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Carmody, J., Granger, J., Lewis, K., Traynor, V. & Iverson, D. (2013). What factors delay driving retirement by individuals with dementia?: the doctors' perspectives. Journal of the Australasian College of Road Safety, 24 (1), 10-16.


Introduction: An increasing number of individuals with dementia drive. Many argue that those with mild dementia are safe to do so. This study explored the attitudes, knowledge and behaviour of hospital-based doctors towards drivers with dementia. Methods: 20 doctors in a regional hospital in NSW were surveyed using a 20-item questionnaire. Descriptive statistics were applied to the data collected. Results: Half were unaware of the Austroads national guidelines; 60% incorrectly believed that they were legally obliged to report all unsafe drivers in NSW. Most felt that drivers with dementia delay driving retirement for a wide range of reasons. All participants expressed a desire for changes to current clinical practices. Conclusion: Drivers with dementia require guidance from their treating physicians. This study found that there is room for improvement in the attitudes, knowledge and practices of hospital-based doctors who treated drivers with dementia. Options for improved road safety and avenues for future research are discussed.