Journal of Student Engagement: Education Matters


Teacher–student relationships are a critical component in education, influencing development across emotional, behavioural, academic and social domains. While there is considerable research on teacher–student relationships in the everyday classroom, little has been identified on the impact of teacher– student relationships within the gifted and talented population. This review draws together research on teacher–student relationships and Gagné’s gifted and talented developmental theory. The paper firstly discusses teacher–student relationships in a broad sense and defines the gifted and talented developmental process in line with Gagné’s theory. The paper then combines the two bodies of research to explore and discuss the potential impacts that teacher–student relationships may have on the development of talent. In particular, the paper will discuss the effects that teacher–student relationships have on the identification processes needed to acknowledge those who are gifted and talented. Additionally, the paper will explore how motivation in regards to academic achievement can be fuelled by negative teacher–student relationships. A discussion will follow on how relationships formed with peers can affect those who are gifted and talented and how the teacher–student relationship can have a significant role in how peer relationships develop.