Papers from 2005

Phytoplankton succession during a red tide of Skeletonema costatum in Jiaozhou Bay of China, Dongyan Liu, Neil Saintilan, and D. Cahoon

Studies on growth rate and grazing mortality rate by microzooplankton of size-fractionated phytoplankton in spring and summer in Jiaozhou Bay, China, Dongyan Liu, L. Zhang, J. Sun, and Z. Yu

Electrochemical oxidation of multi-walled carbon nanotubes and its application to electrochemical double layer capacitors, Xiao Liu, Hui-Fang Cui, Jian-Shan Ye, Fwu-Shan Sheu, Tit-Meng Lim, and Wei-De Zhang

Preparation and characterization of aligned carbon nanotube-ruthenium oxide nanocomposites for supercapacitors, Xiao Liu, Hui-Fang Cui, Jian-Shan Ye, Fwu-Shan Sheu, Tit-Meng Lim, and Wei-De Zhang

Activation of dendritic cells by human papillomavirus-like particles through TLR4 and NF-kB-mediated signalling, moderated by TGF-B, Xiaosong Liu, Ian H. Frazer, Ranjeny Thomas, Ibtissam A. Jabbar, Mengyong Yan, Judy Peng, and Luis Filgueira


A new divide and conquer algorithm for graph-based image and video segmentation, Wanqing Li, M. Shi, and P. Ogunbona

Development of an ankle physiotherapy device using an MR damper, Weihua Li and Hejun Du

Development of Ankle Physiotherapy Device Using MR Damper, Weihua Li and Hejun Du

Numerical modeling of dielectrophoresis using a meshless approach, Weihua Li, Hejun Du, Dafeng Chen, and Chang Shu

Numerical Solution of Traveling Wave Dielectrophoresis Using a Meshless Finite Difference Scheme, Weihua Li, Hejun Du, Dafeng Chen, and Chang Shu

Linear Viscoelasticity of MR Fluids: Dependence on Magnetic Fields, Weihua Li, Prabuono B. Kosasih, P. Q. Zhang, and Xinglong Gong


RNAi-mediated knocking-down of rlpk2 gene retarded soybean leaf senescence, Xiaoping Li, Yuanyuan Ma, Pengli Li, Liwen Zhang, Yong Wang, Ren Zhang, and Ningning Wang

Seismic Lateral Response of Piles in Liquefying Soil, Deepa Liyanapathirana and H. G. Poulos


Numerical Modeling of Nonhomogeneous Behavior of Structured Soils during Triaxial Tests, D. S. Liyanapathirana, J. P. Carter, and D. W. Airey

Pseudostatic Approach for Seismic Analysis of Piles in Liquefying Soil, D. S. Liyanapathirana and H. G. Poulos


Seismic Lateral Response of Piles in Liquefying Soil, D. S. Liyanapathirana and H. G. Poulos


Raman spectroscopy as a tool to study TiC formation during controlled ball milling, B. H. Lohse, A. Calka, and D. Wexler


Editorial: In this issue, Eric Loo


Empowering j-students to think and write in a 'flat' world, Eric Loo


Filipino journalists speak out and pay the price, Eric Loo

The Effect of an Individualized Fall Prevention Program on Fall Risk and Falls in Older People: A Randomized, Controlled Trial, Stephen Lord, Anne Tiedmann, Kirsten Chapman, Bridget J. Munro, Susan Murray, and Catherine Sherrington

Detection of Lateglacial distal tephra layers in the Netherlands, J.J. Lowe, S.J.P. Bohncke, S. Pyne-O'Donnell., S.M. Davies, W.Z. Hoek, and Christian Turney

A new and less destructive laboratory procedure for the physical separation of distal glass tephra shards from sediments, J.J. Lowe, E.G. Molyneux, S.P.E Blockley, A.M. Pollard, I.P. Matthews, S.D.F. Pyne-O'Donnell, A. Stone, and Christian Turney

The fourth hermeneutic in marketing theory, Sid Lowe, Michael Thomas, Adrian N. Carr, and Lorraine Watkins-Mathys


Book Review: Francesc Relano, The shaping of Africa: cosmographic discourse and cartographic science in late medieval and early modern Europe (2004), Adam Robert Lucas

Learning objects and learning designs: An integrated system for reusable, adaptive and shareable learning content, Jason Lukasiak, B Powley, Shirley Agostinho, Susan J. Bennett, Barry M. Harper, and Lori Lockyer

Theoretical study of adhesion between graphite, polyester and silica surfaces, Chris A. Lukey, Irene Yarovsky, David Henry, and Evan Evans

A new subregion boundary element technique based on the domain decomposition method, Xiaoping Lu and Wei-Liang Wu


Clinical guidance on the use of antidepressant medications in children and adolescents, Bill Lyndon, Leanne Rowe, Allen Fraser, Daryl Efron, Garry Walter, Ian G. Wilson, Louise Newman, and Natalie Silove


A politics of accommodation: Women and the People’s Action Party in Singapore, Lenore T. Lyons


Transient Workers Count Too? The intersection of citizenship and gender in Singapore’s civil society, Lenore T. Lyons


Moving beyond the OB markers: Rethinking the space of civil society in Singapore, Lenore T. Lyons and J. Gomez

The case study in psychoanalytic education, Nigel I. Mackay and Steven Poser

Embodied Subjects: Feminism in Imperial Japan, Vera C. Mackie

Evdokia Petrova's Shoe, Vera C. Mackie

In Search of Innocence: Feminist Historians Debate the Legacy of Wartime Japan, Vera C. Mackie

Japan, Vera C. Mackie

Understanding through the Body: The Masquerades of Morimura Yasumasa and Mishima Yukio, Vera C. Mackie


Love Goes to Market, Anthony Macris

Discrepancy in mitochondrial and nuclear polymorphism in meadow vipers (Vipera ursinii) questions the unambiguous use of mtDNA in conservation studies, Thomas R. Madsen, Beata Ujvari, and Mats M. Olsson

Old pythons stay fit; effects of haematozoan infections on life history traits of a large tropical predator, Thomas R. Madsen, Beata Ujvari, and Mats M. Olsson

Paternal alleles enhance female reproductive success in tropical pythons, Thomas R. Madsen, Beata Ujvari, Mats M. Olsson, and Rick Shine

MHC, health, color, and reproductive success in sand lizards, Thomas R. Madsen, Beata Ujvari, Mats M. Olsson, B. Silverin, H. Wittzell, and Erik Wapstra

Combating Cyberterrorism: The Response from Australia and New Zealand, Alaeldin Maghaireh

An agent approach to supporting collaborative design in 3D virtual worlds, M. L. Maher, Pak-San Liew, Ning Gu, and Lan Ding

Non-breeding habitat requirements of the giant burrowing frog, Heleioporus australiacus (Anura: Myobatrachidae) in south-eastern Australia, M J Mahony, Francis L. Lemckert, Christopher Slade, and Trent D. Penman


Report on the international conference: 'Mobile communications and health: medical, biological and social problems', Sept 20-22 2004, Moscow, Russia, Donald Maisch

Australia's major corporate collapse: Health International Holdings (HIH) Insurance "May the force be with you", Kwai Mak, Hemant N. Deo, and Kathleen A. Cooper


Science Thinking Books: Children talking, thinking and drawing their way into science, Karen A. Malone

Trainsurfing: '..its like bungee jumping without a rope', Karen A. Malone

Explicit solutions to European options in a regime-switching economy, Rogemar S. Mamon and Marianito R. Rodrigo


Interstices: new work on legal spaces, D. Manderson

Comparison of small-scale and large-scale extensibility of dough produced from wheat flour, Gulay Mann, Helen Allen, Matthew K. Morell, Zena Nath, Peter Martin, John Oliver, Brian R. Cullis, and Alison Smith


Learning with the arts: palettes, performance & employability skills, Claire Manning

Approximate solutions for magmon propagation from a reservoir, Timothy R. Marchant and Noel Smyth

Critical Reflections Upon Australia’s Royal Commission Into Aboriginal Deaths In Custody, E Marchetti

Unconscious racism: scrutinising judicial reasoning in “stolen generation” cases, Elena M. Marchetti and Janet Ransley

Effect of 30 T magnetic field on transformations in a novel bainitic steel, Muruganant Marimuthu, H.K.D.H Bhadeshia, S S. Babu, J B. Wilgen, D M. Nicholson, R A. Jaramillo, G M. Ludtka, R A. Kisner, G Mackiewicz-Ludtka, and S M. Kelly


Advanced active pixel architectures in standard CMOS technology, Alessandro Marras, Daniele Passeri, Guido Matrella, Pisana Placidi, Marco Petasecca, Leonello Servoli, Gian Mario Bilei, and Paolo Ciampolini


CMOS-APS for HEP applications: Design and test of innovative architectures, Alessandro Marras, Daniele Passeri, Pisana Placidi, Guido Matrella, Marco Petasecca, Leonello Servoli, Gian Mario Bilei, and Paollo Ciampolini

Agricultural Antibiotics: Features of a Controversy, Brian Martin


Boomerangs of academic freedom, Brian Martin


Bucking the system: Andrew Wilkie and the difficult task of the whistleblower, Brian Martin

Researching Nonviolent Action: Past Themes and Future Possibilities, Brian Martin

Strategies for alternative science, Brian Martin


The beating of Rodney King: the dynamics of backfire, Brian Martin


The Politics of a Scientific Meeting: the Origin-of-AIDS Debate at the Royal Society, Brian Martin


Getting over post-election blues, Brian Martin and Lyn Carson

How to make defamation threats and actions backfire, Brian Martin and Truda Gray


The Parkin backfire, Brian Martin and I. Murray


The End of Indenture? Asian workers in the Australian Pearling Industry, 1901–1972, Julia Martinez


Wheelchair as semiotic: space governance of the American handicapped parking space, S. Marusek

Estimates of Australian dust flux into New Zealand: Quantifying the eastern Australian dust plume pathway using trace element calibrated 210Pb as a monitor, Samuel K. Marx, Balz S. Kamber, and Hamish A. McGowan

Provenance of long travelled dust determined with ultra-trace-element composition: A pilot study with samples from New Zealand glaciers, Samuel K. Marx, Balz S. Kamber, and Hamish A. McGowan

Dust transport and deposition in a superhumid environment, Samuel K. Marx and Hamish A. McGowan


Managing across Cultures in a Big Four Consulting Firm, Peter R. Massingham


Asian journalists seek values worth preserving, M. Masterton

Predicting fate of the contraceptive pill in wastewater treatment and discharge, M Mastrup, Andrea Schaefer, and Stuart Khan

A question of autonomy: Bourdieu's field approach and policy in higher education, Karl A. Maton

Legal Requirements and Current Practices, Kay F. Maxwell, Jim Cockerill, and Berna Collier


Removing e-Wrinkles: An extreme inter-facelift for an elderly HyperCard servant, Brian McCarthy

The international harmonization of accounting standards: making progress in accounting practice or an endless struggle?, Kellie M. McCombie and Hemant N. Deo


Dissertation writing with automated citation and bibliographic tools: A case of post-graduate culture shock, Michael McCrae

Free Surface Problems for Static Coulomb-Mohr Granular Solids, Scott McCue and James M. Hill

New Stress and velocity fields for highly frictional granular materials, Scott McCue, Ignatius Johnpillai, and James M. Hill

Symmetry analysis for uniaxial compression of a hypoplastic granular material, Scott McCue, Ignatius Johnpillai, and James M. Hill

Micro-humidity sensors based on a processable polyaniline blend, Scott T. McGovern, Geoffrey M. Spinks, and G G. Wallace

High resolution provenancing of long travelled dust deposition in the Southern Alps, New Zealand, Hamish A. McGowan, Balz S. Kamber, G H. McTainsh, and Samuel K. Marx


Academic Integrity: An Awareness and Development Issue for Students and Staff, U. McGowan


Development and validation of instruments measuring body image and body weight dissatisfaction in South African mothers and their daughters, Zandile Mciza, Julia Goedecke, Nelia P. Steyn, Karen E. Charlton, Thandi Puoane, Shelly Meltzer, Naomi Levitt, and Estelle V. Lambert


On Rivera's 'Detroit Industry': community beyond knowledge, J. McKay


Teaching content creation with programming, Phillip J. McKerrow


Kuninjku modernism: new perspectives on Western Arnhem Land art, Ian McLean

A Review: Gerardo Mosquera and Jean Fisher (eds) Over Here; Nikos Papastergiadis, Complex Entanglements, Ian A. McLean


For Nothing, Ian A. McLean

Hegel or Darwin? The role of tendencies in Bernard Smith's historiography, Ian A. McLean

Out on the world stage: Queer cultures and globalisation, Mark J. McLelland


The World of Yaoi: The Internet, Censorship and the Global “Boys’ Love” Fandom, Mark J. McLelland


The Historical Lessons and Intellectual Rigour of Admiral Sir Herbert William Richmond, Bruce McLennan

Membrane basis for fish oil effects on the heart: Linking natural hibernators to prevention of human sudden cardiac death, Peter L. McLennan and Mahainda Y. Abeywardena