Papers from 2018

Leadership coaching: An Australian context, Julia Ahrens and Michael Armour

Impact of Pharmaceutically Active Compounds in Marine Environment on Aquaculture, Muhammad Bilal Asif, Faisal I. Hai, William E. Price, and Long D. Nghiem

Writing home from China: Charles Allen's transnational childhood, Kate Bagnall

Pronunciation teaching in the pre-CLT era, Amanda Ann Baker

Submarine acquisition in Southeast Asia: The dangers, Walter S. Bateman

Understanding self-regulated learning in open-ended online assignment tasks, Sue Bennett, Lori Lockyer, Gregor Kennedy, and Barney Dalgarno

Torque vectoring with active steering for improved lateral performance in electric vehicles, Philip A. Commins, Brett McAulay, and Haiping Du

Rethinking culture-led urban regeneration: The creative (re)assembling of inner-city Newcastle, Nathalie Gentle and Pauline M. McGuirk


Shores: Sharks, Nets and More-Than-Human Territory in Eastern Australia, Leah Maree Gibbs

Souvenirs, animals, and enchantment: encountering Texas cowboy boots, Christopher R. Gibson

Malleable homes and mutual possessions: caring and sharing in extended family households as a resource for survival, Christopher R. Gibson, Natascha Klocker, Erin Borger, and Sophie-May Kerr

Submarine acquisition in Australia, James V. Goldrick

T-Shirt's Guevara: The Visual Jurisprudence of the New Man, Luis Gomez Romero

'Does it matter?': Relocating fragments of queer heritage in post-earthquake Christchurch, Andrew W. Gorman-Murray and Scott J. McKinnon


Two Decades of Advancement in Process Simulation Testing of Ballast Strength, Deformation, and Degradation, Buddhima Indraratna, Ngoc Trung Ngo, Sanjay Nimbalkar, and Cholachat Rujikiatkamjorn

Enforcement in the Southern Ocean: Legal Issues for Fishery Protection Operations around Antarctica, Stuart B. Kaye

Repositioning Online Reading to a Central Location in the Language Arts, Lisa K. Kervin and Donald J. Leu

The shôjo (girl) aesthetic in Japanese illustrated and picture books, Helen Kilpatrick

Critical success factors of innovation and creativity for global entrepreneurs, Flevy Lasrado


`A frivolous prosecution': Allegations of Physical and Sexual Abuse of Domestic Servants and the Defence of Colonial Patriarchy in Darwin and Singapore, 1880s-1930s, Claire K. Lowrie

Whispering, Writing and Working across Borders: Practising Transnational History in East Asia, Vera Mackie

A Female Slaving Zone? Historical Constructions of the Traffic in Asian Women, Julia T. Martinez

Advantages of parameter estimation in electric vehicles, Brett McAulay, Philip A. Commins, and Haiping Du

State and Parameter Estimation of EVs, Brett McAulay, Boyuan Li, Philip A. Commins, and Haiping Du

Takahashi Tetsu and Popular Sexology in Early Postwar Japan 1945-1970, Mark J. McLelland

Alternative Histories of Social Media in Japan and China, Mark J. McLelland, Haiqing Yu, and Gerard Goggin


Internormative Gastronomies: Law, Nation and Identity, Richard Mohr and Nadirsyah Hosen

Information Systems as a Service (ISaaS): Consumer Co-creation of Value, Saradhi Motamarri

Transitioning the new CEO while embedding a merger: How coaching supported a newly appointed CEO based in Malaysia who was appointed to lead a newly merged technology company across Asia, Padraig B. O'Sullivan

Millennials and facebook: Are men at greater risk of cyberbullying victimization than women?, Joy V. Peluchette, Katherine Karl, Christa Wood, and Jennifer Williams

The changing roles of researchers and participants in digital and social media research: ethics challenges and forward directions, Sarah Quinton and Nina Reynolds

Effectuation thinking and the manifestation of socio-cultural complexities in Sri Lankan female entrepreneurs' business decisions, Nadeera Ranabahu Mudiyanselage and Mary Barrett

On the fringe of regeneration: what role for greenfield development and innovative urban futures?, Kristian J. Ruming, Kathy Mee, Pauline M. McGuirk, and Jill Sweeney

Shopping Centre-led regeneration: Middle-ring town centres and suburban regeneration, Kristian J. Ruming, Kathy Mee, Pauline M. McGuirk, and Jill Sweeney

Human Resource Management in China and Vietnam, Jie Shen and Anne N. Cox

Understanding Social Wellbeing and Values of Small-Scale Fisheries amongst the Sama-Bajau of Archipelagic Southeast Asia, Natasha Stacey, Dirk J. Steenbergen, Julian Clifton, and Greg Acciaioli

Emerging economies, Farzana A. Tanima and Trevor Hopper

Papers from 2017

What can people do with your spatial data?: socio-ethical scenarios, Roba Abbas, Katina Michael, and M G. Michael

Engaging with uncertainty: Shared governance in indigenous conservation landscapes, Michael J. Adams

Salt blood, Michael J. Adams

Wild tradition: Hunting and nature in regional Sweden and Australia, Michael J. Adams

QPLAN: A Tool for Enhancing Software Development Project Performance with Customer Involvement, Marco Antonio Amaral Feris

The Contribution of E-Government to Primary Industries and Rural Development in Pacific Island States, Transform Aqorau, Rowena Cullen, Anju Mangal, and Peter Walton

Asserting cultural interests through the law: issues and innovations, Johnnie Aseron, Kylie Anne Lingard, Chris McLaughlin, Jacqueline Williams, Paul Martin, and Neyooxet Greymorning

Rethinking ethnobotany? A methodological reflection on human-plant research, Jennifer M. Atchison and Lesley M. Head


'To his home at Jembaicumbene': women's cross-cultural encounters on a colonial goldfield, Kate Bagnall

Assessing the green supply chain management for the United Arab Emirates construction industry, Sreejith Balasubramanian and Balan Sundarakani

Introduction: current state and future directions for research on corporate brand management, John Balmer, Shaun M. Powell, Joachim Kernstock, and Tim Oliver Brexendorf

Food packaging and older adults, Alison F. Bell, Linda C. Tapsell, and Karen L. Walton

Sure Start Local Programmes: Area-Based, Early-Preventive Intervention in England, Jay Belsky, Edward Melhuish, and Jacqueline Barnes

Co-creating Support Curriculum with PACE International Community Partners, Rebecca H. Bilous, Eryn Coffey, Gregory J. Downey, Laura Ann Hammersley, Kate Lloyd, and Felicity Rawlings-Sanaei

Design mobilities via 3D printing, Thomas Birtchnell, John Urry, and Justin Westgate

Spatial Analysis for Coastal Vulnerability Assessment, Jarbas Bonetti and Colin D. Woodroffe

'Peace and Quiet and Open Air': The Old Cow Project, Melissa J. Boyde

Gilles Deleuze, Ian M. Buchanan

The fear of boredom, Ian M. Buchanan

Is there anyone out there?, Lucila Carvalho and Maarten F. de Laat


Anthropocene and planetary boundaries, Noel Castree

Big data in genomics, Huaming Chen, Jiangning Song, Jun Shen, and Lei Wang


Visual authentication based on visual cryptography using mobile devices, Yang-Wai Chow, Willy Susilo, Man Ho Au, and Ari Moesriami Barmawi

Indigenous Australians and Ageing: Responding to Diversity in Policy and Practice, Kathleen F. Clapham and Cathy Duncan

Bush Mechanics: Then and Now, Georgine W. Clarsen

'Why don't you write about Canada': Olive Senior's poetry, everybody's history, and the 'condition of resonance', Anne A. Collett

Tracking the Literature of Tropical Weather, Anne A. Collett, Russell McDougall, and Sue Thomas

The fragmentation of the clothing and textile trade union movement in Malaysia, Vicki D. Crinis

Malaysia: balancing paid and unpaid work, Vicki D. Crinis and Alifa Bandali

Migrant workers in the clothing industry: networking in Christian spaces, Vicki D. Crinis and Angie Ngoc Tran

Introduction: dis-organising labour in the clothing industry in the Asia Pacific, Vicki D. Crinis and Adrian H. Vickers

Derivation of Human Embryonic Stem Cells, Jeremy Micah Crook, Lucy Kravets, Teija Peura, and Meri Firpo

Culturing and Cryobanking Human Neural Stem Cells, Jeremy Micah Crook and Eva Tomaskovic-Crook

Cryobanking Pluripotent Stem Cells, Jeremy Micah Crook, Eva Tomaskovic-Crook, and Tenneille Ludwig

Is the Web Site Well Structured, Tingru Cui, Xinwei Wang, and Hock Hai Teo

Survival, dignity and wellbeing: Indigenous rights and transformative approaches to justice, Christopher Cunneen and Juan M. Tauri

Global legal norms in the Antarctic, Ruth A. Davis

Recent highlights in advanced transmission electron microscopy techniques: Applications to nanomaterials, Francis L Deepak and Gilberto Casillas

Credit card fraud: behind the scenes, Dan DeFilippi and Katina Michael

Healthy cities, urbanisation, and healthy islands: Oceania, Evelyne de Leeuw, Anna Stevenson, Gwyn Jolley, Sandra K. McCarthy, and Erik Martin


Thinking in terms of contract defences, Andrew Dyson, James Goudkamp, and Fred Wilmot-Smith

South-South Cooperation Strategies in Indonesia: Domestic and International Drivers, Susan N. Engel

La parentalité : Défis des conjoints et position mentalisante, Karin Ensink, C Dugal, V Lebel, Marko Biberdzic, Lina Normandin, and C Drouin-Maziade

Discussion: Attending to Values and Quality of Patient Involvement in HTA, Vikki A. Entwistle and Stacy M. Carter

The Causes, Character and Conduct of Internal Armed Conflict and the Effects on Civilian Populations, 1990-2010, Theo G. Farrell and Olivier Schmitt


Late Neoproterozoic to early Mesozoic sedimentary rocks of the Tasmanides, eastern Australia: provenance switching associated with development of the East Gondwana active margin, Chris L. Fergusson, R A. Henderson, and R Offler

Athlete Centred Approach - Beginning the Process in Junior Teams, Gregory J. Forrest

Sustainability and the consumer-citizen's consumption consciousness, Julie E. Francis and Davis

The significance and meaning of others, Shaun Gallagher

Development of pragmatic competence: Compliment responses by L2 learners of Chinese, Xiaoping Gao


Surfboard making and environmental sustainability: New materials and regulations, subcultural norms and economic constraints, Christopher R. Gibson and Andrew T. Warren

Music and community in Australian country towns: choir singing, belonging and emotion, Andrea Gordon and Christopher R. Gibson

The psychology of positivity at work, Suzy Green, Michelle McQuaid, Alicia Purtell, and Aylin Dulagil

Can the contiguous zone be used for environmental protection purposes?, W Gullett

Marine Contingency Planning in Australia, W Gullett

Language matters: reciprocity and its multiple meanings, Laura Ann Hammersley

Human freedom and divine sovereignty: Muslim perspectives, Feras Hamza

Connected living for positive ageing, Helen M. Hasan and Henry Linger


Something wonderful in my back yard: the social impetus for group self- building, Emma Elizabeth Heffernan and Pieter De Wilde

Lipid peroxidation and animal longevity, Anthony J. Hulbert, Nicolas Martin, and Paul Else

Memory and narrativity, Daniel D. Hutto

Continuity skepticism in doubt: a radically enactive take, Daniel D. Hutto and Glenda L. Satne

Sterol analysis by quantitative mass spectrometry, Andrew M. Jenner and Simon H. J Brown