Combating Piracy in the Indian Ocean



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Upadhyaya, S. (2011). Combating Piracy in the Indian Ocean. New Delhi: Manas Publications.

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ISBN: 9788170494096


Piracy in the Indian Ocean has re-emerged after a period lasting over a century. The 21st century pirates armed with modern weapons and GPS sets, operating from regular sea going vessels have demonstrated their ability to attacks ships with impunity in the high seas. This poses a serious challenge for India since about 90% of India's trade is carried by sea and almost 100,000 Indian seamen work on board various merchant ships. This monograph by a seasoned naval officer discusses the resurgence of piracy in the 21st century in the Strait of Malacca and the Gulf of Aden regions of the Indian Ocean. It highlights the emerging trends in piracy and the resultant challenges before the security agencies and the international shipping industry to bring out specific policy options for India to combat piracy in the Indian Ocean.

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