Odudu Efe, known as FayFay, is a Lagos-based audio producer and sound designer and also the founder of NaijaPod Hub, a network dedicated to supporting audio producers and promoting high quality audio storytelling in Nigeria. This interview with FayFay shows how her career in many ways reflects the challenges and promise of Nigerian audio storytelling at this moment in time. Like many freelancers, she takes on branding and imaging, tidies up sound and produces studio-based talk podcasts. But increasingly she’s being commissioned to work on complex historical documentaries and documentary-dramas. And this for FayFay is key, because like others in her field, she now wants to tell Nigerian stories that have too long gone untold – or too long been told by outsiders – and she wants to tell them in creative and absorbing ways that ‘chatcasts’ cannot satisfy. FayFay’s work draws on globally recognisable documentary conventions but also incorporates Nigerian TV and film sound tropes, in what might prove to be an emerging Nigerian audio-documentary style. She remains frustrated by the tendency for so many in the media to hide away in studios, when a roving microphone in the hands of a greater range of people might better capture the richness of lived experience in this hyper-diverse country.