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Ibrahim, A., Sheikh, M. Neaz. & Hadi, M. N. S. (2017). Axial Load and Bending Moment Behaviour of Square High Strength Concrete (HSC) Columns Reinforced with Steel Equal Angle (SEA) Sections. In Z. Tao, F. R. Mashiri & M. Hassan (Eds.), Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Structural Engineering Research (iCSER2017) (pp. 43-48). Sydney, Australia: Science, Technology and Management Crest Australia.

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Science, Technology and Management Crest Australia


This paper presents the behaviour of square high-strength concrete (HSC) specimens reinforced longitudinally with steel equal angle (SEA) sections under different loading conditions. For the same cross-sectional area, a SEA section has a higher second moment of area than a steel bar, which results in a greater bending stiffness of the concrete member reinforced with SEA sections. Also, the area of confined concrete is greater in concrete members reinforced with SEA sections compared to members reinforced with steel bars, which results in higher strength and ductility. A total of 8 specimens of 210 mm square cross-section and 800 mm height were constructed and tested. The specimens were divided into two groups with four specimens in each group. Group R-S50 specimens serve as the reference group and were reinforced longitudinally with four N12 (12 mm diameter) deformed steel bars. Group A30-S50 specimens were reinforced longitudinally with four A30 (29.1 mm x 29.1 mm x 2.25 mm) SEA sections. All specimens were reinforced laterally with R10 (10 mm diameter) plain steel bars and spaced at 50 mm centres. The main variables considered in the study included the type of longitudinal reinforcement and the magnitude of load eccentricity. It was obtained from the experimental results that specimens reinforced longitudinally with SEA sections showed greater ductility compared to specimens reinforced longitudinally with steel bars under different loading conditions.