Erna Brodber


This man here Cundal. Frank. Don't know if you know him. Used to work down at Institute way back when. Now this man now, write a book and say in there say Miss Susan is something some Arawak person carve into a cave. Man even have a photo in this book, of a lady standing in the mouth of this cave and looking for truth like as if is somebody really carve her. But I am here to tell you that nothing don't go so. Them long long time when Cundal writing, where them get camera to go take picture of Miss Susan? You no see something not too quite right? Is just these white people like come to people country, look round two time, take photo, measure this and measure that, no ask nobody no question, no sit down and meditate, and baps - them have answer. Same way. So this man now write it into book that Miss Susan is a Arawak carving and people believe. What in book is gospel so everybody go believe. Well is not so. I am sitting down quiet to myself when my ears start to tingle and I get a strong smell of that flowers that we used to string as bead. The smell so strong, I nearly faint and then the lady start to talk and she tell me.



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