The University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD) is one of the UAE’s oldest and most prestigious universities with a proud, Australian heritage. Established in 1993 by the University of Wollongong in Australia, UOWD represented a very early Australian initiative in the UAE. From a small beginning at Almullah Plaza, through its landmark presence at Jumeirah Beach Road and to its current location at Dubai Knowledge Village, UOWD is recognized as being an integral part of Dubai. Today, as an independent UAE institution of higher education, UOWD attracts students not just from the UAE and Australia but from all over the world. Approximately 2,500 students comprising more than 80 nationalities are currently enrolled at UOWD and enjoy a quality academic experience.


Papers from 2007

Happy high-performing managers, Peter J. Hosie, Peter Sevastos, and Anthony Travaglione

An anti-defacement toolbox, A. Izadyar, A. Kojouri Haraj, Halim Khelalfa, K. Pedram Razi, M. Rezaei, and M. Tabassi

Document representation and quality of text: an analysis, Mostafa Keikha, Narjes Razavian, Farhad Oroumchian, and Hassan Razi


An image watermarking scheme based on image visual activity for copyright protection, F. Keissarian

Online consumer retention: contingent effects of online shopping habit and online shopping experience, Mohamed Khalifa and Vanessa Liu


Build up organizational innovativeness: an integrated view, Mohamed Khalifa, Angela Yan Yu, and Kathy Ning Shen

Professionalism and ethics: is education the bridge?, Zeenath Khan, Ghassan Al Qaimari, and Stephen Samuel

Prevention and handling of malicious code, Halim Khelalfa

Paradigmapping studies of culture and organization, Sid Lowe, Fiona Moore, and Adrian N. Carr

India as the global outsourcing destination: a critical view of the future, Sumit Mitra

Islamic perspective: virtual worlds as a western-centric technology, Shafiz Affendi Mohd Affendi and Norhayati Zakaria

Crisis management in tourism: preparing for recovery, Christof Pforr and Peter J. Hosie


Evaluation of part of speech tagging on Persian text, F. Raja, H. Amiri, S. Tasharofi, M. Sarmadi, H. Hojjat, and Farhad Oroumchian


Effectiveness of Rich Document Representation in XML Retrieval, F. Raja, M. Keikha, M. Rahgozar, and Farhad Oroumchian


Statistical POS tagging experiments on Persian text, F. Raja, S. Tasharofi, and Farhad Oroumchian

Economic growth in an oil dependent economy: an empirical analysis of growth in the UAE, Gwendolyn Rodrigues and Asima Shirazi

Knowledge creation in organizations: proposition for a new model, Anjan Roy, Rajen K. Gupta, K. B. C. Saxena, and Arijit Sikdar

The adequacy of Malaysian law on e-contracting, Jawahitha Sarabdeen and Chikhaoui Emna

A scalable QoS-aware Web Services Management Architecture (QoSMA), M. Adel Serhani, Elarbi Badidi, and Mohammed Salem

Exploring multi-dimensional conceptualization of social presence in the context of online communities, Kathy Ning Shen and Mohamed Khalifa

Analyzing Singapore's auto supply chain dynamics, Balan Sundarakani, Robert de Souza, and Mark Goh

The automotive supply chain and logistics: Singapore's capability, Balan Sundarakani, Robert de Souza, and Mark Goh

A strategic decision model for the justification of supply chain as a means to improve national development index, Balan Sundarakani, Prem Vrat, and Pradeep Kumar

Reducing the Bullwhip Effect in Supply Chain with Fuzzy Logic Approach, Balan Sundarakani, Prem Vrat, and Pradeep Kumar


Evaluation of statistical part of speech tagging of Persian text, Samira Tasharoft, Fahimeh Raja, Farhad Oroumchian, and Masoud Rahgozar

GCC, China and the US - a well-oiled relationship, Michael Thorpe and Sumit Mitra


Finding similarity relations in presence of taxonomic relations in ontology learning systems, A. R. Vazifedoost, Farhad Oroumchian, and M. Rahgozar

Cues and decision making dimensions involved in the purchase of credence services, Prakash Vel

Papers from 2006

Location-aware applications: evaluating the ease of use and ease of learning, Ghassan Al Qaimari and Shane Fernando

Information technology education - should the curricula include a course on ethics?, Ghassan Al Qaimari, Zeenath Khan, and Stephen Samuel

Evaluating user performance using KALDI: a computer-aided usability engineering tool, Ghassan Al Qaimari and Darren McRosstie


Customer relationship orientation - evolutionary link between market orientation and customer relationship management, Melodena Stephens Balakrishnan

Forecasting emerging technologies with the aid of science and technology databases, Murat Bengisu and Ramzi Nekhili

Towards the testing of composed web services in 3rd generation networks, Abdelghani Benharref, Rachida Dssouli, Roch Glitho, and Mohamed Adel Serhani

Making a culture connection: developing communication skills through research interviews, Melissa Bos


A system of operations on sliding windows, Anita Dani and Janusz Getta


Towards a re-interpretation of industrial networks: A discursive view of culture, Nick Ellis, Sid Lowe, and Sharon Purchase

A classification of web-based shoppers, Alun Epps

Modelling 'hard to measure' costs in environmental management accounting, Michael Falta, Lynn Gallagher, and Roger Willett


The slope line code for digital communication systems, Abdullatif Glass, Nidhal Abdulaziz, and Eesa Bastaki

The impact of depreciation-type adjustments on the distribution of accounting earnings, John Hillier and Roger Willett

Happy-Performing Manager: The Impact of Affective Wellbeing and Intrinsic Job Satisfaction in the Workplace, Peter J. Hosie, Peter Sevastos, and Cary Cooper


Cash flow ratios as a yardstick for evaluating financial performance in African businesses, Leonie Jooste


SME adoption of IT: the case of electronic trading systems, Mohamed Khalifa and Robert M. Davison


Effects of Knowledge Representation on Knowledge Acquisition and Problem Solving, Mohamed Khalifa and Kathy Ning Shen

E-learning techniques in IT programs - are they helping my sense of cyber-ethics?, Zeenath Khan

A case of miscommunication? Obstacles to the effective implementation of a plagiarism detection system in a multicultural university, Swapna Koshy


Sector Driven Variations on E-commerce Adoption Barriers in Regional Small Businesses: An Australian Study, Robert MacGregor and L. Vrazalic


FuFaIR: a Fuzzy Farsi Information Retrieval System, A. Nayyeri and Farhad Oroumchian


Extreme contagion in emerging stock markets using extreme value copulas, Ramzi Nekhili


Operational risk: measurement issues, Basel II and UAE banks, Dayanand Pandey

A sectorial efficiency analysis of the amman stock exchange, Mufeed Rawashdeh and Jay Squalli

E-privacy: an overhaul of the existing laws in Malaysia, Jawahitha Sarabdeen and Mohamed Mazahir Mohamed Ishak

Analysis of bullwhip effect in reverse supply chain, Neeraj Sharma, Balan Sundarakani, Prem Vrat, and Pradep Kumar


What drives technology collaboration in India: perceptions and practices, Arijit Sikdar


Teachers’ conceptions of teaching at a Gulf university: A starting point for revising a teacher development program, L. Smith

Analysis in a global supply chain using system dynamics approach, Balan Sundarakani, Prem Vrat, and Pradeep Kumar


Assessing the challenges and opportunities of global supply chain management, Balan Sundarakani, Prem Vrat, and Pradeep Kumar

Board configuration: are diverse boards better boards?, Nicholas Van der Walt, C. Ingley, G. Shergill, and A. Townsend

Communicating emotional intelligence: Integrating EQ and Communication Accommodation Theory, Michael Willemyns


Conversations between postgraduate students and their supervisors: intergroup communication and accommodation, Michael Willemyns, Cynthia Gallois, and Victor J. Callan

Papers from 2005


Persian Email Classification Based on Rocchio and K-Nearest Neighbor Approach, H. Bashiri, Farhad Oroumchian, and A. Moeini

Mobile agents for testing web services in next generation networks, Abdelghani Benharref, Roch Glitho, and Rachida Dssouli


New Evidence for Exports-Led Growth, Tradables-Led-Growth, and Manufacturing-Led Growth: Causality Test Results for Turkey, Serhan Ciftcioglu and Ramzi Nekhili

Impressive Grandstanding but Empty Coffers, Ajit Karnik


Macro-economic Modeling for an Oil Dependent Economy: An Instruments- Targets Approach for the UAE Economy, Ajit Karnik and C. Fernandes

Urban Local Governments and the Flypaper Effect: Evidence from Maharashtra, India, Ajit Karnik and Mala Lalvani


Online consumer retention: development of new habits, Mohamed Khalifa and Vanessa Liu


Effects of electronic customer relationship management on customer satisfaction: a temporal model, Mohamed Khalifa and Ning Shen

The fourth hermeneutic in marketing theory, Sid Lowe, Michael Thomas, Adrian N. Carr, and Lorraine Watkins-Mathys

Cyberjurisdiction and consumer protection in e-commerce, Jawahitha Sarabdeen


CluSID: a clustering scheme for intrusion detection, improved by information theory, R. Shokri, Farhad Oroumchian, and N. Yazdani

Nonlinear least-squares fitting for PIXE spectra, Abdellatif Tchantchane, Amine Benamar, Ahmed Azbouche, Nadia Benouali, and Said Tobbeche

Small business and entrepreneurship research: The way through paradigm incommensurability, Lorraine Watkins-Mathys and Sid Lowe


Cross-cultural communication and leadership in the United Arab Emirates, Michael Willemyns

The dynamics of virtual teams, Norhayati Zakaria and Shafiz A. Mohd Affendi

Papers from 2004


The impact of transformational leadership on job satisfaction and self-perceived performance of banking employees: the case of Jordan, Raed Awamleh and Hani Al-Dmour


Usability attributes: an initial step toward effective user-centred development, Vince Bruno and Ghassan Al-Qaimari


The impact of transformational and transactional leadership styles on employee's satisfaction and performance: an empirical test in a multicultural environment, Cedwyn Fernandes and Raed Awamleh


Comparison of different distance measures on hierarchical document clustering in 2-pass retrieval, Azam Jalali, Farhad Oroumchian, and Mahmoud Reza Hejazi


System design effects on social presence and telepresence in virtual communities, Mohamed Khalifa and Kathy Ning Shen


Quantifying Foreign Exchange Market Risk at Different Time Horizons, Ramzi Nekhili, Aslihan Altay-Salih, and Selcuk Caner

Papers from 2003

Social network analysis: application in competitive intelligence, Changhuo Bao, Xinzhou Xie, and Kathy Ning Shen

Papers from 2002


On the information engine of circuit design, D. V. Popel and N. Al Hakeem

Papers from 2001


Improving Web database access using decision diagrams, D. V. Popel and N. Al Hakeem

Papers from 1999

Assessment of the state of pollution by heavy metals in the surficial sediments of Algiers Bay, M A. Benamar, I Toumert, S Tobbeche, A Tchantchane, and A Chalabi


An evaluation of listed companies by means of cash flow ratios, Leonie Jooste and G M. Dekker

Papers from 1996


Gamma ray spectra simulation and optimization in neutron activation analysis, R Khelifi, A Tchantchane, and Z Idiri

Application of X-ray fluorescence spectrometry in assessment of environmental pollution, A Markowicz, N Haselberger, M Dargie, A Tajani, A Tchantchane, V Valkovic, and P R. Danesi

Papers from 1995

The essentials of tragedy: an Indian perspective, Swapna Koshy

Papers from 1993

Indian Aesthetics: An Introduction - Book Review, Swapna Koshy