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Jamali , S. S., Mokhtarian, P. & Mills, D. J. (2015). A probabilistic model for estimation of ionically permeable inhomogeneities in polymer coatings. Progress in Organic Coatings, 87 20-27.


The mechanism of ionic conduction through polymer coatings has been investigated. The presence of highly permeable areas in the coating (designated as D type areas), impose an electrochemical inhomogeneity which is identified by change in the ionic resistance as measured by DC method. The effect of coating thickness was studied on D type behaviour of coatings. A structural model is proposed to explain the changes in conduction mechanism by variation of coating thickness. Statistical models based on numerical (simulation-based) and analytical (probabilistic model) analysis of D type areas distribution have been advanced to estimate the number of D areas in any given coating based on the percentage of D type. Using these models the number of permeable (D type) areas can be estimated based on the D type percentage of the coating.



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