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This book chapter is published as Vogl, G, Teachers as learners: change, identity and relationships in public schooling, in Kell, P, Vialle, W, Konza, D and Vogl, G (eds), Learning and the learner: exploring learning for new times, University of Wollongong, 2008, 236p. Complete book available here.


In the last few decades, there have been massive cultural and structural changes in the workplace across the globe. These changes that have occurred to the labour process have been complex and varied. However, some general trends can be identified with regard to a neo liberal Australian workplace. This chapter is part of a much larger qualitative study which explored the impact of workplace changes on the day to day working lives and social relationships of employees across a range of private and public sector workplaces. This study was influenced by my own subjectivity as I watched the impact of neo liberal policies on the learning environment in which I was involved. I observed how destructive workplace changes, such as ‘funding cuts’, work intensification and dwindling staff numbers impacted negatively on staff relationships.

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