Papers from 1988

Avian interaural canal enhances interaural delay, Michael B. Calford and Robert W. Piddington

Immediate and chronic changes in responses of somatosensory cortex in adult flying-fox after digit amputation, Michael B. Calford and Rowan Tweedale


Training to transfer: Developing learning skills, Paul Chandler, Beryl Hesketh, and Sally Andrews


Mathematics teaching can be relevant: Maths problems in NC programming, Paul Chandler, Beryl Hesketh, and R Waldron

Dynamic behaviour of a SCARA robot with links subjected to different velocity trajectories, Christopher D. Cook, M Y. Ibrahim, and A K. Tieu

A graphical procedure for determining nonstationarity in time-series, Noel A. Cressie

Spatial prediction and ordinary kriging, Noel A. Cressie

When are census counts improved by adjustment?, Noel A. Cressie

Evaluation of chromosome substitution lines of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) for freezing injury suffered during the stem elongation stage of development, Roderick J Fletcher and Brian R. Cullis

Book Review: Performance measurement in the public sector and private sectors: ICAS and CIPFA, John J. Glynn


Spontaneous abortion in primary care: a report from ASPN, L A. Green, L A. Becker, W L. Freeman, E Elliott, Donald C. Iverson, and F M. Reed


Verification of data reported by practices for a study of spontaneous abortion, L A. Green, F M. Reed, R S. Miller, and Donald C. Iverson


Training for transferable skills: The role of examples and schemas, Beryl Hesketh, Sally Andrews, and Paul Chandler


The development and management of a primary care research network, 1978-87, Donald C. Iverson, B N. Calonge, R S. Miller, L J. Niebauer, and F M. Reed


Some results on the excesses of Hadamard matrices, Brett A. Jenkins, C Koukouvinos, S Kounias, Jennifer Seberry, and Ralph Seberry

Role of calcium in the activation of endothelial cells, Anthony Johns, Ana D. Freay, David J. Adams, Thomas W. Lategan, Una S. Ryan, and Cornelis Van Breemen


Review: Anderson, Jessica, An Ordinary Lunacy, Dorothy L. Jones

Analysis of the time distribution and time sequence of behavioral acts., R Kernan Jr., P Mullenix, R Kent, D Hopper, and Noel A. Cressie

Variation in ovariole number within the Aphidoidea, S R. Leather, Paul W. Wellings, and K F. A Walters

Assessing the functional adequacy of children's phonological systems, Eeva K. Leinonen

Response of six temperate annual grass weeds to six selective herbicides, A. R. Leys, B. Plater, and Brian R. Cullis


Obesity and insulin resistance: lessons learned from the Pima Indians, S Lillioja and C Bogardus

Impaired glucose tolerance as a disorder of insulin action. Longitudinal and cross-sectional studies in Pima Indians, S Lillioja, D M. Mott, B V. Howard, P H. Bennett, H Yki-Jarvinen, D Freymond, B Nyomba, F Zurlo, B Swinburn, and C Bogardus

Insulin resistance in Pima Indians. A combined effect of genetic predisposition and obesity-related skeletal muscle cell hypertrophy, Stephen Lillioja and C Bogardus


Relative accuracy of a neighbour method for field trials, W J. Lill, A C. Gleeson, and Brian R. Cullis

Properties of the patterned vech operator, C. A. McGilchrist and Brian R. Cullis

Glucose-6-phosphate stimulatioin of human muscle glycogen synthase phosphate, Masamichi Okubo, Clifton Bogardus, S Lillioja, and David M. Mott

Historical fabrications and home truths, Wenche Ommundsen

In search of the point of origin, Wenche Ommundsen


Bhaskar Rao designs over small groups, William D. Palmer and Jennifer Seberry

Theory of the Taylor dispersion technique for three-component-system diffusion measurements, William E. Price

Particle and Catalyst Technology at the University of New South Wales, Judy A. Raper

Reduced rate of energy expenditure as a risk factor for body-weight gain, E Ravussin, S Lillioja, W C. Knowler, L Christin, D Freymond, W G H Abbott, V Boyce, B V. Howard, and C Bogardus


On weighing matrices with square weights, D G. Sarvate and Jennifer Seberry


New Hadamard matrices and conference matrices obtained via Mathon's construction, Jennifer Seberry and Albert L. Whiteman


Statistical design of the women's health trial, Steven Self, Ross Prentice, Donald C. Iverson, Maureen Henderson, Donovan Thompson, David Byar, William Insull, Sherwood L. Gorbach, Carolyn Clifford, Susan Goldman, Nicole Urban, Lianne Sheppard, and Peter Greenwald

Immunocytpochemical characterization of 2c fibers in dystrophic human-muscle, C A. Sewry, Richard Banati, and R B. Fitzsimons

Running-in wear of a grey cast iron and the effect of laser transformation hardening, W J. Tomlinson, R F. O'Connor, and Trevor A. Spedding

The exercise of coastal state jurisdiction over EEZ fisheries resources: the South Pacific practice, Ben M. Tsamenyi

Energy expenditure and body-weight gain, P Visentin, F Fabris, L M. Green, J H. Prystowsky, E Ravussin, Stephen Lillioja, W C. Knowler, L Christin, D Freymond, B V. Howard, C Bogardus, J Hirsh, and R Leibel

Book review: Pest control: Operations and systems analysis in fruit fly management: M. Mangel, J.R. Carey and R.E. Plant (Editors), Paul W. Wellings

The susceptibility of salmonid fish to an atypical strain of Aeromonas salmonicida that infects goldfish, Carassius auratus (L.), in Australia, R.J. Whittington and Brian R. Cullis

Ventricular beta-adrenoceptors in adriamycin-induced cardiomyopathy in the rabbit, Elizabeth Woodcock, Leonard F. Arnolda, and Barry P. McGrath

Increased rate of Cori cycle in obese subjects with NIDDM and effect of weight reduction, J K. Zawadzki, R Wolfe, D Mott, Stephen Lillioja, B Howard, and C Bogardus

Papers from 1987

Relationships between plasma lipoprotein concentrations and insulin action in an obese hyperinsulinemic population, W Abbott, Stephen Lillioja, A Young, J K. Zawadzki, H Yki-Jarvinen, L Christin, and B Howard

Flowering time of cultivars of subterranean clover in New South Wales, K A. Archer, E C. Wolfe, and B R. Cullis


A study of headache in North American primary care: Report for the Ambulatory Sentinel Practice Network, L A. Becker, Donald C. Iverson, F M. Read, N Calogne, R S. Miller, and W L. Freeman

Recent epidemiological contributions to the pathogenesis and etiology of non-insulin dependent diabetes, P Bennett, C Bogardus, W C. Knowler, and Stephen Lillioja


CO2-warming, rising sea-level and retreating coasts: Review and critique, Edward A. Bryant


Training for new technology: Adaptability and developing learning skills, Paul Chandler

Seed tuber susceptibility to Erwinia chrysanthemi: evalution of altered tuber physiology as a means of reducing incidence and severity of soft rot, E.C. Cother and Brian R. Cullis

A nonparametric view of generalized covariances for kriging, Noel A. Cressie

Book review: "Spatial Data Analysis by Example-volume I: point pattern and quantitative data" by G Upton and B Fingleton, Noel A. Cressie

Comment - "Census undercount adjustment and the quality of geographic population-distributions" by A. L. Schirm and S. H. Preston, Noel A. Cressie


A robust-resistant spatial analysis of soil water infiltration., Noel A. Cressie and R Horton


Random set theory and problems of modeling, Noel A. Cressie and G M. Laslett

Statistical-methods for estimating numbers of cape fur-seal pups from aerial surveys, Noel A. Cressie and P Shaughnessy


Labouring Men: Love, Sex and Strife , Mike Donaldson

Effects of relocation on production in caged layers, P C. Glatz and A B. Frensham


Feasibility studies of low-fat diet to prevent or retard breast cancer, P Greenwald, C Clifford, R R. Butrum, and Donald C. Iverson


Electronic funds transfer point of sale in Australia, Ralph Gyoery and Jennifer Seberry

The ACTU and the Accord, James Hagan and Robert Castle


A note on orthogonal designs, J Hammer, D G. Sarvate, and Jennifer Seberry

Giardia and cryptosporidium in drinking water, J Isaac-Renton, Jerry E. Ongerth, D Fogel, and Henry H. Stibbs


Smoking Control Programs: Premises and Promises, Donald C. Iverson

Calcium entry through receptor-operated channels in bovine pulmonary artery endothelial cells, Anthony Johns, Thomas W. Lategan, N J. Lodge, Una S. Ryan, Cornelis Van Breemen, and David J. Adams

Silurian evaporitic strata from New South Wales, Australia, Brian Jones, Bryan Chenhall, Anthony J. Wright, John W. Pemberton, and C Campbell


Bohemians in and out of Toronto, Dorothy L. Jones


Representations of crossed products by coactions and principal bundles, M B. Landstad, J Phillips, Iain Raeburn, and C E. Sutherland

In vivo insulin action is familial characteristic in nondiabetic Pima Indians, Stephen Lillioja, D Mott, J K. Zawadski, A A. Young, W Abbott, W C. Knowler, B H. Bennett, and C Bogardus


Skeletal muscle capillary density and fiber type are possible determinants of in vivo insulin resistance in man., Stephen Lillioja, A Young, Carol L. Culter, John L. Ivy, W Abbott, J K. Zawadzki, H Yki-Jarvinen, L Christin, Timothy W. Secomb, and Clitton Bogardus

Effects of logging and fire on small mamals in Mumbulla State Forest near Bega, New South Wales, Daniel Lunney, Brian R. Cullis, and Peggy Eby

Prediction of wheat yield loss due to competition by wild oats (Avena spp.), R.J. Martin, Brian R. Cullis, and D W. McNamara


The archaeology of social complexity in South-east Queensland, Michael Morwood

Health behavior models compared, P D. Mullen, James C. Hersey, and Donald C. Iverson

Lack of effect of atrial natriuretic peptide on vasopressin release, K Ogawa, Leonard F. Arnolda, Elizabeth Woodcock, M Hiwatari, and Colin I. Johnston


Identification of Cryptosporidium oocysts in river water, Jerry Ongerth and Henry Stibbs


Ephemera in Archives: What to Do?, Michael K. Organ


Coloured designs, new group divisible designs and pairwise balanced designs, C A. Rodger, Dinesh G. Sarvate, and Jennifer Seberry


A construction for orthogonal designs with three variables, Jennifer Seberry


Constructing Hadamard matrices via orthogonal designs, Jennifer Seberry


Generalized Hadamard matrices and colourable designs in the construction of regular GDDs with two and three association classes, Jennifer Seberry


On Hadamard matrices of order 2t pq:I, Jennifer Seberry


Vanstone's construction applied to Bhaskar Rao designs, Jennifer Seberry

Kinetics and equilibria of tea fusion - Part 6: The effects of salts and of pH on the concentrations and partition constants of theaflavins and caffeine in Kapchorua Pekoe Fannings, Michael H. Spiro and William E. Price

Kinetics and equilibria of tea infusion: Part 7-The effects of salts and of pH on the rate of extraction of caffeine from Kapchorua Pekoe Fannings, Michael H. Spiro and William E. Price

Kinetics and equilibria of tea infusion: Part 8-the effects of salts and of pH on the rate of extraction of theaflavins from black tea leaf, Michael H. Spiro, William E. Price, W Miller, and M Arami

Spatial-distribution and interspecific competition, Paul W. Wellings


Sycamore aphid numbers and population density. III. The role of aphid induced changes in plant quality., Paul W. Wellings and A. F. G. Dixon


FF-Pade Method of Model Reduction in Frequency Domain, H. Xiheng

Dissociation of in vitro sensitivities of glucose transport and antilipolysis to insulin in NIDDM, H Yki-Jarvinen, H Kubo, J Zawadzki, S Lillioja, A Young, W Abbott, and J E. Foley

Papers from 1986

Familial dependence of the resting metabolic rate, C Bogardus, S Lillioja, E Ravussin, W Abbott, J K. Zawadzki, A Young, W C. Knowler, R Jacobowitz, and P Moll

Increased resting metabolic rates in obese subjects with non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus and the effect of sulfonylurea therapy, C Bogardus, M Taskinen, J K. Zawadzki, Stephen Lillioja, D Mott, and B Howard

Central and peripheral contributions to coding of acoustic space by neurons in inferior colliculus of cat, Michael B. Calford, David R. Moore, and Mary E. Hutchings

The deregulation debate, Robert Castle


On inequivalent weighing matrices, H C. Chan, C A. Rodger, and Jennifer Seberry

Silicified early devonian trilobites from Mudgee, New South Wales, Brian D. E Chatterton and Anthony J. Wright

Kriging nonstationary data, Noel A. Cressie

Size and shape spaces for landmark data in two dimensions: comment, Noel A. Cressie

The moment generating function has its moments, Noel A. Cressie and M Borkent