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RadioDoc Review (RDR) is the only journal dedicated to the rich culture of audio documentaries, narrative podcasts, audio features and other examples of the crafted factual form (sometimes called ‘built speech’) around the world.

Audio documentary and narrative podcasts are flourishing, with huge numbers of talented and creative journalists and producers making content for global audiences for broadcast, streaming and podcast. This is giving rise to a growing field of scholarship and education.

RadioDoc Review plays an important role in supporting that growth. We aim to promote high quality criticism and to develop theory and praxis-based analysis of the craft of factual audio and audio storytelling more broadly. We provide a platform for debate among the international community of podcasters, audio documentary producers, broadcast industry professionals and academics.

We are based at the University of Wollongong, Australia but run by an editorial board of makers and academics from around the world, including Indonesia, the US, Australia, Mexico and the UK. See Editorial Board, left.

We would love to hear from you

We publish audio documentary and narrative podcast reviews, articles and essays, opinion pieces and interviews. We welcome contributions from early career and PhD researchers.

To submit an item or discuss your ideas, then get in touch with the editors at radiodocreview@gmail.com

Our scholarly articles and essays are double blind peer reviewed. Other items are subject to lighter touch editorial review for clarity and style.

Each issue we nominate some fantastic audio work we’d especially love to see reviewed. The latest list along with reviewer guidelines coming to the website soon.

Peer reviewers: We are looking for experienced practitioners and academics to conduct peer review. If you’d like to be considered email the editors at radiodocreview@gmail.com

Current Issue: Volume 9, Issue 1 (2024) Audio Storytelling and the Global South




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Stacey Copeland, Hannah McGregor, and Natalie Dusek

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