The University of Wollongong Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences was formed in 2013 following an organisational restructure. It comprised an amalgamation of the former Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Informatics.

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Papers from 2020


Nonlinear analysis of square concrete-filled double steel tubular slender columns incorporating preload effects, Mizan Ahmed, Qing Quan Liang, Vipulkumar I. Patel, and Muhammad N. S Hadi


Experimental and numerical investigations of eccentrically loaded rectangular concrete-filled double steel tubular columns, Mizen Ahmed, Qing Quan Liang, Vipulkumar I. Patel, and Muhammad N. S Hadi


Experimental investigation and performance evaluation of a mixed-flow air to air membrane enthalpy exchanger with different configurations, Ahmed Khafeef Obaid Al-Bdoor, Zhenjun Ma, and Paul Cooper


Organisational-Level Assessment of Cloud Computing Adoption: Evidence from the Australian SMEs, Salim Al Isma'ili, Mengxiang Li, Jun Shen, Pu Huang, Qiang He, and Wu Zhan

Effect of regulating main governing factors on the selectivity membranes of electrodialysis used for LiCl liquid desiccant regeneration, Ali Hussein Al-Jubainawi, Zhenjun Ma, Yi Guo, and Long D. Nghiem

High resolution silicon array detector implementation in an inline MRI-linac, Sarah Alnaghy, Trent Causer, Natalia Roberts, Bradley M. Oborn, Urszula Jelen, Bin Dong, Maegan Gargett, Jarrad Begg, Gary P. Liney, Marco Petasecca, Anatoly B. Rosenfeld, Lois C. Holloway, and Peter E. Metcalfe


Independent review of 4DCT scans used for SABR treatment planning, Rachitha Antony, Peta Lonski, Elena Ungureanu, Nicholas G. Hardcastle, Adam Yeo, Shankar Siva, and Tomas Kron

2D photon dosimetry with a scintillation fibre optic dosimeter, James Archer, Levi Madden, Enbang Li, Dean Wilkinson, and Anatoly B. Rosenfeld

Modulation theory and resonant regimes for dispersive shock waves in nematic liquid crystals, Saleh Baqer and Noel F. Smyth

Technical advances in X-ray microbeam radiation therapy, Stefan Bartzsch, Stephanie Corde, Jeffrey C. Crosbie, Liam Robert James Day, Mattia Donzelli, Michael Krisch, Michael L. F Lerch, Paolo Pellicioli, Lloyd M L Smyth, and Moeava Tehei


Modelling the number of antenatal care visits in Bangladesh to determine the risk factors for reduced antenatal care attendance, Kakoli Bhowmik, Sumonkanti Das, and Md Islam

Heat transfer mathematical model for a novel parabolic trough solar collecting system with V-shaped cavity absorber, Yu Bie, Ming Li, Fei Chen, Grzegorz Krolczyk, and Zhixiong Li


Solar medium-low temperature thermal utilization and effect analysis of boundary condition: A tutorial, Yu Bie, Zhixiong Li, Jilin Lei, Zhenjun Ma, Ming Li, Grzegorz Krolczyk, and Weihua Li


Validation of Geant4 for silicon microdosimetry in heavy ion therapy, David Bolst, Susanna Guatelli, Linh T. Tran, Lachlan Chartier, Jeremy A. Davis, Giordano Biasi, Dale A. Prokopovich, Alex Pogossov, Mark I. Reinhard, Marco Petasecca, Michael L. F Lerch, N Matsufuji, M Povoli, A Summanwar, Angela Kok, Michael A. Jackson, and Anatoly B. Rosenfeld

Mitigating the discard mortality of non-target, threatened elasmobranchs in bather-protection gillnets, Matt K. Broadhurst and Brian R. Cullis

Exploring the Ti-5553 phase transformations utilizing in-situ high-temperature laser-scanning confocal microscopy, Kaio Campo, Leonardo Fanton, Mariana de Mello, Suk Chun Moon, Rian J. Dippenaar, and Rubens Caram

Improving characteristics of biochar produced from collagen-containing solid wastes based on protease application in leather production, Shan Cao, Jinzhi Song, Hao Li, Ke Wang, Yanchun Li, Yu Li, Fuping Lu, and Bing Liu

Connection of solar PV to LV networks: Considerations for maximum penetration level, D Chathurangi, Jayatunga V. Jayatunga, Sarath Perera, Ashish P. Agalgaonkar, T Siyambalapitiya, and Amila Wickramasinghe


A Framework towards Data Analysis on Host-Pathogen Protein-Protein Interactions, Huaming Chen, Jun Shen, Lei Wang, and Jiangning Song

Microstructures of responsive photonic crystals on the stimuli-responsive performance: Effects and simulation, Tianxing Chen, Tao Lu, Zhixin Chen, Wanlin Wang, Wang Zhang, Hui Pan, Xin Meng, Xueliang Jiang, and Shenmin Zhu

Microstructure, mechanical properties and tribological behavior of the low-pressure cold sprayed tin bronze-alumina coating in artificial seawater, Wenyuan Chen, Yuan Yu, Anh Kiet Tieu, Junying Hao, Long Wang, Shengyu Zhu, and Jun Yang

Charge material distribution behaviour in blast furnace charging system, Deside Chibwe, Geoffrey Michael Evans, Elham Doroodchi, Brian J. Monaghan, David J. Pinson, and Sheng Chew

Efficient data augmentation for multivariate probit models with panel data: an application to general practitioner decision making about contraceptives, Vincent Chin, David Gunawan, Denzil Fiebig, Robert Kohn, and Scott Sisson


Considerations for assessing stability of wastewater-based epidemiology biomarkers using biofilm-free and sewer reactor tests, Phil Choi, Jiaying Li, Jianfa Gao, Jake O'Brien, Kevin Thomas, Phong Thai, Guangming Jiang, and Jochen Mueller

Analytical modeling of indian-made biodegradable jute drains for soft soil stabilization: Progress and challenges, Kirti Choudhary, Cholachat Rujikiatkamjorn, Buddhima Indraratna, and Pradeep Kumar Choudhury


QR Code Watermarking for Digital Images, Yang-Wai Chow, Willy Susilo, Joon Sang Baek, and jongkil Kim


The variable resonance magnetorheological pendulum tuned mass damper: Mathematical modelling and seismic experimental studies, Matthew Christie, Shuaishuai Sun, Lei Deng, Donghong Ning, Haiping Du, Shiwu Zhang, and Weihua Li


Great expectations and even greater exceedances from spatially referenced data, Noel A. Cressie and Thomas F. Suesse


Homes with higher energy ratings sell for more. Here’s how Australian owners could cash in, Daniel J. Daly

Automatic feature learning for predicting vulnerable software components, Hoa K. Dam, Truyen Tran, Trang Thi Minh Pham, Shien Wee Ng, John Grundy, and Aditya K. Ghose

A digital zero-phase filter for measuring high frequency emissions (supraharmonics) in electrical distribution networks, Dilini Darmawardana, Sarath Perera, Duane A. Robinson, Jan Meyer, Matthias Klatt, and Jayatunga V. Jayatunga

Influence of Fe addition in CP titanium on phase transformation, microstructure and mechanical properties during high pressure torsion, Guanyu Deng, Tilak Bhattacharjee, Yan Chong, Ruixiao Zheng, Yu Bai, Akinobu Shibata, and Nobuhiro Tsuji

Effects of normal load and velocity on the dry sliding tribological behaviour of CoCrFeNiMo0.2 high entropy alloy, Guanyu Deng, Anh Kiet Tieu, Xiaodong Lan, Lihong Su, Long Wang, Qiang Zhu, and Hongtao Zhu


Improving wastewater management using free nitrous acid (FNA), Haoran Duan, Shuhong Gao, Xuan Li, Nur Ab Hamid, Guangming Jiang, Min Zheng, Xue Bai, Philip Bond, Xuanyu Lu, Mariella Chislett, Shihu Hu, Liu Ye, and Zhiguo Yuan


Choosing subfields for LUOV and lifting fields for rainbow, Dung Hoang Duong, Le van Luyen, and Ha Tran


Susceptibility artifact correction for sub-millimeter fMRI using inverse phase encoding registration and T1 weighted regularization, Soan Duong, Son Lam Phung, Abdesselam Bouzerdoum, Harriet Boyd Taylor, A Puckett, and Mark M. Schira

A yielding criterion for seismic gusset plates in tension, M Elliott and Lip H. Teh


An exploration of IoT platform development, Mahdi Fahmidehgholami and Didar Zowghi

Axial load-bending moment (P-M) interactions of geopolymer concrete columns reinforced with and without steel fiber, Nabeel Farhan, M Neaz Sheikh, and Muhammad N. S Hadi

Design and Optimization of a Novel Dual-Port Linear Generator for Oceanic Wave Energy Conversion, Omar Farrok, Md Rabiul Islam, Kashem M. Muttaqi, Danny Sutanto, and Jianguo Zhu


Transient nonlinear heat transfer analysis using a generic grid refinement for structure parameter variations, S Feng, Y Tao, Zhenjun Ma, Grzegorz Krolczyk, and Zhixiong Li

Splitting susceptibility in modern X80 pipeline steels, Alexey Gervasyev, Igor Pyshmintsev, Roumen Petrov, Chunyong Huo, and Frank J. Barbaro

Topological data analysis in investment decisions, Anubha Goel, Puneet Pasricha, and Aparna Mehra

A Mellin transform approach to barrier option pricing, Chiara Guardasoni, Marianito R. Rodrigo, and Simona Sanfelici

Examining help requests on social networking sites: Integrating privacy perception and privacy calculus perspectives, Junpeng Guo, Nana Li, Yi Wu, and Tingru Cui

Flexural behavior of beams reinforced with either steel bars, molded or pultruded GFRP grating, Muhammad N. S Hadi, Mohammed Hussein Ali Almalome, Tao Yu, and William A. Rickards

Unveiling the relationships between (010) facets-orientation growth and photocatalytic activity in W18O49 nanowires, Guojuan Hai, Jianfeng Huang, Yanni Jie, Liyun Cao, Long Wang, Changle Fu, Ting Xiao, Mengfan Niu, and Liangliang Feng

Robust one-dimensional calibration and localisation of a distributed camera sensor network, Brendan Halloran, Prashan Premaratne, and Peter James Vial

Eliminating Transition Metal Migration and Anionic Redox to Understand Voltage Hysteresis of Lithium-Rich Layered Oxides, Miao Han, Junyu Jiao, Zepeng Liu, Xi Shen, Qinghua Zhang, Hong Lin, Chien Chen, Qingyu Kong, Wei Kong Pang, Zaiping Guo, Richeng Yu, Lin Gu, Zhiwei Hu, Zhaoxiang Wang, and Liquan Chen


State of the art of solid-state transformers: Advanced topologies, implementation issues, recent progress and improvements, Mahammad Hannan, Pin Ker, Molla Lipu, Zhen Choi, M Rahman, Kashem M. Muttaqi, and Frede Blaabjerg

The chain rule for V u-decompositions of nonsmooth functions, Warren Hare, Chayne Planiden, and Claudia Sagastizabal

A Coordinated Optimal Feedback Control of Distributed Generators for Mitigation of Motor Starting Voltage Sags in Distribution Networks, Most Sumaiya Hasan, Anuprabha Nair, Rojan Bhattarai, Sukumar Kamalasadan, and Kashem M. Muttaqi


Group self-build housing: A bottom-up approach to environmentally and socially sustainable housing, Emma Elizabeth Heffernan and Pieter De Wilde

Thermodynamic analysis of a solar-driven high-temperature steam electrolyzer for clean hydrogen production, Wei He, Mohammad Namar, Zhixiong Li, Akbar Maleki, Iskander Tlili, and Mostafa Safdari

Leakage-resilient group signature: Definitions and constructions, Jianye Huang, Qiong Huang, and Willy Susilo

Machining characteristics and mechanism of GO/SiO2 nanoslurries in fixed abrasive lapping, Shuiquan Huang, Xuliang Li, Bowen Yu, Zhengyi Jiang, and Han Huang

Flexible free-standing sulfurized polyacrylonitrile electrode for stable Li/Na storage, Xinyue Huang, Jun Liu, Zexi Huang, Xi Ke, Liying Liu, Naiguang Wang, Jianping Liu, Zaiping Guo, Yong Yang, and Zhicong Shi

Three-dimensional aerogel based on in-situ growth of 1T-MoS2 on functionalized hierarchical porous carbon/reduced graphene oxide for energy storage, Muhammad Imtiaz, Zhixin Chen, Chengling Zhu, Raheela Naz, Imran Zada, Hui Pan, Dawei Wang, Waseem Abbas, Salma Nigar, Yao Li, and Shenmin Zhu

Influence of Kaolin content on the cyclic loading response of railway subgrade, Buddhima Indraratna, Warantorn Korkitsuntornsan, and Thanh Trung Nguyen


Performance of Ballast Influenced by Deformation and Degradation: Laboratory Testing and Numerical Modeling, Buddhima Indraratna, Ngoc Trung Ngo, and Cholachat Rujikiatkamjorn


A laboratory study on fluidization of subgrade under cyclic train loading, Buddhima Indraratna, Mandeep Singh, Thanh Trung Nguyen, Serge Leroueil, Aruni Lakmali Abeywickrama Bamunusing Kankanamge, Richard B. Kelly, and Tim Neville

Laboratory Evaluation of Permeability Characteristics of Cocologs, K Indulekha, P Jayasree, KP Balanda, L Dhanesh, and J S. Vinod


Novel DTN Mobility-Driven Routing in Autonomous Drone Logistics Networks, Saeid Iranmanesh, Raad Raad, Muhammad Salman Raheel, Faisel EM M Tubbal, and Tony Jan

Effects of compaction on internal stability of granular soils: An experimental evaluation of particle-based methods, Jahanzaib Israr and Muhammad Irfan

Managerial factors that influence the success of knowledge management systems: A systematic literature review, Timothy Jackson, Jun Shen, Sasha Nikolic, and Glen Xia

Evaluation of rectal dose discrepancies between planned and in vivo dosimetry using MOSkin detector and PTW 9112 semiconductor probe during 60Co HDR CT-based intracavitary cervix brachytherapy, Z Jamalludin, W L. Jong, R R Malik, Anatoly B. Rosenfeld, and N M. Ung

The study of the Ca dispersion in coke and effect of Ca and Fe on the coke reactivity using the sole heated oven cokes, Apsara S. Jayasekara, Brian J. Monaghan, Raymond Longbottom, Merrick Mahoney, and Kim Hockings

The Use of Under Sleeper Pads to Improve the Performance of Rail Tracks, Chamindi Jayasuriya, Buddhima Indraratna, and Fernanda Ferreira

Inactivation of pathogens in anaerobic digestion systems for converting biowastes to bioenergy: A review, Y Jiang, Sihuang Xie, C Dennehy, P Lawlor, Z Hu, G Wu, X Zhan, and G Gardiner


Development and evaluation of a versatile semi-active suspension system for high-speed railway vehicles, Tianhe Jin, Zhiming Liu, Shuaishuai Sun, Zunsong Ren, Lei Deng, Bo Yang, Matthew Christie, and Weihua Li

High capacity adaptive image steganography with cover region selection using dual-tree complex wavelet transform, Inas Jawad Kadhim, Prashan Premaratne, and Peter James Vial

Improved image steganography based on super-pixel and coefficient-plane-selection, Inas Jawad Kadhim, Prashan Premaratne, and Peter James Vial

Frictional size effect of light-weight Mg-Li alloy in micro deep drawing under nano-particle lubrication condition, Hamidreza Kamali, Haibo Xie, Hongyang Zhao, Fanghui Jia, Hui Wu, and Zhengyi Jiang

Efficient chameleon hash functions in the enhanced collision resistant model, Mojtaba Khalili, Mohammad Dakhilalian, and Willy Susilo


Experimental results of circular FRP tube confined concrete (CFFT) and comparison with analytical models, Qasim S. Khan, M Neaz Sheikh, and Muhammad N. S Hadi

Efficient Decentralized Random Commitment Key Generation for Mixnet Shuffle Proof, jongkil Kim, Joon Sang Baek, Willy Susilo, and Yang-Wai Chow


Martensitic wear resistant steels alloyed with titanium, Andrii Kostryzhev, C Killmore, D Yu, and Elena V. Pereloma


Full-scale investigation of ferrous dosing in sewers and a wastewater treatment plant for multiple benefits, Jagadeeshkumar Kulandaivelu, Sohan Shrestha, Wakib khan, Jason Dwyer, Alan Steward, Leo Bell, Paul McPhee, Peter Smith, Shihu Hu, Zhiguo Yuan, and Guangming Jiang


Analog Least Mean Square Loop for Self-Interference Cancellation: A Practical Perspective, Anh Tuyen Le, Le Chung Tran, Xiaojing Huang, and Y. Jay Guo


Beam-Based Analog Self-Interference Cancellation in Full-Duplex MIMO Systems, Anh Tuyen Le, Le Chung Tran, Xiaojing Huang, and Y. Jay Guo

An Initial Report on the Structure-Property Relationships of a High-Strength Low-Alloy Steel Subjected to Advanced Thermomechanical Processing in Ferrite, Carina Ledermueller, Hongtao Zhu, Hui Jun Li, and Sophie Primig


A Blind Ring Signature Based on the Short Integer Solution Problem, Quoc Huy Le, Dung Hoang Duong, and Willy Susilo

Privacy Preserving Jaccard Similarity by Cloud-Assisted for Classification, Tho T. Le and Viet X. Tran

Thermo-mechanical coupled finite element analysis of rolling contact fatigue and wear properties of a rail steel under different slip ratios, Qinglin Lian, Guanyu Deng, Anh Kiet Tieu, Hui Jun Li, Zhiming Liu, Xi Wang, and Hongtao Zhu


A conductive polymer derived N-doped carbon nanofiber supported Li2S coating layer for Li–S batteries with high mass loading, Fang Li, Chang Wu, Jicheng Jiang, Hua-Kun Liu, and Jiazhao Wang

Liquid metal droplet robot, Fangxia Li, Jian Shu, Leran Zhang, Nailin Yang, Jie Xie, Xiangpeng Li, Liang Cheng, Shaolong Kuang, Shi-Yang Tang, Shiwu Zhang, Weihua Li, Lining Sun, and Dong Sun

Directional culture of petroleum hydrocarbon degrading bacteria for enhancing crude oil recovery, Hailan Li, Ruiqiu Lai, Yulin Jin, Xinxiang Fang, Kai Cui, Shanshan Sun, Yejing Gong, Haonan Li, Zhongzhi Zhang, Guangqing Zhang, and Zhiyong Zhang

Hydrogen-modified interaction between lattice dislocations and grain boundaries by atomistic modelling, Jiaqing Li, Cheng Lu, Linqing Pei, Che Zhang, and Rui Wang

Using evidence accumulation-based clustering and symbolic transformation to group multiple buildings based on electricity usage patterns, Kehua Li, Zhenjun Ma, Duane A. Robinson, and Jun Ma


Numerical simulation of strip shape of high-strength steel during hot rolling process, Lianjie Li, Haibo Xie, Xu Liu, Tianwu Liu, Enrui Wang, and Zhengyi Jiang

Lubrication performance of aqueous copolymer lubricants with phosphate ester additive at different temperature on the Si surface, Bingjing Lin, Anh Kiet Tieu, Hongtao Zhu, Buyung Kosasih, and Oyong Novareza


From Ideal to Reality: Segmentation, Annotation, and Recommendation, the Vital Trajectory of Intelligent Micro Learning, Jiayin Lin, Geng Sun, Tingru Cui, Jun Shen, Dongming Xu, Ghassan Beydoun, Ping Yu, David Pritchard, Li Li, and Shiping Chen


A regime switching fractional Black-Scholes model and European option pricing, Sha Lin and Xinjiang He


Pricing variance and volatility swaps with stochastic volatility, stochastic interest rate and regime switching, Sha Lin and Xinjiang He

Optimal design of a thermal energy storage system using phase change materials for a net-zero energy Solar Decathlon house, Wenye Lin, Zhenjun Ma, Clayton McDowell, Yeganeh Baghi, and Brendan Banfield

Mathematical modelling and experimental investigation of solar air collectors with corrugated absorbers, Wenye Lin, Haoshan Ren, and Zhenjun Ma


Flow field perception of a moving carrier based on an artificial lateral line system, Guijie Liu, Huanhuan Hao, Tingting Yang, Shuikuan Liu, Mengmeng Wang, Atilla Incecik, and Zhixiong Li


A comprehensive numerical analysis of cross-flow vortex-induced vibrations for top tension risers under different flows, Guijie Liu, Haiyang Li, Zhaozun Qiu, and Zhixiong Li

Microstructural evolution and mechanical properties of deep cryogenic treated Cu-Al-Si alloy fabricated by Cold Metal Transfer (CMT) process, Kun Liu, Xizhang Chen, Qingkai Shen, Zengxi Stephen Pan, R Singh, S Jayalakshmi, and Sergey Konovalov


Interfacial microstructure and shear strength of TC4 alloy joints vacuum brazed with Ti-Zr-Ni-Cu filler metal, Shilei Liu, Jiakai Miao, Weiwei Zhang, Ran Wei, Chen Chen, Tan Wang, Wuduo Zhao, Zhengyi Jiang, and Fushan Li