Celeste Liddle

Streaming Media


Activist groups were among the first to recognise the potential of the internet as a tool to organise. Aboriginal people use social media at a significantly higher rate than everyone else, and this trend, though not as pronounced, also holds for feminist networks as well. This session is going to talk briefly about how Celeste Liddle came to use the internet as a tool for social change and draw on examples from her blog, union work and broader to highlight its capacity as an alternate communication tool in a media environment which is still very much dominated by the voices of wealthy white men.

Bio: Celeste Liddle is a proud Arrernte woman who lives in Melbourne. She is the current National Indigenous Organiser at the NTEU, a freelance opinion writer, and blogger at ‘Rantings of an Aboriginal Feminist’ - Celeste has completed a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Theatre and Drama at La Trobe University, and a Graduate Diploma in Arts (mainly in political sciences) at the University of Melbourne. Her freelance writing work has opened many doors, and has contributed work to Tracker, Fairfax, The Guardian and numerous other publications, as well as irregularly providing commentary on the radio and in the media. Follow Celeste on Twitter @Utopiana and Facebook -