Large strain with enhanced energy-storage and temperature stable dielectric properties in Bi0.38Na0.38Sr0.24Ti(1-x)(Mn1/3Nb2/3)xO3 ceramics

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Ceramics International


A series of novel Bi Na Sr Ti (Mn Nb ) O lead-free ceramics (BNST-100xMN) were designed and fabricated. The dielectric, ferroelectric, energy-storage, electrostrain properties, and impedance performance of these materials were systematically investigated. A large strain response under low driving electric field was obtained that benefits from the enhanced relaxor-to-ferroelectric phase transition. The optimum piezoelectric stain coefficient d * of 930 pm/V (under 40 kV/cm) was achieved in BNST-1MN composition. The substitution by MN dopant gave rise to a homogeneous micro-morphology with small grains that gave rise to an enhanced high breakdown strength (BDS). Slim and slanted ferroelectric hysteresis was obtained by introducing a larger amount of MN, and hence the BNST-2MN ceramic exhibits a high energy-storage density of 1.30 J/cm at 110 kV/cm, accompanied with an excellent fatigue-free behavior. The dielectric response exhibited a stable high temperature dielectric property with low dielectric loss. These results indicate that BNST-100xMN ceramics are promising candidates for the actuator and energy storage applications. 0.38 0.38 0.24 (1-x) 1/3 2/3 x 3 33 3

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