Journal of Student Engagement: Education Matters


Primary schools are the foundational stages in the education system – an extensive seven-year period that offers both growth and development to students. During this time, an individual’s wellbeing, that is, the way an individual feels, interacts, moves, mentally functions and personally devotes themselves, is in constant evolution (DEC NSW, 2015). Healthy wellbeing is dependent on constant interaction with positive change, however, environmental factors may potentially pose negative distress, causing personal wellbeing to enter a state of imbalance (DEC NSW, 2015). This paper explains how promoting ‘mindfulness’ in primary school education, could provide a means of reducing the prevalence of psychosocial stress and enhancing overall performance at school. The practicality of this article is supported with age-related developmental and ethical considerations associated with implementing mindfulness interventions, along with a discussion of research findings.