Streaming Media


Colonialism remains active in Indigenous communities across the world, dominated by western value systems that continue to have devastating impacts on communities and aspirations. These impacts have stifled the realisation and practice of self-determination, prompting new ways of doing things. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter provide Indigenous communities with unique opportunities to express and action different modes of self-determination and become a space for establishing and developing online Indigenous citizenship (OIC). OIC is an innovative approach to addressing self-determination, enabling communities to discuss and debate issues, express identity, practice culture and values, mobilise political agendas and be self-determining as individuals, groups and communities. In this presentation, I will discuss the notion of online citizenship in ways that work for Indigenous communities and how online experiences of empowerment and self-determination shape and are shaped by Indigenous advancement and transformation.

Bio: Dr Sciascia has tribal affiliations to Ngaruahine Rangi, Ngāti Ruanui and Te Āti Awa tribes based in the Taranaki region of Aotearoa New Zealand. She recently completed her doctorate in 2013 and has widely published findings from her doctoral research that looked at Māori peoples’ use of social media. More recently, her research has extended into online Indigenous citizenship and the expression and actions of tino rangatiratanga (self-determination) by Indigenous communities through socially mediated spaces.