The Critical Behaviour and Magnetism of MnCoGe0.97Al0.03 Compounds

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The critical behaviour associated with the field-induced martensitic transformation heav-ily relies on the vacancy and transition of the magnetic phase in MnCoGe based-compounds. Due to this revelation, an intensive investigation was brought forth to study the substitution of Ge (atomic radius = 1.23 Å) by Al (atomic radius = 1.43 Å) in MnCoGe0.97Al0.03 alloy compound. The room-temperature X-ray diffraction indicated that the reflections were identified with the ortho-rhombic structure (TiNiSi-type, space group Pnma) and minor hexagonal structure (Ni2In-type, space group P63/mmc). The substitution of Al in the supersession of Ge transmuted the crystal structure from TiNiSi-type to Ni2In-type structure. The MnCoGe0.97Al0.03 compound’s magnetism was driven by interactions that are long in range, as indicated by the study of the critical behaviour in the proximity of TC. The magnetic measurement and neutron diffraction revealed that the structural transition took place with the decrease in temperature. The results from neutron diffraction signify that the transformation of the magnetic field-induced martensitic has a crucial function in produc-ing the immense effect of magnetocaloric systems such as these. This outcome serves a critical function for investigations in the future.

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