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Chandler, P, Haid, C, Jones, C, Lowe, K and Munro, J, Aboriginal Languages Research: Impact of Learning an Aboriginal Language on Primary School Students’Literacy in English, Report to the NSW Board of Studies, May 2008, 4p.


Since the release of the Aboriginal Languages K–10 Syllabus (NSW Office of the Board of Studies 2003) there has been an increase in interest in the number of schools and communities undertaking Aboriginal language activities and, therefore, the number of students learning an Aboriginal language. In 2006 there were 46 Aboriginal language programs operating throughout the state, most in accordance with the syllabus (Munro et al. 2007). Ten languages were being taught and approximately 5000 students across the state learning an Aboriginal language from Kindergarten to Year 12 (Munro et al. 2007).

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