Advancing algorithmic bias management capabilities in AI-driven marketing analytics research

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Industrial Marketing Management


Algorithms in the age of artificial intelligence (AI) constantly transform customer behaviour, marketing programs, and marketing strategies in industrial markets. However, algorithms often fail to perform as expected due to various data, model, and market biases. Motivated by this challenge, this study presents a framework of algorithmic bias management capabilities for industrial markets that contribute to customer equity in terms of value, brand and relationship equity. Drawing on the dynamic capability theory, this study fills this gap by conducting a literature review, thematic analysis, and two rounds of surveys (n=200 analytics professionals and n=200 business customers) in the financial service industry in Australia. The findings show that algorithmic bias management capability consists of three primary dimensions (data, model, and deployment capabilities) and nine subdimensions. These findings have important implications for scholars and managers interested in developing algorithmic bias management capabilities to influence customer equity in industrial markets.

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