Papers from 2020


Customer Analytics Capabilities in the Big Data Spectrum: A Systematic Approach to Achieve Sustainable Firm Performance, Md Afnan Hossain, Shahriar Akter, and Venkata K. Yanamandram

Militarized sexual violence and campaigns for redress, Vera Mackie

Stay and defend, Joshua Whittaker

The Human-Technology Interface in Talent Management and the Implications for HRM, Sharna L. Wiblen and Janet H. Marler

Papers from 2019

Dissolution of Sapphire and Alumina-Magnesia Particles in CaO-SiO 2 -Al 2 O 3 Liquid Slags, Hamed Abdeyazdan, Neslihan Dogan, Raymond Longbottom, Muhammad A. Rhamdhani, Michael W. Chapman, and Brian J. Monaghan

Does Service Quality Perception in Omnichannel Retailing Matter? A Systematic Review and Agenda for Future Research, Shahriar Akter, Muhammad Ismail Hossain, Steven Lu, Sutapa Aditya, Tasnim M Taufique Hossain, and Uraiporn Kattiyapornpong

Robotics-Soft Robotics, Gursel Alici

Searching for Culinary Footprints: A Question of Cultural Identity - Kristang Foodways and the Portuguese Culinary Legacy in Melaka, Paula Arvela

Will there be an Urryism? The dialectic of a plural thinker in singular times, Thomas Birtchnell

Docu-reality and Empathy in Bloodless (2017) A Manifesto for Transnational Virtual Reality Cinema, Luke Buckmaster and Brian Yecies

Thailand's SME participation in ASEAN and East Asian Regional Economic Integration, Teerawat Charoenrat and Charles Harvie

Black As: Performing Indigenous difference, Georgine W. Clarsen


A slow reading of Olive Senior's hurricane story, Anne A. Collett

This Thing of Darkness: Reading Atmospheric Disturbance in Matthew Lewis's Journal of a West India Proprietor, Anne A. Collett

The Riddle of Prosecutorial Discretion, Victoria Colvin

The ethics of One Health, Christopher J. Degeling, Angus Dawson, and Gwendolyn L. Gilbert

'Oh, the places you'll go': The importance of relationships on postgraduate research students' experiences of academia, Janine Delahunty and Kathryn Harden-Thew

Spanish pronunciation and teacher training: challenges and suggestions, Manuel Delicado Cantero, William Steed, and Alfredo Herrero de Haro

Quantitative Thermal Analysis of Solidification in a High-Temperature Laser-Scanning Confocal Microscope, Dasith Deshan Dodangoda Liyanage, Suk Chun Moon, Madeleine Du Toit, and Rian J. Dippenaar

Addressing community diversity: the role of the festival encounter, Michelle Duffy, Judith Mair, and Gordon R. Waitt

Supporting Writing Collaborations through Synchronous Technologies: Singing Our SSONG about Working Together at a Distance, Michelle J. Eady, Corinne Green, Ashley B. Akenson, Briony Supple, Marian McCarthy, James Cronin, and Jacinta C. McKeon

Getting on the K.A.D. The impacts of kava, alcohol and other drug consumption across Pacific communities, Moses Ma'alo Faleolo and Jioji Ravulo

Being ourselves, naming ourselves, writing ourselves: Indigenous Australian women disrupting what it is to be academic within the academy, Bronwyn Fredericks, Nereda White, Sandra Phillips, Tracey Bunda, Marlene Longbottom, and Debbie Bargallie

Distillations, Lori Gruen and Fiona S. Probyn-Rapsey

Appraising Mixed Methods Research, Elizabeth J. Halcomb

Combining quantitative and qualitative methods, Elizabeth J. Halcomb

Micro-, Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSMEs): Challenges, Opportunities and Sustainability in East Asia, Charles Harvie

The Dutch Disease and Economic Diversification: Should the Approach by Developing Countries Be Different?, Charles Harvie

Loneliness and love in late modernity: Sites of tension and resistance, Nicholas Hookway, Barbara Barbosa Neves, Adrian Franklin, and Roger Patulny

The Innovation Ecosystem: Interrogating (trans)national gender (un)sustainability in the new business centre, Richard Howson and Gregory M. Kerr

The cognitive basis of computation: Putting computation in its place, Daniel D. Hutto, Erik W. Myin, Anco Peeters, and Farid Zahnoun

Inclusion of Firm Heterogeneity in Resource Boom-Bust Cycle Literature, Kankesu Jayanthakumaran, Mohammad Bari, and Nelson Perera

Examining the impact of cultural intelligence on knowledge sharing: Role of moderating and mediating variables, Jeevan Jyoti, Vijay Pereira, and Sumeet Kour

Advertising and Marketing to Children, Bridget Kelly

Sociomaterial Dimensions of Early Literacy Learning Spaces: Moving Through Classrooms with Teacher and Children, Lisa K. Kervin, Barbara M. Comber, and Aspa Baroutsis

Screening the refugee: Freedom Stories and the performance of empathy in an 'emotional community', Sukhmani Khorana

Reliance jio-late, but the latest and later?, Swati Kulkarni and Prakash Vel

Smart approaches in facilitating engineering students to learn health technology, Winson Lee and Gursel Alici

Optimal Transport with Discrete Mean Field Interaction, Jiakun Liu and Gregoire Loeper

Introduction: The Body and the Globe, Vera Mackie, Nicola J. Marks, and Sarah Ferber

Modes of Mobility: Tracing the Routes of Reproductive Travel in the Asia-Pacific Region, Nicola J. Marks, Vera Mackie, and Sarah Ferber

Emotion and morality: a sociological reading of the philosophy of emotion, Jordan J. McKenzie

'I'm certainly not Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt': Jason Statham, fandom and a new type of (anti) hero, Renee Middlemost

The Nina Effect: Offspring and the commodification of fan affect, Renee Middlemost


Comparative hierophany at three object scales, Teodor E. Mitew

Situating India in the global reproductive industry, Vasudha Mohanka

Language and medicine, Alison Rotha Moore

IVF and the "promise of happiness", Robyn L. Morris


Conceptions of Human Rights, David A. Neil

The historical development of refugee protection in Europe, Philip C. Orchard

"That working class ethic … where there's a will there's a way": A strengths-based approach to developing employable scholars, Sarah Elizabeth O'Shea and Janine Delahunty

Emotions in late modernity, Roger Patulny and Rebecca Olson


Proximal mappings and moreau envelopes of single-variable convex piecewise cubic functions and multivariable gauge functions, Chayne Planiden and Xianfu Wang

The "Crazy Cat Lady", Fiona S. Probyn-Rapsey

Social Policy and Social Change: Popular culture, New Media, and Social Work, Jioji Ravulo

Understanding Mental Health and Wellbeing From a Pacific Perspective, Jioji Ravulo, Monique Faleafa, and Tanya Koro

Applying culturally appropriate approaches when working with Pacific adult offenders, Jioji Ravulo and Julia Loane

Introduction to Pacific Social Work: places, peoples, perspectives and practices, Jioji Ravulo, Tracie Mafileo, and Donald Bruce Yeates

Delivering youth justice for Pacific young people and their families, Jioji Ravulo, Jack Scanlan, and Vivian Koster

Where to from here? Integration of indigenous knowledges and practice in contemporary settings, Jioji Ravulo and Wheturangi Walsh-Tapiata

Normativity with a Human Face: Placing Intentional Norms and Intentional Agents back in Nature, Glenda L. Satne and Bernardo Ainbinder

Conservation of Blue Carbon Ecosystems for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation, Oscar Serrano, Jeffrey Kelleway, Catherine E. Lovelock, and Paul S. Lavery

Modelling Trade Logistics Based on Multi-Method Simulation Approach: Case-in-Point: Mongolia, Nagesh Shukla and Arjun Radhakrishnan

Doing business in South Asia: Critical issues and future opportunities, Arijit Sikdar and Vijay Pereira

Complexity and disability: Drawing from a complexity approach to think through disability at the intersections, Louisa Smith and Leanne Dowse

Leading change in the social sector: A bottom-up revival of two weaving clusters in India, Savitha Suri and Payyazhi Jayashree

SUN rises from RANBAXY: Supply chain strategy of an Indian pharmaceutical company, Manikandan Sushmera and Balan Sundarakani

Quality vs value: the case of The Kettering Incident, Sue Turnbull and Marion L. McCutcheon

Advancing Marine Environmental Security in South East Asia: Challenges and Opportunities, Robin M. Warner

Conservation and Management of Marine Living Resources beyond National Jurisdiction: Filling the Gaps, Robin M. Warner

Envisioning a Cooperative Future for the East Asian Seas: Best Practices in Environmental Impact Assessment and Strategic Environmental Assessment, Robin M. Warner

Realising Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use in Southern Hemisphere Oceans beyond National Jurisdiction: Challenges and Prospects, Robin M. Warner


The United Chemicals of Cannabis: Beneficial Effects of Cannabis Phytochemicals on the Brain and Cognition, Katrina Weston-Green

e-Talent in talent management, Sharna L. Wiblen

Macro talent management in Australia: balancing industrial relations, isolation and global competitiveness, Sharna L. Wiblen and Anthony McDonnell


Interdependencies of Internal Migration, Urbanization, Poverty, and Inequality: The Case of Urban India, Edgar J. Wilson, Kankesu Jayanthakumaran, and Reetu Verma

The morphology and development of coastal wetlands in the tropics, Colin D. Woodroffe

The paradox of opinion leadership and recommendation culture in Chinese online movie reviews, Jie Yang and Brian Yecies

South Korea's creative industry markets: Looking beyond 2020 to a rising creative economy, Brian Yecies and Aegyung Shim

Chinese Transcreators, Webtoons and the Korean Digital Wave, Brian Yecies, Aegyung Shim, and Jie Yang


Topological insulator materials for advanced optoelectronic devices, Zengji Yue, Xiaolin Wang, and Min Gu

Papers from 2018

Wild Children, Michael J. Adams

Leadership coaching: An Australian context, Julia Ahrens and Michael Armour

The Radicalisation of Phil Ochs, the Radicalisation of the Sixties, Anthony I. Ashbolt

Applications of membrane bioreactors in biotechnology processes, Muhammad Bilal Asif, Faisal I. Hai, Veeriah Jegatheesan, William E. Price, Long D. Nghiem, and Kazuo Yamamoto

Impact of Pharmaceutically Active Compounds in Marine Environment on Aquaculture, Muhammad Bilal Asif, Faisal I. Hai, William E. Price, and Long D. Nghiem

Thriving in the anthropocene: Understanding human-weed relations and invasive plant management using theories of practice, Jennifer M. Atchison

Writing home from China: Charles Allen's transnational childhood, Kate Bagnall

Pronunciation teaching in the pre-CLT era, Amanda Ann Baker

Submarine acquisition in Southeast Asia: The dangers, Walter S. Bateman

Using online modules to build capacity for teacher resilience, Susan Beltman, Caroline Mansfield, Marold Wosnitza, Noelene L. Weatherby-Fell, and Tania Broadley

Understanding self-regulated learning in open-ended online assignment tasks, Sue Bennett, Lori Lockyer, Gregor Kennedy, and Barney Dalgarno

Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Shawn M. Boeser and Sarah Hamylton

Socially Engaged Art as a Boundary-Rider, Barbara Bolt and Lucas M. Ihlein

In vivo dosimetry, Martin Butson, Gwi Cho, David Odgers, and Joel Poder

Work, value and space: Three key questions of making for the Anthropocene, Chontel A. Carr, Christopher R. Gibson, Elyse R. Stanes, and Andrew T. Warren

Teaching young second language learners in LOTE contexts, Honglin Chen and Janica Nordstrom


Teaching young second language learners in LOTE contexts, Honglin Chen and Janica Nordstrom

Torque vectoring with active steering for improved lateral performance in electric vehicles, Philip A. Commins, Brett McAulay, and Haiping Du

The Myth of the Digital Native and What It Means for Higher Education, Linda Corrin, Tiffani L. Apps, Karley A. Beckman, and Sue Bennett