Papers from 2013

How quickly did bird flu go off the public radar? Results of a follow-up CATI survey of Australian adults, Sandra C. Jones, Don Iverson, Louise Waters, Max Sutherland, Julian Gold, and Chris Puplick

Don't let the sun get under your skin: Targeting adolescent sun protection with a novel social marketing campaign, Sandra C. Jones, Keryn Johnson, Joanne Telenta, Jeffrey A. Thom, Melinda Williams, Don Iverson, and Peter Caputi

Cold and flu affect more than you: A social marketing campaign targeting influenza transmission on a university campus, Sandra C. Jones, Lyn Phillipson, Karen Larsen-Truong, and Lance Barrie

BHP and OK Tedi, Mary A. Kaidonis

Electrospun nanofibers and nanocomposites, M Kanafchian, Aida Haghi, and M Ziabari

Ring synthesis, Paul A. Keller, Mohammed K. Abdel-Hamid, and Ashraf M. Abdel-Megeed


Crossover cinema: a conceptual and genealogical overview, Sukhmani Khorana


Maps and movies: talking with Deepa Mehta, Sukhmani Khorana

Deconstructions of the (Japanese) Nation-State in Uehashi Nahoko’s Moribito (Guardian) Series, Helen Kilpatrick and Orie Muta


Differentiated assessment activities: customising to support learning, Swapna Koshy

The most favoured nation treatment principle, Jakkrit Kuanpoth

Expanding the master-apprentice model: tool for orchestrating collaboration as a path to self-directed learning for singing students, Lotte Latukefu and Irina Verenikina

Mammalian expression systems and transfection techniques, Daunia Laurenti and Lezanne Ooi

Mammalian expression systems and transfection techniques, Daunia Laurenti and Lezanne Ooi

Nearer to God - transformational experiences of short-term mission travellers, Yoon Jung Lee and Ulrike Gretzel

Perceived host gaze in the context of short-term mission trips, Yoon Jung Lee and Ulrike Gretzel

Changing culture: developing a framework for leadership capacity development, Geraldine Lefoe and Dominique R. Parrish


Do You See what I See? Iconic Art and Culture and the Judicial Eye in Australian Law, Marett Leiboff


Striving for equity and diversity, Cecilia Y. Leong-Salobir


Development of adaptive seismic isolators for ultimate seismic protection of civil structures, Jianchun Li, Yan-Cheng Li, Weihua Li, and Bijan Samali

Observations of the political and economic situation in China by the British Mercantile Community during the Civil War, 1945-1949, Jason Lim


Magnetorheological elastomers and their applications, W H. Li, X Z. Zhang, and H Du

The impact of regular cannabis use on the human brain: A review of structural neuroimaging studies, Valentina Lorenzetti, Dan I. Lubman, Alex Fornito, Sarah Whittle, Michael J. Takagi, Nadia Solowij, and Murat Yucel

Technological Change, Adam Robert Lucas

Bergson, history and ontology, Craig A. Lundy

From structuralism to poststructuralism, Craig A. Lundy


Faith-based substance abuse programs, Geoffrey C. B Lyons, Frank P. Deane, and Peter J. Kelly

Four women, four incidents: gender, activism and martyrdom in modern Japan, Vera C. Mackie


Japan, labour migration and the global order of difference, Vera C. Mackie


Sweat, perfume and tobacco: the ambivalent labor of the dancehall girl, Vera C. Mackie

Introduction: Japan and the High Treason Incident, Vera C. Mackie and Susumu Yamaizumi


Effective crisis governance, Brian Martin

“Never again” or again and again: The Genocide Convention, the responsibility to protect and mass atrocity prevention, Deborah Mayersen

Conclusion: Genocide and Mass Atrocities in Asia, Deborah Mayersen and Annie Pohlman

Introduction: Genocide and Mass Atrocities in Asia, Deborah Mayersen and Annie Pohlman


Authentic assessment - key to learning, Grace McCarthy

Pre-service teachers, professional experiences and culture shock: 'Enactment and sense making' in new spaces and places, Barbra McKenzie, Phil Fitzsimmons, Andrew Matthes, Jason Hinze, and Lorinda Bruce

Let Uz Not Talk Falsely Now, Ian McLean and Rex Butler


Myriad mirrors: Doppelgangers and doubling in The Vampire Diaries, Kimberley McMahon-Coleman

Does one generation have a responsibility to the next?, Gregory C. Melleuish

How we make our money, Gregory C. Melleuish

Intellectuals do not matter, Gregory C. Melleuish

What are the limits of free speech?, Gregory C. Melleuish

Soils, R J. Morrison

Soil description procedures for use in geomorphological studies, R J. Morrison and R A. Lawrie


Flexible Supercapacitors - Development of Bendable Carbon Architectures, Zhiqiang Niu, Lili Liu, Peter C. Sherrell, Jun Chen, and Xiaodong Chen

Supporting domain ontology through a metamodel: a disaster management case study, Siti Hajar Othman

The use of gesturing to facilitate older adults' learning from computer-based dynamic visualizations, Kim Ouwehand, Tamara Van Gog, and Fred Paas

Time and emotion in public and private spaces, Roger Patulny and Ioana Oprea

Necessary violence? Inscribing the subject of law, Penelope J. Pether

Measuring and interpreting the efficacy of nutraceutical interventions for age-related cognitive decline, Andrew Pipingas and David Camfield


Emergent identities: the changing contours of Indigenous identities in Aotearoa/New Zealand, Evan S. Poata-Smith

Inequality and Maori, Evan S. Poata-Smith

Categorising foods in terms of nutrient content, Yasmine Probst, Linda Tapsell, Rebecca Thorne, and Jane O'Shea

The inescapable ocean: on understanding Australia's strategic geography, Christopher Rahman

Prediction of airblast loads in complex environments using artificial neural networks, A M. Remennikov and P A. Mendis


Security without secrecy? Counter-terrorism, ASIO and access to information, Mark Rix

Capturing the songs of humpback whales, Denise Russell

Seven-membered rings, John H. Ryan, Christopher Hyland, Jeremy Just, Adam Meyer, Jason A. Smith, and Charlotte C. Williams

Finding a way forward: the search for reconciliation in the Philipinnes, Peter M. Sales

Departures from the coast: trends in the application of territorial sea baselines under the Law of the Sea Convention, Clive H. Schofield

A horn of troubles, Clive H. Schofield and Robin M. Warner

The impact of number theory and computer aided mathematics on solving the Hadamard matrix conjecture, Jennifer Seberry

Cost optimization of column layout design of reinforced concrete buildings, Pezhman Sharafi, Muhammad N. Hadi, and Lip H. Teh

'Tributes or Travesties? Recent reworkings of classics great and small', Paul Sharrad

'Which World, and Why do We Worry About It?', Paul Sharrad


A multi agent system based implementation for semantic web services, J Shen, G Beydoun, and G C. Low

Lines across the Sea: Trans-Pacific Passenger Shipping in the Age of Steam, Frances Steel

Identifying the Taiwanese electronic health record systems evaluation framework and instrument by implementing the modified Delphi method, Yung-Yu Su, Khin T. Win, and Tieh-Chi Chung

Identifying worked shell: a consideration of methodological issues with particular reference to Pleistocene contexts, Katherine Szabo

Maths and stats for journalists, Stephen J. Tanner

Introduction: Journalism Research and Investigation in a Digital World, Stephen J. Tanner and Nick Richardson

Applying nutrition principles in the lifecycle, Linda Tapsell

Food and health: a biological perspective, Linda Tapsell

Nutrition in a social and environmental context: an introduction, Linda Tapsell

Categorising foods in terms of healthy diets: cuisines, dietary patterns and dietary guidelines, Linda Tapsell, Karen Charlton, and Vicki Flood

Nutrition during the lifecycle: the prevention of chronic disease in adulthood, Linda Tapsell, Karen Charlton, and Barbara Meyer

Nutrition tools: dietary assessment, food databases and dietary modelling, Linda Tapsell, Vicki Flood, Yasmine Probst, Karen Charlton, and Peter Williams

Future directions in nutrition, Linda Tapsell and David Jacobs Jr

Extending knowledge of food components, Linda Tapsell, Yasmine Probst, Jimmy Louie, Eleanor Beck, Vinodkumar Gopaldasani, Vicki Flood, Rebecca Thorne, and Barbara Meyer

Food: the primary source of energy and nutrients, Linda Tapsell, Yasmine Probst, Jimmy Louie, Karen Charlton, and Barbara Meyer

What lies below: cephalopods and humans, Helen Tiffin

Learning structural representations of text documents in large document collections, Ah Chung Tsoi, M. Hagenbuchner, Milly KC, and Shujia Zhang


The 'Tiger Mother' factor: Curriculum, schooling and mentoring of Asian students in an Australian context, Wilma Vialle


The economy, Simon Ville


Recent highlights in the development of isatin-based anticancer agents, Kara L. Vine, Lidia Matesic, Julie M. Locke, and Danielle Skropeta

"It doesn't even feel like it's being processed by your head": lesbian affective home journeys to and within townsville, Queensland, Australia, Gordon Waitt and Lynda Johnston

Undead universities, the plagiarism plague, paranoia and hypercitation, Ruth Walker


Environmental assessments in the marine areas of the polar regions, Robin M. Warner


Implementing the rule of law for nature in the global marine commons: developing environmental assessment frameworks, Robin M. Warner

First as a tragedy, then as a corpse, Andrew M. Whelan

A transactional view of shedding at the Berry Men's Shed, Alison Wicks

Understanding the development of occupational potential over time through the analysis of life stories, Alison Wicks

Tu Marcellus Eris: Nachträglichkeit in Aeneid 6, Ika Willis

Selecting medical students: the past, present and future, Ian Wilson and Barbara Griffin


Neurotrophin signaling and Alzheimer's Disease neurodegeneration - Focus on BDNF/TrkB signaling, Jenny Wong

Innovative solutions for Yangtze River's water crisis, Shu-Qing Yang


Coastal reservoir strategy and its applications, Shu-qing Yang, Jianli Liu, Pengzhi Lin, and Changbo Jiang

Food and nutrition policy and frameworks, Heather Yeatman, Joanna Russell, Deanne Condon-Paoloni, Vicki Flood, Eleanor Beck, and Peter Williams

Indigenous students in medical education: seeding success in motivating doctors to serve underserved Indigenous communities, Alexander Seeshing Yeung, Rhonda Craven, Ian G. Wilson, Jinnat Ali, and Bingyi Li