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Lai, N., Lim, W., Ziebell, A., Reinhard, M. I., Rosenfeld, A. and Dzurak, A. S. (2009). Development and fabrication of Cylindrical Silicon-on-Insulator Microdosimeter Arrays. IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, 56 (3), 1637-1641.


Recent developments in the fabrication and simulation of prototype silicon-on-insulator (SOI) microdosimeter arrays are presented. A new planar array design has been proposed which has a number of advantages over the previous elongated parallelepiped and cylindrical mesa array designs. This novel planar array design, which incorporates a guard ring, is based upon 2500 planar cylindrically shaped p-i-n detectors and was fabricated via dopant diffusion and ion implantation. The dopant-diffused arrays were successfully fabricated and tested using 2 mum and 10-mum- thick SOI substrates. Technology computer-aided design modeling of the ion-implanted structure is presented which includes the electrostatic potential profile, showing possible avalanche signal multiplication around the n+ core of the microdosimeter. The alpha particle charge transient response was simulated to determine the charge collection in the sensitive region.

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