Submissions from 2021

Age in Society: Hegemony, Contingency and Intersectionality, Richard Howson, Jeff Hearn, and Wendy Parkin

Society in Age: Hegemony, Historicity and Knowledge, Richard Howson, Jeff Hearn, and Wendy Parkin

Does renewable energy promote energy security and economic growth in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations?, Rabindra Nepal, Hammed Musibau, and Farhad Taghizadeh-Hesary

Gravity Compensation of Delta Parallel Robot Using a Gear-Spring Mechanism, Vu Nguyen, Chin-Hsing Kuo, and Chyi Lin

Collective Intentionality, Inferentialism and the Capacity for Claim-Making, Glenda L. Satne

Submissions from 2020


Challenges with Designing Online Assessment to Support Student Task Understanding, Tiffani L. Apps, Karley A. Beckman, and Sue Bennett

Revisiting “Cyber” Definition: Context, History, and Domain, Riza Azmi, Kautsarina Kautsarina, Ima Apriany, and William J. Tibben

Intersectional identities, Katie Barclay and Sharon Crozier-De Rosa

Introduction: a guide to sources for the history of emotions, Katie Barclay, Sharon Crozier-De Rosa, and Peter N. Stearns

Development Banks: Washington Consensus, Beijing Consensus or Banking Consensus?, Adrian R. Bazbauers and Susan N. Engel

3DP and the Domestication of Supply Chains in the Future, Tillmann Boehme and Thomas Birtchnell

Unmanned Imaging of the Anthropocene, Aaron L. Burton

Fridges and food waste: An ethnography of freshness, Rebecca Campbell and Gordon R. Waitt

Grandmother trees, Aboriginal women and fire, Vanessa I. Cavanagh

A generalised deterministic approach to evaluate PV hosting capacity of LV distribution networks under different operating conditions, D Chathurangi, Upuli Jayatunga, Sarath Perera, and Ashish P. Agalgaonkar

Emotions of protest, Sharon Crozier-De Rosa

The "Wicked Problem" of Implementing Evidence based Practice in Special and Inclusive Education: A Sociocultural Analysis, Roselyn M. Dixon and Irina Verenikina

Belonging and segregation – the oxymoron of the special school, Shoshana J. Dreyfus

Public perceptions of future threats to humanity: Why they matter, Richard Eckersley and Melanie J. Randle

Sweden, Joakim Eidenfalk

Mindful performance, Shaun Gallagher


“I Think That’s My Job”: What Motivates Teachers to Partner with Teacher Educators in ITE?, Corinne Green, Michelle J. Eady, and Sharon K. Tindall-Ford

Entering Their World: Using Social Media to Support Students in Modern Times, Corinne Green, Emily McMillan, Lachlan Munn, Caitlin Sole, and Michelle J. Eady

Bilateral cooperation in fisheries law enforcement: developments in state practice, W Gullett


Customer Analytics Capabilities in the Big Data Spectrum: A Systematic Approach to Achieve Sustainable Firm Performance, Md Afnan Hossain, Shahriar Akter, and Venkata K. Yanamandram

Hegemony, Hegemonic Masculinity, and Beyond, Richard Howson and Jeff Hearn

Introduction- Consolidation and Contestation of the Responsibility to Protect, Charles T. Hunt and Philip C. Orchard

Ethnicity, multiculturalism and neo-conservatism, Andrew Jakubowicz

Sexual Citizenship in Comparative Perspective, Carol Johnson and Vera Mackie

Multiculturalism and education policy, Mary Kalantzis and Bill Cope

Mentoring to Affect Student Perceptions of Academic Integrity, Zeenath Reza Khan, Sabiha Mumtaz, and Salma Rakhman

Challenging the Legal Self through Performance, Marett Leiboff

The Rocky Horror Show as liminal, gothic, monstrous, Shakespearean biolegal fable, Marett Leiboff

An alternative method to solve the water scarcity in Adelaide – apply a coastal reservoir strategy in the Lower Lakes, Jianli Liu, Muttucumaru Sivakumar, Shu-qing Yang, and Brian G. Jones

Militarized sexual violence and campaigns for redress, Vera Mackie

Skill development: role of industry-academia dyadic collaboration for sustaining the construction supply chain in rural India, Sushmera Manikandan, Balan Sundarakani, and Vijay Pereira

Cyber vulnerability, Brian Martin

Law versus science, Brian Martin

Research grants and agenda shaping, Brian Martin

Social defence: a revolutionary agenda, Brian Martin

Writing their futures: Students' stories of development and difference, Erika S. Matruglio and Pauline T. Jones

New South Wales: insights into influencing the shape of criminal law making, Luke J. McNamara and Julia Quilter

'Celebrating 10 Years of Idris Elba Becoming James Bond Any Second Now': Fandom, Ownership and the Alt-Right, Renee Middlemost

Procaffeinating: Mapping regional coffee fandom via social media, Renee Middlemost

Responsible management: an Indigenous perspective, Jason Paul Mika, Rick Colbourne, and Shamika Almeida


Bayesian Computation with Intractable Likelihoods, Matthew T. Moores, Anthony N. Pettitt, and Kerrie Mengersen

Migrantness, culture and ideology, Michael Morrissey

Samkange's theory of Ubuntu and its contribution to a decolonised social work pedagogy, Jacob Mugumbate

Aerobic membrane bioreactors and micropollutant removal, Long D. Nghiem, Luong Nguyen, Hop Phan, Huu Ngo, Wenshan Guo, and Faisal I. Hai

Contestations, Norms, and the Responsibility to Protect as a Regime, Philip C. Orchard

Russia as an R2P Anti-Preneur? Contesting and Challenging the Responsibility to Protect, Philip C. Orchard and Heather Rae

Enacting responsible management: a practice-based perspective, Oriana Price, Silvia Gherardi, and Marie Manidis

Evaluating Criminalisation as a Strategy in Relation to Non-Physical Family Violence, Julia Quilter

Supporting the development of Pacific social work across Oceania - critical reflections and lessons learnt towards disrupting whiteness in the region, Jioji Ravulo

"I wish we could have saved him for you": Australia's experience of death and bereavement in war, 1914-1918, Jennifer M. Roberts

The use and misuse of online paraphrasing, editing and translation software, Ann M. Rogerson

Shared Intentionality and the Cooperative Evolutionary Hypothesis, Glenda L. Satne and Alessandro Salice

TSD estimation in the advanced stages of decomposition, Eline M.J. Schotsmans, Wim Van De Voorde, and Shari L. Forbes

Fleeing across the globe: Trans asylum seekers, Nan M. Seuffert

Law, society and domestic violence: 'best practice' methodologies for evaluating integrated domestic violence services, Nan M. Seuffert and Trish Mundy

Design and Testing of 2-Degree-of-Freedom (DOF) Printable Pneumatic Soft Finger, Ebrahim Shahabi, Yu-Ta Yao, Cheng-Hsiu Chuang, Po Ting Lin, and Chin-Hsing Kuo

Crime drama and national identity on Australian television, 1960-2019, Cassandra E. Sharp

Water quality considerations: from catchment to coastal reservoir, Muttucumaru Sivakumar, Brian G. Jones, and Shu-qing Yang

Lingering matter: Materialities, temporalities and waste in clothes, Elyse R. Stanes

Gender, class and ethnic relations: The domestic and work experiences of Italian migrant women in Australia, Ellie Vasta

Performance Evaluation of a Class of Gravity-Compensated Gear-Spring Planar Articulated Manipulators, Nguyen Vu Linh and Chin-Hsing Kuo


Theorising transdisciplinary research encounters: Energy and Illawarra, Australia, Gordon R. Waitt

Stay and defend, Joshua Whittaker

For some or all? Debating the value of inclusive and exclusive approaches to talent management, Sharna L. Wiblen

Talent Management and Digitalised Talent Management, Sharna L. Wiblen

The Human-Technology Interface in Talent Management and the Implications for HRM, Sharna L. Wiblen and Janet H. Marler

Aboriginal people find strength despite perpetual grief, Bhiamie Williamson, Jessica Weir, and Vanessa I. Cavanagh

A matter of space and time: How frequent is convergence in lithic technology in the African archaeological record over the last 300 kyr?, Manuel Will and Alex Mackay

Risk Assessment on Information Security of Ship Networks in Yangtze River Delta, Lin Yin, Liqun Peng, and Zhixiong Li

A Self-adaptive Nature-Inspired Procedure for Solving the Quadratic Assignment Problem, Reza Zamani and Mehrdad Amirghasemi

Papers from 2019

Dissolution of Sapphire and Alumina-Magnesia Particles in CaO-SiO 2 -Al 2 O 3 Liquid Slags, Hamed Abdeyazdan, Neslihan Dogan, Raymond Longbottom, Muhammad A. Rhamdhani, Michael W. Chapman, and Brian J. Monaghan

Does Service Quality Perception in Omnichannel Retailing Matter? A Systematic Review and Agenda for Future Research, Shahriar Akter, Muhammad Ismail Hossain, Steven Lu, Sutapa Aditya, Tasnim M Taufique Hossain, and Uraiporn Kattiyapornpong

Robotics-Soft Robotics, Gursel Alici

Searching for Culinary Footprints: A Question of Cultural Identity - Kristang Foodways and the Portuguese Culinary Legacy in Melaka, Paula Arvela

Joan Brassil: 'The Energy of the Life Game', Susan Ballard

Will there be an Urryism? The dialectic of a plural thinker in singular times, Thomas Birtchnell

Docu-reality and Empathy in Bloodless (2017) A Manifesto for Transnational Virtual Reality Cinema, Luke Buckmaster and Brian Yecies


Grounded theory and empirical ethics, Stacy M. Carter

Thailand's SME participation in ASEAN and East Asian Regional Economic Integration, Teerawat Charoenrat and Charles Harvie

Strain tuning effects in perovskites, Zhenxiang Cheng, Fang Hong, Tingting Jia, Hongyang Zhao, Zengmei Wang, Yuanxu Wang, Kiyoshi Ozawa, and Hideo Kimura

Black As: Performing Indigenous difference, Georgine W. Clarsen

Of girls and spanners: Feminist politics, women's bodies and the male trades, Georgine W. Clarsen


A slow reading of Olive Senior's hurricane story, Anne A. Collett

This Thing of Darkness: Reading Atmospheric Disturbance in Matthew Lewis's Journal of a West India Proprietor, Anne A. Collett

The Riddle of Prosecutorial Discretion, Victoria Colvin

Missionaries and Chinese women: The representation and exploitation of vulnerability in British missionary writing, Tamara Cooper

The ethics of One Health, Christopher J. Degeling, Angus Dawson, and Gwendolyn L. Gilbert

'Oh, the places you'll go': The importance of relationships on postgraduate research students' experiences of academia, Janine Delahunty and Kathryn Harden-Thew

Spanish pronunciation and teacher training: challenges and suggestions, Manuel Delicado Cantero, William Steed, and Alfredo Herrero de Haro

Super-resolution fluorescence microscopy, Alberto Diaspro, Paolo Bianchini, Francesca Zanacchi, Luca Lanzanò, Giuseppe Vicidomini, and Colin J. Sheppard

Quantitative Thermal Analysis of Solidification in a High-Temperature Laser-Scanning Confocal Microscope, Dasith Deshan Dodangoda Liyanage, Suk Chun Moon, Madeleine Du Toit, and Rian J. Dippenaar

Addressing community diversity: the role of the festival encounter, Michelle Duffy, Judith Mair, and Gordon R. Waitt

Supporting Writing Collaborations through Synchronous Technologies: Singing Our SSONG about Working Together at a Distance, Michelle J. Eady, Corinne Green, Ashley B. Akenson, Briony Supple, Marian McCarthy, James Cronin, and Jacinta C. McKeon

Low-Profile Patch Antenna with Parasitic Elements for CubeSat Applications, Mohamed El Bakkali, Faisel EM M Tubbal, Gurjot Singh Gaba, Lavish Kansal, and Najiba El Idrissi

Writers, Producers and Creative Entrepreneurship in Web Series Development, Steinar Ellingsen and Stayci Taylor