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Mullan, J., Weston, K. M., McLennan, P. L., Rich, W. C. & Pani, N. B. (2013). Mental health research projects: a practical integration of mental health into a medical curriculum. India Journal of Psychiatry, 55 (5 (Suppl.)), S64-S64.


Abstract of a paper presented at the 65th Annual National Conference of Indian Psychiatric Society, Bangalor, 10-13 Jan, 2013. Aims aJld Objectives: The University of Wollongong (UoW) graduate-entry medical course embeds research and critical analysis within the curriculum, concluding with students undertaking a regional/ nlrsl conmlUnity-based ro earch project. Students are encouraged to design a research project of interest to them and the local community. T.his Indy analyzed whether conducting research projects enhanced learning/understanding about rural/regional mental health issues amongst UoW medical students.