A cobalt-based metal-organic framework electrodeposited on nickel foam as a binder-free electrode for high-performance supercapacitors

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New Journal of Chemistry


A cobalt-based metal-organic framework (Co-MOF) has been in situ grown on nickel foam (NF) by cathodic electrodeposition using a highly active cobalt surface modifier to enable uniform nucleation and tight growth of the Co-MOF. The macroscopic (NF) and microscopic structures (rodlike crystals) construct a hierarchical structure with good conductivity, providing sufficient electroactive sites and highways of electrolyte diffusion and electron transfer. When used as a binder-free electrode (Co-MOF/NF) for supercapacitors, it shows improved electrochemical performance with a high areal specific capacitance of 1536 mF cm−2 at 1 mA cm−2, excellent rate capability and good cycling stability, which confirms that the Co-MOF/NF has potential applications in energy storage and conversion fields.



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