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Ballard, S. "It's a small world after all: Susan Norrie's ENOLA." Junctures: the journal for thematic dialogue 5 .(space) (2005): 11-20.


This essay explores the movements of cinema as it is refashioned within an art gallery space. In addition it charts a number of research ideas as they find themselves manifest alongside Australian artist Susan Norrie’s digital video installation ‘ENOLA’ (2004). The essay engages with a current argument in new media theory surrounding the influence and relevance of the cinematic apparatus for analysis of new media, and suggests that although both cinema and new media can be understood through shared aspects of movement, duration, and sound, to reference cinema directly in a digital gallery installation also introduces a number of problematic issues surrounding representation and reality. These issues are discussed in relation to my firsthand experience of the work as relayed below.

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Junctures: the journal for thematic dialogue