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This book chapter is published as Vialle, W, Walton, R and Woodcock, S, Children's spiriruality: grappling with student ethics in postgraduate workbased degrees, in Kell, P, Vialle, W, Konza, D and Vogl, G (eds), Learning and the learner: exploring learning for new times, University of Wollongong, 2008, 236p. Complete book available here.


As the twenty-first century unfolds with its emphasis on global concerns and typified by technology that is obsolete before it is out of its packaging, we need to reconsider what we understand by thinking and learning. Such reframing is essential if we are to adequately educate the twenty-first century learner. In the past, we neatly separated the cognitive realm of thinking and learning from the physical, social and emotional realities of the learner. However, substantial research has clearly established the interdependence and connectedness of each of these spheres within individuals. Spirituality, though, has barely been considered in these constructions of young people.

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