Science and management of Suva Lagoon



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Morrison, R. J. & Aalbersberg, W. G. L. (2006). Science and management of Suva Lagoon. In R. J. Morrison & B. Aalbersberg (Eds.), At the Crossroads: Science and Management of the Suva Lagoon (pp. 1-2). Suva, Fiji: Institute of Applied Sciences, University of the South Pacific.


[extract] Suva Lagoon, which consists primarily of Suva Harbour and Laucala Bay, is one of the most important water bodies in the South Pacific region. Since the establishment of Suva as the capital of Fiji in 1882, this water body has been the focus of intensive shipping activity, acting as both a national and a regional centre of trade and transport. In addition, the development of Suva city as the major commercial centre in the Pacific Islands led to a rapid expansion in the local population, with a subsequent increase in construction, industry and related infrastructure. A large human population has also made wide use of the resources within and around Suva Lagoon for food, shelter and recreation.

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