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Burt, W. A. "Long distance composing for computer controlled microtonal acoustic instruments". Australasian Computer Music Conference. Ed. T. Opie & A. Brown. Fitzroy, Victoria: Australasian Computer Music Association, 2005. 36-42.


From mid 2004 until early 2005, I was involved in a project to compose works for a series of computercontrolled acoustic instruments, some of which are microtonal, built by Godfried Willem Raes and associates at the Logos Foundation in Gent, Belgium. However, I was in Wollongong. I composed for these works by long distance, using the internet, in a slow, non-real time manner. Further, I composed the music for these instruments using a series of over two dozen mathematical functions that I implemented for John Dunns ArtWonk and SoftStep Windows algorithmic composing environments. The pieces then, are the product of two intercontinental collaborations, one with the software, another with the instruments. This paper briefly examines the instruments, the method of internet collaboration that occurred, the functions implemented in the software to compose the pieces, and the pieces themselves. It also looks in somewhat more depth at harmonic structures implemented in one of the pieces, and details of its composition.

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Australasian Computer Music Conference