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The RDR board comprises eminent audio documentary makers, podcast producers, broadcast industry professionals and academics from around the world. Their combined knowledge and expertise will help produce a model of assessment that truly ties together practice with theory. RDR emanates from the University of Wollongong, Australia. The canon of documentaries is intended to be preserved with meta-data at the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia, rights permitting, and can be listened to online (audio links within article pdf).


Dr Aasiya Lodhi (University of Westminster, UK), EDITOR

Dr Abigail Wincott (Associate Professor, Falmouth University, UK), EDITOR

A/Prof Siobhán McHugh (University of Wollongong, AUST), Founding Editor

Angela Antle (Memorial University, CANADA)

Charlotte de Beauvoir (Associate Professor of Journalism, Universidad de los Andes, COLOMBIA)

Olya Booyar (MALAYSIA) Head of Radio, Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU)

Prof Tim Crook (University of London and Birmingham City University, UK)

Sharon Davis (AUST) independent radio documentary maker, and multi-Walkley award winner

Prof David K Dunaway (University of New Mexico, US)

Masako Fukui (AUST), award-winning independent audio producer, writer and critic

Alan Hall (UK) independent radio feature maker, and Prix Italia winner

Prof Mia Lindgren (University of Tasmania, AUST)

Dr Virginia Madsen (Macquarie University, AUST)

Leslie Rosin, Commissioning Editor, Radio Features, WESTDEUTSCHER RUNDFUNK, WDR 3 Radio, Cologne, GERMANY

Julie Shapiro (co-founder Third Coast International Audio Festival, and former VP of Editorial, PRX and Radiotopia, US)

Claudia Taranto (AUST) Executive Producer, ABC Radio National

Jane Ulman (AUST), radio feature maker and multi-Prix Italia winner

Assistant Prof Neil Verma (Northwestern University, US), FORMER EDITOR


Alan Hall

Dr Virginia Madsen

Angela Antle


Martin Feld



Emer Prof David Hendy (University of Sussex, UK)

Seán Street Emeritus Professor of Radio, University of Bournemouth, UK and author, The Poetry of Radio: The Colour of Sound (Routledge) and other works.

Sarah Geis (US) award-winning audio producer and former Managing Director, Third Coast International Audio Festival

Steve Ahern Author, Making Radio and Podcasts (Routledge 2022) and Manager, ABC Radio Sydney, Australia.

John Biewen (Director of Audio, Center for Documentary Studies, Duke University, US and host/producer Scene On Radio podcast)

Anna Sekudewicz Rączaszek Commissioning Editor, Radio Features, Polish Radio, Katowice, POLAND and Prix Italia winner

Irène Omélianenko, Commissioning Editor, Radio Features, France Culture, FRANCE

Michelle Rayner (AUST) Executive Producer, ABC Radio National

Prof Mark Neumann, Northern Arizona University, US

A/Prof Michelle Boyd (formerly University of Illinois, US, now independent)


The RDR website will serve as a portal to exemplars of audio documentary and crafted podcasts, as both contemporary works and older. Hyperlinks to audio of reviewed works can be found within the review pdf and/or on the RadioDoc Review Soundcloud site.