Still Glowing Strong is Norwegian Sindre Leganger’s tender story of an old man, Harald, who thinks he has invented an everlasting battery that could save the world. The problem is that no one has the time to look at it – his wife in particular. But as Leganger and the old man’s grandson take an interest, this short but remarkable feature reveals much about our finite lives and the eternal starry sky above us, about being stubborn, being optimistic and about hope. Leganger illustrates Zola’s dictum, that “art is a corner of reality seen through a temperament”. He plays three roles: Narrator, as we hear it mixed from the studio in the feature; Reporter as we hear Sindre asking his questions and commenting in Harald’s home; and Author. The author is not heard; the author is the person composing by editing. Enjoy the language, the story, and the composition.

NRK (Norwegian Radio) is known for technically well produced features where you can hear that time has been used in the studio for the finest editing, the best recordings of narration and an elegant mix. This feature is so well produced that it is very easy to listen to. But the strength of the feature is its clear focus, this "corner of reality", as Zola puts it. We as the listeners stay with Harald and his project all the way; we follow him, his wife Borghild, and the grandson, to the testing of the everlasting battery. After hearing this feature, we as listeners, are touched by its quiet strength.