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Keast, S., Cooper, R., Berry, A., Loughran, J. & Hoban, G. (2010). Slowmation as a pedagogical scaffold for improving science teaching and learning. Brunei International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education, 2 (1), 1-15.


In this study, two classes of General Science Teaching Method preservice secondary teachers at Monash University (n = 38 in 2007 and n = 34 in 2008) developed Slowmation movies as part of their course work, then introduced Slowmation into the their science classrooms during their school practicum. On returning to university following their practicum these preservice teachers shared the Slowmations created by their students during the practicum, and discussed the impact of introducing this procedure on their students’ learning about science concepts. The classroom presentations and discussions of school students’ Slowmation movies post practicum provided valuable feedback to the preservice teachers about their teaching and their students’ learning. The data illustrated that these preservice teachers became aware of a range of conceptions held by their learners about particular science concepts through their students’ Slowmation movies and in so doing, influenced their understanding of science teaching and learning.

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