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Ulutas, A., Shukla, N., Kiridena, S. & Gibson, P. (2015). A utility-driven approach to supplier evaluation and selection: empirical validation of an integrated solution framework. International Journal of Production Research, 54 (5), 1554-1567.


Supplier evaluation and selection (SES) problems have long been studied, leading to the development of a wide range of individual and hybrid models for solving them. However, the lack of widespread diffusion of existing SES models in the industry points to a need for simpler models that can systematically evaluate both qualitative and quantitative attributes of potential suppliers while enhancing the flexibility decision-makers need to account for relevant situational factors. Furthermore, empirical validations of existing models in SES have been few and far between. With a view to addressing these issues, this paper proposes an integrated solution framework that can be used to evaluate both tangible and intangible attributes of potential suppliers. The proposed framework combines three individual methods, namely the fuzzy analytic hierarchy process, fuzzy complex proportional assessment and fuzzy linear programming. The framework is validated through application in a Turkish textile company. The results generated using the proposed framework is compared with the actual historical data collected from the company. Additionally, a feasibility assessment is conducted on the sample supplier selection criteria employed, as well as assessment of the results generated using the proposed model.


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