Here it is as a Picture Postcard

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Creative Work

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Penelope Harris, Here it is as a Picture Postcard / Como una postal [exhibition], Cinemarti Gallery Space, 2-8 May 2010, Holguin, Cuba.



Research Background

This exhibition is the fourth exhibition in a series of work that explores the narrative ‘From the Diary of a Snail’ by Gunter Grass. The work was exhibited in Holguin, Cuba as part of an International Visual Arts, Music and writing festival. The work continues the technical development of the Lost Form metal casting techniques as well as work with the Patina recipes and surface development. This body of work responds to text from the above narrative and told the story of the character Doubt’s travels into exile.

Research Contribution

This body of work further develops the experimentation with the metal casting techniques, Patina and surface experimentation and the development innovative techniques and colour development for colouring the surface of bronze. The work also develops further storytelling and the use of fragmented and disrupted poetic texts through installation.

Research Significance

In 2010 I was invited to represent Australia in the Romerias De Mayo in Holguin, Cuba. The exhibition was opened by Nelson Mulet in which he says ‘…she brings heavy words from Australia, and here heavy’ is not a metaphor, its verses made of bronze..’ . I was invited to exhibit as well as speak at the ‘Memoria Nuestra’, the festival round table and also gave talks at the School in Holguin. An exhibition review can be found (in Spanish) at romeriasdemayo.blogspot.com.au. The exhibition was also reviewed (here) in the paper ‘La Luz’ (6 May 2010) and showcased at the closing ceremony.