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Khan, Z. Reza., Ibrahim, Y. Yakub., Sadhwani, S. C. & Salum, S. Taimur. 2016, 'Educational application for special needs is a learning tool the way forward?', Computer Technology and Application, vol. 7, no. 2, pp. 83-95.


As the 21st century brings in a revolutionary change in the way students study at schools and universities, technology continues to play a crucial role in helping students achieve more conceptual and practical knowledge of topics taught in classrooms. Students with special needs too are now able to study in a general classroom setting, access relevant technologies and use them for higher cognitive development, helping them integrate with their surroundings. However, existing literature shows that though multiple learning tools exist that do enhance learning in special needs students, they either cater to specific areas of development such as Mathematics and English, or that are targeted towards a specified category of studentswith special needs such as autism and cerebral palsy. Furthermore, despite multiple laws and regulations supporting the right to education launched by the UAE (United Arab Emirates) government for special needs students, there seems to exist a need to provide classrooms across the country with educational applications that have a universal approach particularly in the UAE in order to include students with almost any special needs. This paper looks closely at the existing literature and highlights this gap, especially in the UAE and proposes to develop such a tool based on existing learning concepts.



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