Highly Polymerized Wine-Red Carbon Nitride to Enhance Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting Performance of Hematite

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Journal of Physical Chemistry C


Polymeric carbon nitride photocatalyst has attracted much attention due to its visible light response and high chemical stability. However, bulk carbon nitride has a wide band gap and low polymerization, limiting its photocatalytic performance for water splitting. Synthesizing highly polymerized carbon nitride with a narrow band gap still remains challenging. Herein, we propose an ionothermal protocol using supramolecular precursors to fabricate highly polymerized wine-red carbon nitride (WRCN) nanosheets. Both theoretical and experimental investigations revealed that the supramolecular precursor with a high C:N ratio leads to an upward shift of the valence band edge, while the ionothermal synthesis promotes a high polymerization degree, leading to a narrow band gap of 1.82 eV for WRCN. Benefiting from enhanced light absorption and charge separation efficiency, WRCN-loaded hematite photoanode exhibits a much higher photocurrent density than both pristine hematite and bulk carbon nitride decorated hematite. This work may provide a novel strategy to manipulate the electronic structures of carbon nitrides for enhanced photoelectrochemical performances.

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