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Alvarez, GA, Puzzer, T, Wang, XL, Lewis, RA, Freeth, CA & Dou, SX, Subterahertz Josephson plasma emission in layered high-T-C superconducting tunnel junctions, In 2007 52nd Annual Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 5-9 November, Tampa, Florida, Journal of Applied Physics, 103(7), 2008, 07C719-1-07C719-3.


We investigated the emission of subterahertz frequency electromagnetic radiation from high-TC superconducting c-axis NdBa2Cu3O7−8/PrBa2Cu3O7−8/NdBa2Cu3O7−8 trilayer thin film tunneling junctions when external electric and magnetic fields are applied. The current-voltage characteristics under applied ab-plane magnetic fields H (up 8 T) exhibit well defined steps, Vn, such that eVn -hwp / (2n), where the plasma frequency wp-0.4 THz and n=1,2,3, . . . .. These steps may be interpreted using Josephson plasma dynamics. The applied voltage creates oscillating currents via the Josephson coupling energy EJ (EJ=hIJ /4e, where IJ is the Josephson current and h is Planck’s constant) and the charge energy EC (EC=e2 /2C, where C is the junction capacitance). Thus the Josephson plasma becomes excited by the tunneling current, with some of the energy being emitted as subterahertz frequency radiation. Our results provide a new insight into a solid-state quantum system with considerable potential for new solid-state terahertz emission sources.

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