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Satne, G. L. (2016). A two-step theory of the evolution of human thinking Joint and (various) collective forms of intentionality. Journal of Social Ontology, 2 (1), 105-116.


Social accounts of objective content, like the one advanced by Tomasello(2014), are traditionally challenged by an 'essential tension' (Hutto and Satne 2015). The tension is the following: while sociality is deemed to be at the basis of thinking, in order to explain sociality, some form of thinking seems to be necessarily presupposed. In this contribution I analyse Tomasello's twostep theory of the evolution of human thinking vis-à-vis this challenge. While his theory is in principle suited to address it, I claim that the specifics of the first step and the notion of perspective that infuse it are problematic in this regard. I end by briefly sketching an alternative.



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