Robotic skeleton arc additive manufacturing of aluminium alloy

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International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology


To meet lightweight demands, complex support or near-net shaped structures are increasingly applied in modern industry sectors. Wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM) of these structures requires a profound knowledge of the interactions between material properties, welding process and mechatronic engineering. This study shows a new WAAM strategy, termed skeleton arc additive manufacturing (SAAM), adapted especially for building freeform wire-structured aluminium component, and further contributes a bead modelling study to establish welding parameters, geometric features and material properties relationship. The results show that good geometrical features and sound metallurgical properties can be achieved for wire-structure aluminium parts using the proposed approach. The strut diameter gradually increased with the amplified welding arc-on time and wire feed speed; however, they present significant changes in the microstructural evolution and mechanical strength. A sample demonstration further displays an effective path to create typically wire-structure part with good quality and offers the main processing challenge and coping strategy during SAAM.

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