Analyzing drivers of sustainable project-driven supply chains: A fuzzy Delphi methodology–grey relational analysis approach

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Business Strategy and the Environment


A sustainable project-driven supply chain (SPDSC) refers to integrating sustainability into project management to improve the sustainability performance of projects. Integrating sustainability and supply chain management is any project-based organization's most significant performance-related challenge. Therefore, the present study explores the drivers that can effectively tackle supply chain issues in managing projects undertaken in construction contracting firms for long-term sustainability. Sixteen critical drivers were considered through a rigorous literature review and fuzzy Delphi method (FDM) for construction contracting firms. Then, selected drivers were used to analyze established construction contracting firms using a grey relational analysis (GRA) technique. The results highlight that construction contracting firms (CCFs) considered the drivers of sustainable use of resources, energy and eco-efficiency, and environmental impact assessment; stakeholder engagement and social impact; and supply chain collaboration dimensions need to be improved for enhancing the sustainability of PDSCs. This study's contribution is twofold: It quantifies the identified set of critical drivers relevant to SPDSCs; it offers the CCFs a practical toolkit for sustainable project deliverables.

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