Hunters & Gatherers: Strategies for Curriculum Mapping and Data Collection for Assurance of Learning (An OLT Funded Project)

A five institution team (UTS; QUT; RMIT; Bond & USQ) have been awarded an OLT (Australian Learning and Teaching Council) Strategic Priority Project grant ($220,000) to both review current practice in AOL and to make recommendations on future practice. This project concentrates on two elements of the assurance of learning:

  1. Mapping learning objectives that relate to graduate attributes across suitable units of study in the program (where possible allowing for introduction, further development and then assurance of the objectives)
  2. Collecting data on student performance in relation to each learning objective

The emphasis will be on informing strategy in a way that supports efficient and manageable assurance mechanisms for academic staff. These elements will be considered through a sector wide audit. The audit will examine not only the regulatory practice of mapping and data collection but also provide a platform for innovation and change principles.