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This article was originally published as: Abolhasan, M Wysocki, T & Dutkiewicz, E, Scalable routing strategy for dynamic zones-based MANETs, IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference,(GLOBECOM '02), 17-21 November 2002, 1, 173-177. Copyright IEEE 2002.


This paper presents a new routing strategy for mobile ad hoc networks, called dynamic zone-based topology routing protocol (DZTR). We introduce new strategies to maintain up-to-date intrazone and interzone topology information at each node. We also propose a GPS-based location tracking mechanism, which reduces route discovery area and the number of nodes queried to find the required destination. Our routing strategy has been designed to work with a dynamic zone, which contains a set of member nodes. Every node outside a zone is called a single-state node. We perform theoretical performance analysis, which shows that our network topology creation process has significantly fewer overheads than flooding approaches.