Papers from 1992

Residual electrostatic charge and charge distributions on fly ashes produced by the combustion of Australian coals, Judy A. Raper, W H. Ma, and D Guang

Calcium-activated potassium channels in native endothelial cells from rabbit aorta: conductance, Ca2+ sensitivity and block, J Rusko, Franco Tanzi, Cornelis Van Breemen, and David J. Adams


‘”Suggestions for presentation of a twenty-minute talk”’, Dinesh Sarvate and Jennifer Seberry


On small defining sets for some SBIBD(4t - 1, 2t - 1, t - 1), Jennifer Seberry


On small defining sets for some SBIBD(4t-1, 2t-1, t-1), Jennifer Seberry


Selected Papers in Combinatorics - a Volume Dedicated to R.G. Stanton, Jennifer Seberry, Brendan McKay, and Scott Vanstone


Hadamard matrices, Sequences, and Block Designs, Jennifer Seberry and Mieko Yamada


Semi Williamson type matrices and the W(2n, n) conjecture, Jennifer Seberry and Xian-Mo Zhang


Hole-quasiparticle resonant polaron coupling in quantum wells containing high densities of free carriers , Philip E. Simmonds, M. S. Skolnick, T. A. Fisher, K. J. Nash, and R. S. Smith


Communicative skills in the constitution of illocutionary acts, David I. Simpson


Lying, liars and language, David I. Simpson

Mine water effluent quality in the Illawarra region, Muttucumaru Sivakumar, R N. Singh, and S G. S Morton


The split-attention effect as a factor in the design of instruction, John Sweller and Paul Chandler


Analysing health systems: a modular approach, Victoria J. Westley-Wise

Resting membrane potential and potassium currents in cultured parasympathetic neurones from rat intracardiac ganglia, Zi-Jian Xu and David J. Adams

Voltage-dependent sodium and calcium currents in cultured parasympathetic neurones from rat intracardiac ganglia, Zi-Jian Xu and David J. Adams


Catastrophic wave erosion on the southeastern coast of Australia: Impact of the Lanai tsunamis ca. 105 ka?, R. W. Young and Edward A. Bryant


Catastrophic wave erosion on the southeastern coast of Australia: Impact of the Lanai tsunamis ca. 105 ka?: Reply, R. W. Young and Edward A. Bryant

Electrochemically controlled transport of potassium chloride across a conducting electro-active polymer membrane, Huijun Zhao, William E. Price, and Gordon G. Wallace


The quantum theory for anomalous low-temperature thermal conductivity of noncrystalline dielectric solids, W L. Zhao and B L. Zhou

Mean squared prediction error in the spatial linear model with estimated covariance parameters, D Zimmerman and Noel A. Cressie

Papers from 1991

Modes of hexamethonium action on acetylcholine receptor channels in frog skeletal muscle, David J. Adams, S Bevan, and D A. Terrar

Setting up a CIM system for training and demonstrating on a budget: the ACME FMS, Guenter Arndt, Christopher D. Cook, and B E. Fowler

Skeletal muscle metabolism in heart failure in rats, Leonard F. Arnolda, J Brosnan, Bheeshma Rajagopalan, and George K. Radda

Systemic and regional effects of vasopressin and angiotensin in acute left ventricular failure, Leonard F. Arnolda, Barry P. McGrath, and Colin I. Johnston

Vasopressin and angiotensin II contribute equally to the increased afterload in rabbits with heart failure, Leonard F. Arnolda, Barry P. McGrath, and Colin I. Johnston


Pathogenesis of NIDDM in Pima Indians, Clitton Bogardus, Stephen Lillioja, and P H. Bennett


Generalized Bhaskar Rao designs with elements from cyclic groups of even order, Andrew Bowler, Kathleen Quinn, and Jennifer Seberry


A generalised testbed for analysing block and stream ciphers, Lawrence Brown, Josef Pieprzyk, R. Safavi-Naini, and Jennifer Seberry


The Zeckendorf representation and the Golden Sequence, Martin Bunder and Keith Tognetti

Short-term expansion of receptive fields in rat primary somatosensory cortex after hindpaw digit denervation, Jennifer A. Byrne and Mike Calford

Acute changes in cutaneous receptive-fields in primary somatosensory cortex after digit denervation in adult flying fox, M B. Calford and R Tweedale

Immediate expansion of receptive fields of neurons in area 3b of macaque monkeys after digit denervation, M B. Calford and R Tweedale

Curious cortical change, Mike Calford

C-fibers provide a source of masking inhibition to primary somatosensory cortex, Mike B. Calford and Rowan Tweedale

Peripheral lymphatic cannulation for physiological analysis of interstitial fluid compartment in humans, C E. Castillo and Stephen Lillioja

The Protection of Australian Industry-Intervention of Laissez-Faire, Robert Castle


Cognitive Load Theory and the Format of Instruction, Paul Chandler and John Sweller

Lime responses by barley as related to available soil aluminium and manganese, M K. Conyers, G J. Poile, and Brian R. Cullis


Latin squares and critical sets of minimal size, Joan Cooper, Diane Donovan, and Jennifer Seberry


Measurement of Electrostatic Charge on Gas-Borne Particles and the Effect of Charges on Fabric Filtration, J R. Coury, Judy A. Raper, D Guang, and R Clift

Book review: "Robust Estimation and Testing" by R G Staudte and S J Sheather, Noel A. Cressie

Empirical Bayes estimation of U. S. undercount based on artificial populations, Noel A. Cressie and Aref Dajani

Error model diagnostics in the general linear model relevant to the analysis of repeated measurements and field experiments, Brian R. Cullis, C A. McGilchrist, and A C. Gleeson


Women In the Union Movement: Organisation, Representation and Segmentation, Mike Donaldson

Intradiffusion and viscosity measurements in acidified iron(III) chloride solutions at 25°C, Allan J Easteal, Rakesh K. Malhotra, William E. Price, and Lawrence A. Woolf

Acetylcholine-evoked currents in cultured neurones dissociated from rat parasympathetic cardiac ganglia, Lynne A. Fieber and David J. Adams

Adenosine triphosphate-evoked currents in cultured neurones dissociated from rat parasympathetic cardiac ganglia, Lynne A. Fieber and David J. Adams

Performance auditing: the jurisdiction of the Australian auditor general - De Jure or De Facto? A comment, John J. Glynn

Using spatial considerations in the analysis of experiments, Martin Grondona and Noel A. Cressie

Coping with person-environment incongruence, Greg Hampton

Studies of the etiology of obesity in Pima Indians, B Howard, C Bogardus, E Ravussin, J E. Foley, Stephen Lillioja, D Mott, P Bennett, and W C. Knowler

Basal and insulin-mediated carbohydrate metabolism in human muscle deficient in phosphofructokinase 1, A Katz, M Spencer, Stephen Lillioja, Z Yan, D Mott, R Haller, and S Lewis


Supplementary difference sets and optimal designs, Christos Koukouvinos, Stratis Kounias, and Jennifer Seberry


Hadamard matrices of order ? (8 mod 16) with maximal excess, Christos Koukouvinos and Jennifer Seberry

Cytosolic calcium ion regulation in cultured endothelial cells, Rachel E. Laskey, David J. Adams, Sherry Purkerson, and Cornelis Van Breemen

Exaggerated early insulin release and insulin resistance in a diabetes-prone population: A metabolic comparison of Pima Indians and caucasians, Stephen Lillioja, Bulangal Nyomba, M Saad, R Ferraro, C Castillo, P Bennett, and C Bogardus

A penalty finite difference model for Navier-Stokes flow problem in sedimentation basins, S A. Lowe and Muttucumaru Sivakumar

comparison of total tuber yields from inner and guard rows used in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) fertiliser experiments, N A. Maier, A B. Frensham, K S. R Chapman, and C M. J Williams

The effect of footrot on body weight and wool growth of sheep, D. J. Marshall, R. I. Walker, Brian R. Cullis, and M. F. Luff

REML estimation for repeated measures analysis, C. A. McGilchrist and Brian R. Cullis

Aboriginal human rights and the Australian criminal justice system: self-determination as a solution?, Luke McNamara

The Aboriginal Justice Inquiry of Manitoba: a fresh approach to the "problem" of over-representation in the criminal justice system, Luke McNamara

Confidence regions in ternary diagrams based on the power-divergence statistics, Frederck Medak and Noel A. Cressie

Implementing the "Fool's model" of combinatory logic, Robert K. Meyer, Martin W. Bunder, and Lawrence Powers

Occurrence of sexual morphs of Therioaphis-trifolii (Monell) F-Maculata (Hemiptera, Aphididae) in the field, W Milne and Paul W. Wellings

Combining two unbiased estimators of a common mean of two normal populations, Nuwan Nanayakkara and Noel A. Cressie

Generalized linear models for enzyme-kinetic data, J A. Nelder, David R. Ruppert, Noel A. Cressie, and Raymond J. Carroll

The world, the text, and the tourist: Murray Bail's Homesickness as guide to the real, Wenche Ommundsen


The Ghost of Ghost Creek, Wollongong, Michael Organ

The p3/2, Fano and piezo-Fano spectra of singly ionised zinc impurity in germanium, G Piao, R A. Lewis, and Peter Fisher

Ion pairing and redissociation in concentrated aqueous solutions of 2:2 electrolytes. A transport coefficient study of aqueous ZnSO4, William E. Price and Hermann Weingartner

Inferences on dynamic water structure in aqueous solutions from diffusion measurements, William E. Price and Lawrence A. Woolf

Normal coding sequence of insulin gene in Pima Indians and Nauruans, two groups with highest prevalence of type II diabetes, N Raben, F Barbetti, A Cama, M Lesniak, Stephen Lillioja, P Zimmet, S Serjeantson, SS Taylor, and J Roth


Racial differences in the relation between blood pressure and insulin resistance, Mohammad F. Saad, Stephen Lillioja, B Nyomba, Castillo C, R Ferraro, M De Gregorio, E Ravussin, W C. Knowler, P H. Bennett, B Howard, and C Bogardus


Error-correcting codes for authentication and subliminal channels, Reihaneh Safavi-Naini and Jennifer Seberry


Existence of SBIBD(4k2, 2k2 + k, k2 + k) and Hadamard matrices with maximal excess, Jennifer Seberry


Amicable Hadamard matrices and amicable orthogonal designs, Jennifer Seberry and Mieko Yamada


Some orthogonal designs and complex Hadamard matrices by using two Hadamard matrices, Jennifer Seberry and Xian-Mo Zhang


Fermi-energy-edge singularity in quantum wells containing more than one occupied subband , M. S. Skolnick, D. M. Whittaker, Philip E. Simmonds, T. A. Fisher, M. K. Saker, J. M. Rorison, R. S. Smith, P. B. Kirby, and C. R. White


Evidence for cognitive load theory, John Sweller and Paul Chandler


Insulin resistance associated with lower rates of weight gain in Pima Indians, Boyd A. Swinburn, Bulangu L. Nyomba, Mohammad F. Saad, Francesco Zurlo, Itamar Raz, William C. Knowler, Stephen Lillioja, Clifton Bogardus, and Eric Ravussin


University of Wollongong Graduation Booklet - Commerce 9 May 1991, University of Wollongong


Investigating a reported scarlet fever outbreak, Victoria J. Westley-Wise


Magnetic-field-induced indirect gap in a modulation-doped quantum well , D. M. Whittaker, T. A. Fisher, Philip E. Simmonds, M. S. Skolnick, and R. Smith


Effect of postinfection application of phosphorous (phosphonic) acid on the incidence and sporulation of Plasmopara viticola on grapevine, T J. Wicks, P A. Magarey, M F. Wachtel, and A B. Frensham


Scruttonia (Rugosa, Cnidaria) from the Devonian of Western Australia, Anthony J. Wright

Papers from 1990

Structure and kinetics of aggregating colloidal haematite, Rose Amal, J R. Coury, Judy A. Raper, T D Waite, and W Walsh

Fractal Concepts and the Aggregation of Iron Oxides, Rose Amal, Judy A. Raper, and T D Waite

Fractal Structure of Hematite Aggregates, Rose Amal, Judy A. Raper, and T D Waite


Some remarks on authentication systems, Martin HG Anthony, Keith M. Martin, Jennifer Seberry, and Peter Wild

Skeletal muscle metabolism in heart failure: a 31P nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy study of leg muscle, Leonard F. Arnolda, Michael Conway, M Dolecki, Hasanat Sharif, Bheeshma Rajagopalan, J Ledingham, P Sleight, and George K. Radda

Structural and stereochemical studies on brominated meroterpenoids From the dictyoceratid sponge Cacospongia sp., Doreen K. L Bali, Vicky Wallace, Mary J. Garson, and D. John Faulkner

Non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus: what we have learnt from studies carried out among Pima Indians, P H. Bennett, D J. Pettitt, M F. Saad, C Bogardus, Stephen Lillioja, and W C. Knowler

Evaluation of rootstocks for March and Davis grapefruit in the Murray region of New South Wales, K.B. Bevington and Brian R. Cullis


Australia and the Convention for the Regulation of Antarctic Mineral Resource Activities (CRAMRA), Sam Blay and Ben M. Tsamenyi


Where all the glucose doesn't go in non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, C Bogardus and Stephen Lillioja

The pathogenesis of obesity in man: Results of studies on Pima Indians, Clitton Bogardus, Stephen Lillioja, and E Ravussin


LOKI - A cryptographic primitive for authentication and secrecy applications, Lawrence Brown, Josef Pieprzyk, and Jennifer Seberry


Key scheduling DES type cryptosystems, Lawrence Brown and Jennifer Seberry