The University of Wollongong thesis collection dates from 1954 and comprises approximately 5000 items, the majority of which have been digitised and made available on Research Online. All UOW thesis records are harvested by the National Library of Australia's Trove.

Please note that due to copyright restrictions the version of the thesis available online may vary in content from the original version. The University Library can provide access to complete versions.

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Theses from 1963

Granular flow, S. R. Webb

Air lubricated journal bearings, R. S. Windsor

Theses from 1962

The lubrication of gears, D. A. Braddock

Thermal fatigue: some methods of testing and the design applications of test results, R. E. Cornell

Fluid couplings and their application in materials handling, D. J. Cornford

The sonic boom, R. J. Delavere

Vibration measuring instruments, W. R. Drew

Design and operational features of long centred cross country belt conveyor systems, J. D. Fish

Wankel rotating combustion engine, G. C. Johnston

Spark machining, A. Kirwan

The rolling of wide flange beams, D. R. Kupke

A study of air ejectors using low pressure air as the driving fluid, Brian Mills

Ground effect machine, K. Nicholson

Air suspension as applied to automotive & commercial vehicles, R. J. Pedersen

Stresscoat, I. D. Phillips

The coal burning gas turbine and its potential in Australia, Brian Powell

Some aspects of journal bearing design for fluid film operation, T. M. Romberg


The alkaloids of tylophora crebriflora characterization and structural determination of tylocrebrine, Richards Rudzats


The electrostatic precipitation of dusts, B. A. Ryan

Hydrofoil supported craft, John Spence

The Philips hot-gas engine and its application to refrigeration, Ron Street

Use of aerofoils for flow measurement, K. Woods

Theses from 1961

Metal spraying, D. Anderson

A study of air operated air ejectors, John W. Carlson

Developments in the abatement of atmospheric pollution caused iron and steel works, A. Dymet

Development of overhead valve cylinder heads for petrol engines, T. G. Farrington

Cylinder lubrication of four-stroke petrol engines, M. H. Ives

Oil injection methods for uniting and separating pressure joints, Ron Jeffcoat

The high pressure air operated air ejector -normally at low pressure and vacuum, Ronald C. Newman

Preventive plant maintenance in medium industry, Arthur R. Newnham

The measurement of torque and horse power using electric resistance strain gauges, R. J. Rees


An investigation into the performance of grain augers, A W. Roberts

Solar energy air-conditioning, D. E. Stone

Theses from 1960


An analysis of the otto cycle taking into consideration the effect of varying operating parameters, S. .E. Bonamy


Ion exchange resins in steel analysis, F. M. Hall

Solar distillation and its application in Australia, R. K. Johnson

Rubber in compression, S. Muirhead

Steam contamination in the modern boiler, D. K. Reynolds

Disc brakes, D. C. Smith

Basic principles of roll pass layout and design, D. J. Townsend

Theses from 1958


Wave propagation theory, B. E. Clancy

Theses from 1956


Studies in the complex chemistry of molybdenum, Maxwell Campbell Steele

Theses from 1954


Polarographic and electro-chemical investigations in the perinaphthenone system, Peter Beckmann

Layout of experimental steam plant and design of auxiliary equipment for Wollongong Technical College, Ronald M. Kinnell