Improving creep property and deformation mechanism of transient liquid phase bonded polycrystalline Ni3Al-based superalloy with post bond heat treatment

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Materials Science and Engineering A


A polycrystalline Ni3Al-based superalloy was joined through transient liquid phase (TLP) bonding technique. A post bond heat treatment (PBHT) was successively conducted. Creep tests of the TLP and TLP + PBHT specimens were then carried out under 800 °C and 160 MPa. The creep deformation and fracture behaviors were further investigated through interrupted creep tests. During the PBHT procedure, microstructure evolution of the joint occurred with creep life prolonged from 64 h to 368 h. The superdislocations in TLP and TLP + PBHT specimens were determined to study the γ′ phase shearing modes. Both individual superdislocations and APB-coupled partial dislocation pairs are observed. The variation of dominate superdislocation configurations among different joint zones and the evolution of the superdislocations during the creep process are discovered. Besides, the formation of different γ′ rafting microstructures and the initiation of intergranular microcracks in the polycrystalline joint are both studied.

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