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J. Law "Rain water: river otters sacrifice fish" 2012 Wordpress.org Online Arts Project, 27 August. The Illustrated Almanac of the Illawarra and Beyond.


This pentad began with a very warm spring day. Bellambi (AWS) recorded a maximum of 26.7ºC on Thursday August 23rd. Where we were in Sydney, the highest temperature reached 30ºC. In the city, many people wore their summer ensemble perfectly at ease in the hot sun; leaving some of us, who caught off-guard by the sudden shift in weather, wandering with our woollens tied around our waists or stuffed in our bags like visitors from a cold country. Like a Proustian madeleine, the warm air jolts the body’s memories, and, for a brief moment, I was immersed in a hot Sydney summer’s day.

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The Illustrated Almanac of the Illawarra and Beyond