The University of Wollongong Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences was formed in 2013 following an organisational restructure. It comprised an amalgamation of the former Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Informatics.

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Papers from 2020

Breast Mass Tumor Classification using Deep Learning, Anas Abdel Rahman, Samir Belhaouari, Abdesselam Bouzerdoum, Hamza Baali, Tanvir Alam, and Ahmed Eldaraa


Computational simulation of eccentrically loaded circular thin-walled concrete-filled double steel tubular slender columns, Mizan Ahmed, Qing Liang, Vipulkumar Patel, and Muhammad N. S Hadi


Nonlinear analysis of square concrete-filled double steel tubular slender columns incorporating preload effects, Mizan Ahmed, Qing Quan Liang, Vipulkumar I. Patel, and Muhammad N. S Hadi


Experimental and numerical investigations of eccentrically loaded rectangular concrete-filled double steel tubular columns, Mizen Ahmed, Qing Quan Liang, Vipulkumar I. Patel, and Muhammad N. S Hadi


Experimental investigation and performance evaluation of a mixed-flow air to air membrane enthalpy exchanger with different configurations, Ahmed Khafeef Obaid Al-Bdoor, Zhenjun Ma, and Paul Cooper


Effect of geogrid reinforcement on the strains at compressive zone of concrete pavements, Abbas Sahib Abd-Ali Al-Hedad and Muhammad N. S Hadi

Performance of protective concrete runway pavement under aircraft impact loading, Saima Ali, Sabrina Fawzia, David Thambiratnam, Xuemei Liu, and Alex M. Remennikov


Organisational-Level Assessment of Cloud Computing Adoption: Evidence from the Australian SMEs, Salim Al Isma'ili, Mengxiang Li, Jun Shen, Pu Huang, Qiang He, and Wu Zhan

Effect of regulating main governing factors on the selectivity membranes of electrodialysis used for LiCl liquid desiccant regeneration, Ali Hussein Al-Jubainawi, Zhenjun Ma, Yi Guo, and Long D. Nghiem


Barriers and Facilitators That Influence Telemedicine-Based, Real-Time, Online Consultation at Patients' Homes: Systematic Literature Review, Hassan Almathami, Khin Than Win, and Elena Vlahu-Gjorgievska


Effectiveness of Internet-Based Electronic Technology Interventions on Breastfeeding Outcomes: Systematic Review, Alaa Almohanna, Khin Than Win, and Shahla Meedya

High resolution silicon array detector implementation in an inline MRI-linac, Sarah Alnaghy, Trent Causer, Natalia Roberts, Bradley M. Oborn, Urszula Jelen, Bin Dong, Maegan Gargett, Jarrad Begg, Gary P. Liney, Marco Petasecca, Anatoly B. Rosenfeld, Lois C. Holloway, and Peter E. Metcalfe

Stress–Strain Behavior of Helically Confined RPC Columns Reinforced with Steel Fibers under Concentric Loading, Ahmed Al-Tikrite and Muhammad N. S Hadi


Independent review of 4DCT scans used for SABR treatment planning, Rachitha Antony, Peta Lonski, Elena Ungureanu, Nicholas G. Hardcastle, Adam Yeo, Shankar Siva, and Tomas Kron

2D photon dosimetry with a scintillation fibre optic dosimeter, James Archer, Levi Madden, Enbang Li, Dean Wilkinson, and Anatoly B. Rosenfeld


Removal of trace organic contaminants by enzymatic membrane bioreactors: Role of membrane retention and biodegradation, Muhammad Bilal Asif, Jingwei Hou, William E. Price, Vicki Chen, and Faisal I. Hai


On the utility of RNA sample pooling to optimize cost and statistical power in RNA sequencing experiments, Alemu Assefa, Jo Vandesompele, and Olivier Thas

Supervised domain generalization for integration of disparate scalp EEG datasets for automatic epileptic seizure detection, K Ayodele, W Ikezogwo, M Komolafe, and Philip O. Ogunbona

The effect of TiAlN-based and AlCrN-based coatings towards mechanical properties on punch tools using finite element method, Muhamad Aznam, Wan Zamri, Ahmad Ariffin, Muhammad Md Din, Intan Mohamed, and Guanyu Deng

Modulation theory and resonant regimes for dispersive shock waves in nematic liquid crystals, Saleh Baqer and Noel F. Smyth

Technical advances in X-ray microbeam radiation therapy, Stefan Bartzsch, Stephanie Corde, Jeffrey C. Crosbie, Liam Robert James Day, Mattia Donzelli, Michael Krisch, Michael L. F Lerch, Paolo Pellicioli, Lloyd M L Smyth, and Moeava Tehei

Physical and mechanical characterisation of flowable dental composites reinforced with short aspect ratio micro-sized S-Glass fibres, Sonam Behl, - Raju, Ginu Rajan, Ayman Ellakwa, Paul Farrar, and B Prusty

Spatial auto-correlation and auto-regressive models estimation from sample survey data, Roberto Benedetti, Thomas F. Suesse, and Federica Piersimoni

Outlier robust small domain estimation via bias correction and robust bootstrapping, G Bertarelli, Raymond L. Chambers, and N Salvati


Modelling the number of antenatal care visits in Bangladesh to determine the risk factors for reduced antenatal care attendance, Kakoli Bhowmik, Sumonkanti Das, and Md Islam

On the Combined Effect of Silicon Oxide Thickness and Boron Implantation under the Gate in MOSFET Dosimeters, Giordano Biasi, Fang-Yi Su, Taghreed Al-sudani, Stephanie Corde, Marco Petasecca, Michael L. F Lerch, Vladimir Perevertaylo, Michael A. Jackson, and Anatoly B. Rosenfeld

Heat transfer mathematical model for a novel parabolic trough solar collecting system with V-shaped cavity absorber, Yu Bie, Ming Li, Fei Chen, Grzegorz Krolczyk, and Zhixiong Li


Solar medium-low temperature thermal utilization and effect analysis of boundary condition: A tutorial, Yu Bie, Zhixiong Li, Jilin Lei, Zhenjun Ma, Ming Li, Grzegorz Krolczyk, and Weihua Li

Usual intake of meat in Australians: secondary analysis of the 2011-12 National Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey using the NCI method, Carole L. Birrell, Elizabeth Neale, and Yasmine Probst


Validation of Geant4 for silicon microdosimetry in heavy ion therapy, David Bolst, Susanna Guatelli, Linh T. Tran, Lachlan Chartier, Jeremy A. Davis, Giordano Biasi, Dale A. Prokopovich, Alex Pogossov, Mark I. Reinhard, Marco Petasecca, Michael L. F Lerch, N Matsufuji, M Povoli, A Summanwar, Angela Kok, Michael A. Jackson, and Anatoly B. Rosenfeld


Evaluation of the PTW microDiamond in edge-on orientation for dosimetry in small fields, Owen Brace, Sultan Alhujaili, Jason Paino, Duncan Butler, Dean Wilkinson, Bradley M. Oborn, Anatoly B. Rosenfeld, Michael L. F Lerch, Marco Petasecca, and Jeremy A. Davis

Mitigating the discard mortality of non-target, threatened elasmobranchs in bather-protection gillnets, Matt K. Broadhurst and Brian R. Cullis


A robust VMAT delivery solution for single-fraction lung SABR utilizing FFF beams minimizing dosimetric compromise, Alex Burton, Keith Offer, and Nicholas G. Hardcastle

Exploring the Ti-5553 phase transformations utilizing in-situ high-temperature laser-scanning confocal microscopy, Kaio Campo, Leonardo Fanton, Mariana de Mello, Suk Chun Moon, Rian J. Dippenaar, and Rubens Caram

Improving characteristics of biochar produced from collagen-containing solid wastes based on protease application in leather production, Shan Cao, Jinzhi Song, Hao Li, Ke Wang, Yanchun Li, Yu Li, Fuping Lu, and Bing Liu

Toward Trusted Time: Remote Server Vetting and the Misfiring Heart of Internet Timing, Yi Cao and Darryl Veitch


A critical review of methods for the performance evaluation of passive thermal retrofits in residential buildings, Anneleise Carratt, Georgios Kokogiannakis, and Daniel J. Daly


Design of (Hf,Ta)Fe2/Fe composite with zero thermal expansion covering room temperature, Dongyu Cen, Bin Wang, Ruixue Chu, Yuanyuan Gong, Guizhou Xu, Fenghua Chen, and Feng Xu

Behavior of an embankment on soft deposit improved by column-link method, J Chai, J Ni, and Martin D. Liu

Y2O3 decorated TiO2 nanoparticles: Enhanced UV attenuation and suppressed photocatalytic activity with promise for cosmetic and sunscreen applications, Marcela Chaki Borras, Ronald Sluyter, Philip J. Barker, Konstantin K. Konstantinov, and Shahnaz Bakand

Connection of solar PV to LV networks: Considerations for maximum penetration level, D Chathurangi, Jayatunga V. Jayatunga, Sarath Perera, Ashish P. Agalgaonkar, T Siyambalapitiya, and Amila Wickramasinghe

Systematic evaluation of machine-learning methods for identifying human-pathogen protein-protein interactions, Huaming Chen, Fuyi Li, Lei Wang, Yaochu Jin, Chi-Hung Chi, Lukasz Kurgan, Jiangning Song, and Jun Shen


APEX2S: A Two-Layer Machine Learning Model for Discovery of host-pathogen protein-protein Interactions on Cloud-based Multiomics Data, Huaming Chen, Jun Shen, Lei Wang, and Chi-Hung Chi


A Framework towards Data Analysis on Host-Pathogen Protein-Protein Interactions, Huaming Chen, Jun Shen, Lei Wang, and Jiangning Song


A proximal average for prox-bounded functions, J Chen, X Wang, and Chayne Planiden

The study for public management policy utility evaluation and optimization system under the framework of social computing perspective, Le Chen, Xianzhi Yuan, Gaoyu Zhang, Qinghua Guo, Wei Liu, and Shuyi Zhang

Blockchain-based Dynamic Provable Data Possession for Smart Cities, Ruonan Chen, Yannan Li, Yong Yu, Huilin Li, Xiaofeng Chen, and Willy Susilo

The Lp-Brunn-Minkowski inequality for p < 1, Shibing Chen, Yong Huang, Qi Li, and Jiakun Liu

Microstructures of responsive photonic crystals on the stimuli-responsive performance: Effects and simulation, Tianxing Chen, Tao Lu, Zhixin Chen, Wanlin Wang, Wang Zhang, Hui Pan, Xin Meng, Xueliang Jiang, and Shenmin Zhu

Microstructure, mechanical properties and tribological behavior of the low-pressure cold sprayed tin bronze-alumina coating in artificial seawater, Wenyuan Chen, Yuan Yu, Anh Kiet Tieu, Junying Hao, Long Wang, Shengyu Zhu, and Jun Yang

Charge material distribution behaviour in blast furnace charging system, Deside Chibwe, Geoffrey Michael Evans, Elham Doroodchi, Brian J. Monaghan, David J. Pinson, and Sheng Chew

Efficient data augmentation for multivariate probit models with panel data: an application to general practitioner decision making about contraceptives, Vincent Chin, David Gunawan, Denzil Fiebig, Robert Kohn, and Scott Sisson


Do food and stress biomarkers work for wastewater-based epidemiology? A critical evaluation, P Choi, D Bowes, J O'Brien, J Li, R Halden, Guangming Jiang, K Thomas, and J Mueller


Considerations for assessing stability of wastewater-based epidemiology biomarkers using biofilm-free and sewer reactor tests, Phil Choi, Jiaying Li, Jianfa Gao, Jake O'Brien, Kevin Thomas, Phong Thai, Guangming Jiang, and Jochen Mueller

Investigation on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Ti-1.0Fe Alloy with Equiaxed α + β Microstructures, Yan Chong, Ruixiao Zheng, Guanyu Deng, Akinobu Shibata, and Nobuhiro Tsuji

Acoustic emission investigation on scale effect and anisotropy of jointed rock mass by the discrete element method, Zhaohui Chong, Qiangling Yao, Xuehua Li, and Shivakumar Karekal


Effect of rock brittleness on propagation of hydraulic fractures in shale reservoirs with bedding-planes, Zhaohui Chong, Qiangling Yao, Xuehua Li, Liu Zhu, and Chuanjin Tang

Analytical modeling of indian-made biodegradable jute drains for soft soil stabilization: Progress and challenges, Kirti Choudhary, Cholachat Rujikiatkamjorn, Buddhima Indraratna, and Pradeep Kumar Choudhury


QR Code Watermarking for Digital Images, Yang-Wai Chow, Willy Susilo, Joon Sang Baek, and jongkil Kim


The variable resonance magnetorheological pendulum tuned mass damper: Mathematical modelling and seismic experimental studies, Matthew Christie, Shuaishuai Sun, Lei Deng, Donghong Ning, Haiping Du, Shiwu Zhang, and Weihua Li

Effect of Magnetic Arc Oscillation on the geometry of single-pass multi-layer walls and the process stability in wire and arc additive manufacturing, Diego Corradi, Alexandre Bracarense, Bintao Wu, Dominic Cuiuri, Zengxi Stephen Pan, and Hui Jun Li


Great expectations and even greater exceedances from spatially referenced data, Noel A. Cressie and Thomas F. Suesse

Measuring, mapping, and uncertainty quantification in the space-time cube, Noel A. Cressie and Christopher Wikle

Does electronic medical record redesign increase screening of risk for pressure injury, falls and substance use in the Emergency Department? An implementation evaluation, Kate A. Curtis, Siyu Qian, Ping Yu, Janet White, Kate Ruperto, Sharyn Balzer, and Belinda Munroe


Homes with higher energy ratings sell for more. Here’s how Australian owners could cash in, Daniel J. Daly

Automatic feature learning for predicting vulnerable software components, Hoa K. Dam, Truyen Tran, Trang Thi Minh Pham, Shien Wee Ng, John Grundy, and Aditya K. Ghose

A digital zero-phase filter for measuring high frequency emissions (supraharmonics) in electrical distribution networks, Dilini Darmawardana, Sarath Perera, Duane A. Robinson, Jan Meyer, Matthias Klatt, and Jayatunga V. Jayatunga


Disaggregated level child morbidity in Bangladesh: An application of small area estimation method, Sumonkanti Das, Bappi Kumar, and Luthful Kawsar


Modeling a Thick Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Substrate for Ionizing Radiation Detectors, Jeremy A. Davis, Maurizio Boscardin, Michele Crivellari, Livio Fano, Matthew Large, Mauro Menichelli, Arianna Morozzi, Francesco Moscatelli, Maria Movileanu-Ionica, Daniele Passeri, Marco Petasecca, Mauro Piccini, Alessandro Rossi, Andrea Scorzoni, Bailey Thompson, Giovanni Verzellesi, and Nicolas Wyrsch

Influence of Fe addition in CP titanium on phase transformation, microstructure and mechanical properties during high pressure torsion, Guanyu Deng, Tilak Bhattacharjee, Yan Chong, Ruixiao Zheng, Yu Bai, Akinobu Shibata, and Nobuhiro Tsuji

Effects of normal load and velocity on the dry sliding tribological behaviour of CoCrFeNiMo0.2 high entropy alloy, Guanyu Deng, Anh Kiet Tieu, Xiaodong Lan, Lihong Su, Long Wang, Qiang Zhu, and Hongtao Zhu


Improving wastewater management using free nitrous acid (FNA), Haoran Duan, Shuhong Gao, Xuan Li, Nur Ab Hamid, Guangming Jiang, Min Zheng, Xue Bai, Philip Bond, Xuanyu Lu, Mariella Chislett, Shihu Hu, Liu Ye, and Zhiguo Yuan


Thermal conductivity enhancement of nanofluid by adding multiwalled carbon nanotubes: Characterization and numerical modeling patterns, Congcong Du, Quyen Nguyen, Omid Malekahmadi, Ali Mardani, Zahra Jokar, Elmira Babadi, Annunziata D'Orazio, Arash Karimipour, Zhixiong Li, and Quang Bach

Stochastic hölder continuity of random fields governed by a system of stochastic PDEs, Kai Du, Jiakun Liu, and Fu Zhang


A New Approach to Keep the Privacy Information of the Signer in a Digital Signature Scheme, Dung Hoang Duong, Willy Susilo, and Viet Cuong Trinh


Choosing subfields for LUOV and lifting fields for rainbow, Dung Hoang Duong, Le van Luyen, and Ha Tran

Membrane distillation regeneration of liquid desiccant solution for air-conditioning: Insights into polarisation effects and mass transfer, Hung Duong, Ashley Ansari, Hai Cao, Nguyen Nguyen, Khac-Uan Do, and Long D. Nghiem

Membrane Distillation for Strategic Water Treatment Applications: Opportunities, Challenges, and Current Status, Hung Duong, Ashley Ansari, Ruth Hailemariam, Yun Woo, Thao Pham, Lan Ngo, Duong Dao, and Long D. Nghiem


An unsupervised deep learning technique for susceptibility artifact correction in reversed phase-encoding EPI images, Soan Duong, Son Lam Phung, Abdesselam Bouzerdoum, and Mark M. Schira


Susceptibility artifact correction for sub-millimeter fMRI using inverse phase encoding registration and T1 weighted regularization, Soan Duong, Son Lam Phung, Abdesselam Bouzerdoum, Harriet Boyd Taylor, A Puckett, and Mark M. Schira


Cartan subalgebras for non-principal twisted groupoid C-algebras, Anna L. Duwenig, E Gillaspy, R Norton, S Reznikoff, and S Wright

Classification of Sleep Arousal using Compact CNN, Ahmed Eldaraa, Hamza Baali, Abdesselam Bouzerdoum, Samir Belhaouari, Tanvir Alam, and Anas Rahman

A yielding criterion for seismic gusset plates in tension, M Elliott and Lip H. Teh


SPECS: A non-parametric method to identify tissue-specific molecular features for unbalanced sample groups, Celine Everaert, Pieter Volders, Annelien Morlion, Olivier Thas, and Pieter Mestdagh


An exploration of IoT platform development, Mahdi Fahmidehgholami and Didar Zowghi

Axial load-bending moment (P-M) interactions of geopolymer concrete columns reinforced with and without steel fiber, Nabeel Farhan, M Neaz Sheikh, and Muhammad N. S Hadi


Electrical power generation from the oceanic wave for sustainable advancement in renewable energy technologies, Omar Farrok, Koushik Ahmed, Abdirazak Tahlil, Mohamud Farah, Mahbubur Kiran, and Md Rabiul Islam


Design and Optimization of a Novel Dual-Port Linear Generator for Oceanic Wave Energy Conversion, Omar Farrok, Md Rabiul Islam, Kashem M. Muttaqi, Danny Sutanto, and Jianguo Zhu

Classification of multiclass imbalanced data using cost-sensitive decision tree c5.0, M Febriantono, Sholeh Pramono, - Rahmadwati, and Golshah Naghdy

Effect of post-weld heat treatment on microstructure and mechanical properties of deep penetration autogenous TIG-welded dissimilar joint between creep strength enhanced ferritic steel and austenitic stainless steel, Zhenyu Fei, Zengxi Stephen Pan, Dominic Cuiuri, Hui Jun Li, Wen Huang, and Zhifang Peng

Microscopic characteristics of interface transition zone between magnesium phosphate cement and steel fiber, Hu Feng, Lulu Li, Pu Zhang, Danying Gao, Jun Zhao, Lu Feng, and M Neaz Sheikh


Scratch with double-tip tool: Crack behavior during simultaneous double scratch on BK7 glass, Junyuan Feng, Zhenping Wan, Wei Wang, Xiaofang Huang, Xinrui Ding, and Zhengyi Jiang


Transient nonlinear heat transfer analysis using a generic grid refinement for structure parameter variations, S Feng, Y Tao, Zhenjun Ma, Grzegorz Krolczyk, and Zhixiong Li


Admissibilisation of singular interval type-2 Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy systems with time delay, Zhiguang Feng, Huayang Zhang, Haiping Du, and Zhengyi Jiang

Experimental, numerical and analytical study on the shock wave propagation through impedance-graded multi-metallic systems, P Fernando, Damith Mohotti, Alex M. Remennikov, P Hazell, H Wang, and Ali Amin

Stress propagation and debonding effects in impedance-graded multi-metallic systems under impact loading, P Fernando, Damith Mohotti, Alex M. Remennikov, P Hazell, H Wang, and Ali Amin

A novel add-on collimator for preclinical radiotherapy applications using a standard cell irradiator: design, construction, and validation, Davide Fontanarosa, Jessica Benitez, Sana Talkhani, Andrew Fielding, Amir Entezam, Jamie Trapp, Davide Moi, Giordano Biasi, Marco Petasecca, and Roberta Mazzieri

HT-LSCM as a Tool for Indirect Determination of Precipitates by Real-Time Grain Growth Observations, Nora Fuchs, Christian Bernhard, Susanne Michelic, and Rian J. Dippenaar

Traceless AF embeddings and unsuspended E -theory, James Gabe

Approximating a far-field blast environment in an advanced blast simulator for explosion resistance testing, Edward Gan, Alex M. Remennikov, David Ritzel, and Brian Uy