler, L Christin, D Freymond, B V. Howard, C Bogardus, J Hirsh, and R Leibel

Papers from 1987

In vivo insulin action is familial characteristic in nondiabetic Pima Indians, Stephen Lillioja, D Mott, J K. Zawadski, A A. Young, W Abbott, W C. Knowler, B H. Bennett, and C Bogardus


Skeletal muscle capillary density and fiber type are possible determinants of in vivo insulin resistance in man., Stephen Lillioja, A Young, Carol L. Culter, John L. Ivy, W Abbott, J K. Zawadzki, H Yki-Jarvinen, L Christin, Timothy W. Secomb, and Clitton Bogardus

Dissociation of in vitro sensitivities of glucose transport and antilipolysis to insulin in NIDDM, H Yki-Jarvinen, H Kubo, J Zawadzki, S Lillioja, A Young, W Abbott, and J E. Foley

Papers from 1984

Relationship between obesity and maximal insulin-stimulated glucose uptake in vivo and in vitro in Pima Indians, C Bogardus, S Lillioja, and D Mott