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This article was originally published as Shcherbakov, AV, Pan, AV, Dou, SX, and Collings, EW, New Method for the Fabrication of Al-Stabilized Fe/MgB2 Wires, IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, 17(2), 2007, 2806-2809. Copyright 2007, IEEE.


To employ Al stabilizer on Fe sheathed MgB2 wire the hot aluminizing technique was used. The present technique allows us to form MgB2 superconductor by an in-situ reaction technique and apply Al stabilizer simultaneously, because the processing temperature of MgB2 is similar to the melting temperature of Al. Two types of Fe sheathed MgB2 wires—“reacted” and “green” (unreacted)— were immersed in an Al bath to produce a layer of Al stabilizer on the surface of the superconductor. The magnetic and transport ( ) curves for both “reacted” and “green” Al/Fesheathed wires have been measured at 10 and 20 K and showed the same trend. The concept of Al stabilized Fe/MgB2 coil fabrication is discussed.

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